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Indians Set to Enter the UK: The Two Faces Of Immigration In the UK

Ned Simons

Huffington Post


David Cameron voiced his determination today to make it easier for Indian businessmen and students to work, study and invest in the UK as he arrived in Mumbai at the head of the largest trade mission ever to travel overseas with a prime minister.

But Cameron made clear that in return, he wanted India to tear down outdated barriers to investment to help UK-based companies in areas like insurance and banking to establish a foothold in the fast-growing economy.

Speaking on the first day of his second visit to India as PM, Cameron revealed he was talking to the government in Delhi about the prospects for a new corridor of development between Mumbai and Bangalore, featuring new towns and infrastructure, which could provide opportunities for British planners, architects, construction firms and finance specialists.


David Cameron will try and get the EU to change its rules to stop benefits being paid to arriving immigrants. The Sun reports Iain Duncan Smith sa saying: “We have one big battle here. It’s all to do with the European Union. The prime minister’s very strong on this one. People shouldn’t use the free movement rules just to travel around looking for the best benefit that they can get.” 

According to IDS the changes may not be as difficult as they would seem at first glance, as Cameron has the support of Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries.

But Ed Miliband, who is on his own mini-foreign tour this week, has warned against raising false expectations. He told told BBC Radio 5Live’s Pienaar’s Politics: “I think that the way you should always approach these issues is talk about what you can do, don’t start floating things unless you know that they are actually possible to be done.

“We said around the issue of Romania and Bulgaria of course we should look at the benefits issue and access to benefits. All of those issues should be looked at but let’s look at what can be done because I think it’s very, very important that you don’t raise people’s expectations and then find that you can’t actually make a difference.



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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue