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Why Does Obama Believe That Our Kids Need Experimental Anthrax Vaccines?

21st Century Wire
says… Obama’s bizarrely named “Ethic Panel” is telling American parents that their children (as young as infants?) need to be used as guinea pigs to perfect the pharmaceutical industry’s latest billion dollar brainchild… the anthrax vaccine.

Obama-vaccinesWhat the reason for this all of a sudden? They tell us it’s to protect our children against a biological terrorist attack. No, really.

By doing this, Obama and the federal machine in Washington DC are giving their generous pharma lobby another profitable product to add to their growing list of dozens more vaccines your kids are meant to inject into their young bodies – for their own good, of course. Oh, we almost forget to mention, this has also been endorsed by the President’s ‘National Biodefense Science Board’. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Experimental vaccines and lab treatments are normally taken up by poorer families who need extra cash, namely African Americans and other financially vulnerable people. Somehow, I don’t envisage President Obama and his wife Michelle lining up their two daughters for this experimental anthrax shot. We’re he’ll cover the shot in Obamacare though. Thanks Barrack.

Still think your federal government has your best interests at heart then?

Parents, wake up now – or never.

An Obama “Ethics Panel” Approves Testing Anthrax Vaccine In Children, Including Infants

Tammy Bruce

Gee, I guess Obama’s peace and love unicorn-laden Garden of Eden ain’t so much. I’m curious to see your thoughts on this. Which infants will be used for testing? Will testing primarily affect the poor who may need money so desperately they’ll volunteer their children? My issue is, I so don’t trust the government at this point, not only about their agenda, but about actually getting something like this right. Everything the Fed touches these days seems to go awry, so it makes me very, very, nervous.

‘Test of anthrax vaccine in children gets tentative OK’

A presidential ethics panel has opened the door to testing an anthrax vaccine on children as young as infants, bringing an angry response from critics who say the children would be guinea pigs in a study that would never help them and might harm them.

The report, however, released on Tuesday by the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, said researchers would have to overcome numerous hurdles before launching an anthrax-vaccine trial in children. It now goes to Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, who will decide whether to take the steps the commission recommended.

The one anthrax vaccine approved in the United States, called BioThrax, is made by Emergent BioSolutions Inc of Rockville, Maryland. The company reported $215.9 million in sales of BioThrax, its only licensed product, in 2012.

The ethics commission took up the issue after a biodefense panel recommended in 2011 that the anthrax vaccine be tested in children. That endorsement, by the National Biodefense Science Board, came with the caveat that such a study also get the go-ahead from a bioethics panel.

It did, albeit conditionally.

“We have to get this precisely right,” panel Chair Amy Gutmann, president of the University of Pennsylvania, said at a news conference. “Many significant steps would have to be taken” before a pediatric anthrax vaccine trial could be considered, she said. But she added that it is important “to develop the knowledge needed to save children’s lives” in the event of an anthrax attack.



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