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Grenfell Neighbour: ‘Flammable panels were installed to improve appearance of the area’

More damning indictments from the residents of Kensington and Chelsea borough in the wake of the horrific Grenfell Tower fire.

In this interview, Sky News spoke to Piki Seku who lives opposite to Grenfell Tower. Seku echoed what other residents – about the corruption and repeated failures of the PPP financial vehicle known as the “TMO,” or Tenant Management Organisation, and also the Tory and New Labour’s cynical “urban regeneration program” – ironically leading to one of the worst urban disasters in London’s history.

Seku also highlighted the fact that highly flammable material was used as part of the council and TMO’s £11 million contract in order to ‘to improve the appearance of the area’ – ostensibly to improve property values for commercial landlords and gain higher rental fees. For a comprehensive analysis of the ‘TMO’ system and of the architecture and dangerous materials used in Grenfell Tower – watch the UK Column News broadcast on June 15th.

See West London resident Piki Seku speak to Sky News here:

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