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AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: Humanitarian Spin Merchants and Propaganda Peddlers – UPDATED

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21st Century Wire says…

Amnesty International has released a report entitled, Syria: Human Slaughterhouse: Mass Hangings and Extermination at Sadnaya Prison. It is the follow up to a slick video produced by Amnesty International back in August 2016. The timing of this report is crucial, as is the fact that Amnesty International has, for years, been exposed as a US State Department soft power tool and propaganda producer. 

The report is produced at a critical juncture in the dirty war that has been waged against Syria for the last six years by the US, NATO and Gulf states, Jordan and Israel – all driving their geopolitical objectives in the region, primarily regime change and the weakening of the Syrian state. Amnesty International to the rescue with its formulaic damning report containing the now, familiar, absence of credible evidence or divergent views.

The following real events should be considered when evaluating the timing of Amnesty International’s propaganda release this week: 

1. The liberation of Aleppo and Syrian Army military progress against NATO and Gulf State funded terrorists across Syria.

2. The Astana Peace Talks.

3. Russian-Turkish brokered ceasefire. Partially successful.

4. Tulsi Gabbard trip to Syria and her very successful “Stop Arming Terrorists” bill.

5. Uncertain Trump policy on Syria, threatening to undermine US coalition, regime change objectives.

6. Syria’s pivot towards Russia and China [BRICS New Development Bank] for reconstruction of Syria, thus depriving NATO states of their usual mop-up profit and private sector benefits.

7. “Criminal” investigation will be largely sponsored by UK who are the deep state masterminds in the dirty war against Syria.

8. Two weeks before Geneva Peace talks are scheduled to begin, between Syrian government and the NATO/Gulf state funded opposition factions.

In so many ways, the defamatory tactics being deployed against Syria by western media, governments and NGOs like Amnesty International – are identical to the criminal operation which was carried out against the nation state of Libya in 2011. 

The following report was made by Syriana Analysis, an independent research and analysis media outlet, based in Damascus.

As many as 13,000 people have been executed at Saydnaya prison, north of the capital Damascus, a report by Amnesty International claims. Syriana Analysis addresses the shortcomings of Amnesty report and reveals its poor methodology that does not even meet the lowest mark of scientific or legal veracity.”Watch ~

Compilation of Articles Exposing Amnesty International as an Integral part of the NATO State ‘Smart’ Power Industrial Complex & the “Human Slaughterhouse” Report as a Hoax

Amnesty International’s International Kangaroo Court Report on Syria, by Rick Sterling:

“The Amnesty International report is a combination of accusations based on hearsay and sensationalism. Partially because of Amnesty’s undeserved reputation for independence and accuracy, the report has been picked up and broadcast widely.  Liberal and supposedly progressive media outlets have dutifully echoed the dubious accusations. In reality this report amounts to a Kangaroo court with the victim being the Syrian government and people who have borne the brunt of the foreign sponsored aggression. If this report sparks an escalation of the conflict, which Amnesty International seems to call for, it will be a big step backwards not forward ….just like in Iraq and Libya.”

Amnesty International Admits Syrian “Saydnaya” Report Fabricated Entirely in UK, by Tony Cartalucci:

“However, there is another aspect of the report that remains unexplored – the fact that Amnesty International itself has openly admitted that the summation of the report was fabricated in the United Kingdom at Amnesty International’s office, using a process they call “forensic architecture,” in which the lack of actual, physical, photographic, and video evidence, is replaced by 3D animations and sound effects created by designers hired by Amnesty International.”

VIDEO: Amnesty International Fake News: Sadnaya Prison for Al Qaeda:

Amnesty International “Human Slaughterhouse” Report Lacks Evidence, Credibility, Reeks Of State Department Propaganda,
by Brandon Turbeville

“The Amnesty International report is, at best, a faulty and poorly produced distortion of some disturbing reports from dubious sources, exaggerated for the purposes of demonizing Assad and the Syrian government. It simply cannot be believed and has no credibility whatsoever. The lack of understanding of Syrian culture, the straws being grasped when it comes to the satellite photos, dubious NGO influence, terrorist-linked sources, and lack of credible “witnesses” as well as the fact that virtually “evidence” being produced rests on these incredible “witnesses” all serve the purpose of destroying AI’s own propaganda before it can even get off the ground. Amnesty International may now officially join the ranks of Human Rights Watch in the running for which NGO and “human rights” organization can produce the most ridiculous yet effective propaganda against the Syrian government. Indeed, Amnesty International has long been known as a State Department propaganda organ designed to attack fake and even sometimes real human rights abuses of target governments. This new report has virtually no evidence to back up its claims and, until it can produce real verifiable evidence, the report itself must be disregarded.”

The Amnesty International Report – Response from Former Syrian Dissident, by the Angry Arab Blogspot:

“This is about the Amnesty International report on Syria.  Western human rights organizations–specifically Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch–don’t have any credibility among most Arabs about human rights. Their reputation has sunk far lower ever since the Arab uprisings in 2011, where they have been rightly perceived as propaganda arms of Western governments.

Nizar Nayouf (Syrian Dissident):

” The white prison is the one on the shape of Mercedes. It is the main building (the old and big). As for the red prison, it is the new and small [structure], and contrary to what is contained in the report–which it seems does not distinguish between the two. The first was inaugurated in 1988 while the second was not inaugurated until 2001. As for the main White building, it is quite impossible for it to accommodate 10,000 prisoners. We know it inch by inch, and know how much it can accommodate, at maximum, and assuming you put 30 prisoners in a cell like pickles (or Syrian style pickles, makdus), it can’t accommodate more than 4500 prisoners (in fact it was designed for 3000 prisoners). The red building is much smaller and is exclusive to public defendants among the military members (traffic, desertion, various criminal offenses, etc), and can’t accommodate more than 1800 prisoners, and even if you put 3 on top of one another…READ ON.”

Amnesty International Report Hearsay, by Moon of Alabama:

“A new Amnesty International report claims that the Syrian government hanged between 5,000 and 13,000 prisoners in a military prison in Syria. The evidence for that claim is flimsy, based on hearsay of anonymous people outside of Syria. The numbers themselves are extrapolations that no scientist or court would ever accept. It is tabloid reporting and fiction style writing from its title “Human Slaughterhouse” down to the last paragraph…”

The Farce that is Amnesty International’s “Human Slaughterhouse Study”: Quite Literally Fake News Goes Viral, by Scott Creighton:

“All day yesterday, Amnesty International was trending on Twitter. Thousands of people left comments reflecting their outrage at Assad “the monster” and various news organizations published the baseless comments as news. It was a megaphone project that worked perfectly… for a little while. You’ll notice the story has been relegated to the back pages today and some publications  have actually pulled their articles on it. There’s a reason for that. The AI report is complete and total bunk. It’s baseless, technically flawed and as they accurately reported over at Moon of Alabama, it wouldn’t stand up in even the most rigged kangaroo court on the planet. Do you want to know many of those 13,000 victims of “torture, hanging and extermination” that AI has actual evidence of?


How we were Misled about Syria: Amnesty International, by Tim Hayward:

“Since it is not just the strength of the condemnation that is noteworthy, but the swiftness of its delivery – in ‘real-time’ – a question that Amnesty International supporters might consider is how the organisation can provide instantaneous coverage of events while also fully investigating and verifying the evidence.”

Amnesty International is US State Department Propaganda, by Tony Cartalucci:

“Amnesty does indeed cover issues that are critical of US foreign policy, toward the bottom of their websites and at the back of their reports. Likewise, the corporate-media selectively reports issues that coincide with their interests while other issues are either under-reported or not reported at all. And it is precisely because Amnesty covers all issues, but selectively emphasizes those that are conducive to the interests of immense corporate-financiers that makes Amnesty one of the greatest impediments to genuine human rights advocacy on Earth.”

Infograph by Prof Tim Anderson, author of The Dirty War on Syria.

Amnesty International, Imperialist Tool, by Prof Francis Boyle:

“Once it became clear that there never were any dead babies in Kuwait as alleged by Amnesty International, AI/London proceeded to engage in a massive coverup of the truth. For all I know, the same people at AI/London who waged this Dead-Babies Disinformation Campaign against Iraq are still at AI/London producing more disinformation against Arab/Muslim states in the Middle East in order to further the political and economic interests of the United States, Britain, and Israel. Because of its Dead-Babies Disinformation Campaign against Iraq and its ensuing coverup, Amnesty International will never have any credibility in the Middle East!”

Amnesty International Whitewashing Another Massacre, by Paul de Rooij

“Amnesty urges Palestinians to address their grievances via the ICC. It is curious that while international law provides the Palestinians no protection whatsoever, AI is urging Palestinians to jump through international legal hoops. It is also questionable to suggest a legal framework meant for interstate conflict when dealing with a non-state dispossessed native population. And of course, AI fails to mention that Israel has avoided and ignored international law with the complicity and aid of the United States.”

Eight Problems with Amnesty’s Report on Aleppo, by Rick Sterling:

“There is little or no evidence provided regarding most of the alleged victims. Photographs and video evidence is provided for a small minority of the cases. The spokesman and advocacy director for VDC is Bassam al Ahmad.  He is based in Istanbul and closely connected to the United States as shown in his recent participation in a “Leadership Conference” as shown in photograph #4 below. In short, Amnesty’s report and conclusions are based on dubious data from a biased source closely aligned with foreign powers actively seeking “regime change” in Damascus.”

George Soros Anti-Syria Campaign Impresario, by Vanessa Beeley:

“In some countries, local NGOs also have been funded to mount “people power” campaigns. As in the recent “color revolutions,” these campaigns are aimed at opening up political regimes to opposition parties and ousting leaders who were holding onto power through irregular methods. Viewed more broadly, all these programs supporting NGO activities and capacity-building are seen as ways to foster the progressive emergence of a broad civil society, one that both supplements the state in providing for public needs and makes governments more responsive to their populations.”  The gloves appear to be off.  Here, the Wilson Centre is blithely exposing the NGO’s trojan horse policy with regards to its role as outreach agents for Imperialism in any resource rich or strategically important, prey nation. It explains perfectly the funding of the people power, time for change campaigns that run in synch with any regional or national schisms that are then piggybacked by imported or locally fostered opposition movements to propel the Imperialist friendly movements towards regime change.”

Soros Plays Both Ends Against the Middle, by William Engdahl:

Another Soros-financed NGO active demonizing the Assad government as cause of all atrocities in Syria and helping build publc support for a war in Syria from the US and EU is Amnesty International. Suzanne Nossel, until 2013 the Executive Director of Amnesty International USA, came to the job from the US State Department where she was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, not exactly an unbiased agency in regard to Syria” 

Amnesty International, Infamous Tools of Conspiracies,  by Wrong Kind of Green Files:

“Nayirah’s fairy tale is one of the many deceiving act of drama orchestrated by such organizations like “Amnesty International” designed to serve Washington’s political, security and military objectives of the US. Dr. Francis Boyle, one former Board Member of “Amnesty International”, disclosed that at the time the Security Council was voting in favor of the invasion of Iraq, and as they confessed later, was based on the false report by “Amnesty International”.

Amnesty International, War Propaganda and Human Rights Terrorism, by Gearoid O’Colmain:

“We must document crimes such as the massacre of Jaramana and  expose those who attempt to cover for their perpetrators, not because they are violations of human rights but because they are violations of humanity and the social networks that sustain meaningful human relations. We must stand up for the human being and consign human rights to the dustbin of history.”

Smart Power and the Human Rights Industrial Complex, by Patrick Henningsen:

“Here we see a powerful public relations resumé, combined with established links to Washington’s foreign policy core, and at a time when multiple Middle Eastern nation states, like Libya and Syria, were being forced into submission under the yoke of US-led international pressure. Projecting Washington’s preferred narrative is paramount in this multilateral effort and Nossel would be a key bridge in helping to project US foreign policy messaging internationally through top tier NGO Amnesty.”

Human Rights Front Groups Warring on Syria, by Eva Bartlett:

“Amnesty does take money from both governments and corporate-financier interests, one of the most notorious of which, Open Society, is headed by convicted financial criminal George Soros (whose Open Society also funds Human Rights Watch and a myriad of other “human rights” advocates). Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director of Amnesty International USA, for instance was drawn directly from the US State Department …Amnesty International’s website specifically mentions Nossel’s role behind US State Department-backed UN resolutions regarding Iran, Syria, Libya, and Cote d’Ivoire… Nossel’s “contributions” then are simply to dress up naked military aggression and the pursuit of global corporate-financier hegemony with the pretense of “human rights” advocacy.” [citation from: Amnesty International is US State Department Propaganda]

Suzanne Nossel Executive Director of Amnesty International USA, by Human Rights Investigations:

“Given that Suzanne Nossel is an advocate for war, particularly against Israel’s enemies, and a firm believer in NATO and US power, what has this meant for Amnesty in the last few months? Well not surprisingly Nossel has used her platform as Executive Director to focus on the State Department’s current main concerns which are Syria and Iran as well as China and Russia, who through their membership of the UN Security Council and insistence on the principles of national sovereignty and non-aggression towards other member states constitute obstacles to US foreign policy.”

VIDEO: LIBYA: Amnesty International Confessing:

Human Rights, Geopolitics and the Union for the Mediterranean, by Centre for Study of Interventionism

“The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies is a key NGO within the Network and it is also a member of the International Federation of Human Rights.  It was founded in 1993 by Bahey El Din Hassan who was elected member of the Executive Committee of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network at its second meeting in 1997.  In December 2011, he participated in a meeting of the Atlantic Council co-organised by the Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East dealing with Egypt which is his country or origin. (7)  That meeting discussed the arrest of members of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the National Endowment for Democracy who were accused of interference in Egyptian internal affairs.”


READ MORE SMART POWER NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Smart Power Files





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  • Sianna

    Very nicely put together! Amnesty International are fast earning a terrible reputation through-out the world. Warmongers and exporters of propaganda. Disgraceful.

  • Analyze_This_88

    The Human Rights scam – naked to see here. This organization is a criminal enterprise posing as “activists” – a PR battering ram for NATO and the US. They have no business creating fake news. I thought we had the media to do that job?

    Sick people.

  • PopperlinRosebud

    It’s good more people are learning about these connections, which supports the argument that George Soros is funding and acting as some sort of new-age ideological-nationstate determined to destroy the national sovereignty of all countries. I am disappointed Soros has been allowed to do what he’s done.

    Unfortunately, Soros and his cabal control the MSM, which means the public will never learn about what’s really going on. No idea how to stop it. Look at what Trump’s up against. The MSM is leading an army. It’s pretty incredible.

  • PopperlinRosebud

    Can anyone provide me with an article or blog(s) that discuss genuine strategies that could be taken to defeat Soros & his monopoly on the liberal, MSM, “human rights,” identity politics, etc. ideologies?

    I just don’t know how we stand a chance against what he’s doing. Look at all the journalists who do nothing other than maintain the Soros echo chamber, some knowingly, some unknowingly.

    • Incisa

      The trouble is most people around us, don’t want to know. They prefer to stay asleep. When sharing all this, you should know how most ‘friends’ start avoiding me on Facebook. It’s a hard fight.

    • Reinhard

      AI are called “exporters of propaganda” which is intended to cause approval for a foreign policy a g a i n s t “the national sovereignty of all countries”. I think these statements creat questions: why does propaganda work, why are some people embarrassed that their government seems to need “fake news” for its foreign policy? Maybe because some of the “Protests against the national security state (are) i n t h e n a m e of American freedom”? More:

    • Sianna

      Macedonia is presently under attack from Soros. Recently US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher claimed that Macedonia was not a country. He said it was a failed experiment and needed to be annexed by either Kosovo or Bulgaria. Interestingly… Macedonians have started a movement called SOS. Stop Operation Soros.

  • rjenkins

    Amnesty’s research standards are rigorous.

    It is regularly condemned by various different states, including the USA. This is the response of George W. Bush to an Amnesty report:

    “I’m aware of the Amnesty International report, and it’s absurd. It’s an absurd allegation…. It seemed like to me they based some of their decisions on the word of — and the allegations — by people who were held in detention, people who hate America, people that had been trained in some instances to disassemble — that means not tell the truth. And so it was an absurd report. It just is.”

    It is also interesting that the pro Israeli “NGO monitor” says that Amnesty “disproportionately singles out Israel for condemnation” http://www.ngo-monitor.org/ngos/amnesty_international/

    Amnesty has been around for 60 odd years and has made errors in its research – it would be bit strange if it hadn’t, particularly as the research areas are restricted and sensitive, including in repressive and conflict affected states – but extrapolating that all its research is politically motivated or false isn’t a logical line of argument, and the facts suggest that it isn’t the case.

    • Marko

      “….but extrapolating that all its research is politically motivated or false isn’t a logical line of argument…”

      You can make the same claim for HRW , NED , USAID , misc. U.N. research agencies , and many others , and you’d be correct , but still wrong in this case. This case is the U.S. of A. v. Syria , a war built on blatant lies from day one.

      These outfits can’t pump out BS 100% of the time , obviously. They need to maintain some credibility so that when they do crank out pure crap – as they do for every U.S. regime-change adventure – there will be a solid base of gullible people happy to scarf it right up. Sadly , this strategy seems to work quite well for them.

      • rjenkins

        Hi Marko. I was contending that it isn’t right in this case. I think if Amnesty are being criticised by the Syrian, Israeli, US governments – and along the same lines of over focus on their violations – then they are on the right road. Criticism by Israel is fairly constant https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_Amnesty_International#Israel

        Amnesty haven’t, as far I know, ever taken a position for or against a military intervention. Do correct me if I’m wrong.

        What is clear, however, is that the work of human rights groups is often selectively used by those in power to justify an interventionist foreign policy (so the USA will point to Amnesty reports to paint a picture of how bad their official enemy is, while discarding reports on violations by the USA itself as “absurd”).

        I think the real challenge is to guard against that relativism and manipulation

        • Marko

          It’s pretty simple : Amnesty is one of many propaganda vehicles used to promote the Anglo-Zionist agenda. To be useful , it has to appear credible to the clueless masses. To appear credible , it must do significant work which is subsequently independently verified , as I suggested above , and to avoid detection of the corrupt linkage to its masters’ agendas , it must sometimes be critical of those masters. The masters don’t mind the criticism , for reasons that should be obvious.

          • rjenkins

            Sorry Marko, I don’t see the obvious reasons you mention, especially when countries such as the USA and Israel take the effort to publicly attack the organisation or undermine its work (Israel in particular accusing Amnesty of having a pro Palestinian agenda). The proposition you seem to make is that Amnesty is part of a conspiracy and it will make decisions on which significant work to do and which will be part of an imperialist agenda, and only do the former in order to support the latter. This isn’t credible, in fact is somewhat far-fetched, and isn’t based on evidence.

          • Marko

            Look , Amnesty used to be a good outfit. At one time , the MSM was a reliable source of information. I used to believe in the tooth fairy. Things change.

            If you want to continue believing in fairies , have at it. Evidence of Amnesty’s fall from grace is clearly laid out in the article above , and there’s even more today , here :

            I don’t ever really expect to convince anyone of anything on comment boards. I’m sure you’ll think it’s conspiracy theory , but it’s well known that there are people on these boards that are paid never to admit to the truth , and even to purposely peddle untruths. It is shocking , I admit , but that’s the world we live in.

    • paz_y_justicia

      …but extrapolating that all its research is politically motivated or
      false isn’t a logical line of argument, and the facts suggest that it
      isn’t the case.

      People may argue the facts, but look at the big picture. These organizations should have as close to an impeccable record as possible. Since this has clearly not been the case, they have lost all credibility.

      As such, they need to be called out with extreme prejudice since the majority of people will believe them without question. Just look at Democracy Now!’s coverage of this report. It’s a perverse form of propaganda.

  • TC West

    Amnesty International founder: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Benenson


    “He was born in London as Peter James Henry Solomon, to a large Jewish family.”

  • margotizard

    I found it odd that the pdf. of the full “Slaughterhouse” report lacks a by-line. A smattering of qualifications and recent history would also have been appropriate.

    Nicolette Waldman doesn’t seem to have any sort of online bio. As the “author”, a woman using this name has been interviewed a bit on radio and youtube/TV. If the author, why wouldn’t she sign her report?

    Possible connection? There is a Dr. Ron Waldman, MD, MPH, Professor of Global Health, Milken Institute School of Public Health George Washington University, President of Doctors of the World USA and former PHR board member.

    He’s on the board at


    Several dead giveaway usual players on list, SAMS etc.

  • Ian

    AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Humanitarian Spin Merchants like most do good NGO’s etc you have to read between the lines. The country is in a terrible mess, how will the world ever have true piece when most just want to butcher each other???????????????? if there is a God they why not put a stoop to this madness religion has a lot to do with conflict. What has bodies like Amnesty really achieved in the world?

  • Toxik

    Great compilation!! APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kgbgb

    Hmm – my wife and I haven’t changed our wills for about 20 years. I think I remember fairly substantial bequests to Amnesty. Must do something about that. Thanks for the information.

  • WillSummer