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Alleged ‘Suicide’ bombing rocks US Embassy in Ankara, two reportedly killed

21st Century Wire says… It’s worth noting with this significant story today, that most western media news outlets are running the headline ‘Suicide Bombing at US Embassy’ even though such details are not yet available. The RT report below contains an eye-witness statement which clearly indicates that it was not a suicide bomb. One should be aware of the political leverage gained through any event such as this – particularly if it’s immediately dubbed a ‘suicide bomb’ by western media agencies, and also question conflicting reports.
RT News

An explosion has struck the US Embassy in Ankara, local media reports. There are conflicting reports that a suicide bomber carried out the attack. Turkish media reports that two security guards working at the embassy were killed in the blast.

Two more people have reportedly been injured.

One source at the nearby British Embassy  who spoke with the Daily Telegraph contradicted Turkish media reports that the blast was caused by a suicide bomber.

“It was not a suicide bomber or car bomb. Someone left a package or threw a package,” the source said.

However, witnesses told CNN’s Turkish service that a bomber was seen appraching the building and later entered a gate at the fortified compound. Daily Vatan reporter Kıvanc El said in a televised interview that police also suspected a suicide bomber had carried out the attack, Hurriyet Daily News reports. Body parts were also reportedly strewn around the scene.

Initial reports say the blast occurred near the gates of the visa section of the embassy compound. Security has been tightened around the embassy as there are fears that a second bomb could be detonated. All US embassy staff have been taken to safe rooms in the embassy, a reporter from Daily Star told NTV.

Dozens of ambulances and firefighters were dispatched to the scene.



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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue