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BREAKING: At Least 14 US Coalition Military Officers Captured by Syrian Special Forces in East Aleppo Bunker

Syrian Army soldier holds up Al Nusra Front (al Qaeda in Syria) flag in the Umayyed Mosque, Old City, after government troops liberated terrorist-occupied East Aleppo this week (Image: Vanessa Beeley for 21st Century Wire)

21st Century Wire

DAMASCUS – According to two reports coming out of Aleppo today, at least 14 US Coalition military officers were captured this morning in an East Aleppo bunker by Syrian Special Forces.

This story was quietly leaked by Voltaire.net, who announced, “The Security Council is sitting in private on Friday, December 16, 2016, at 17:00 GMT, while NATO officers were arrested this morning by the Syrian Special Forces in a bunker in East Aleppo.”

Fares Shehabi MP, a prominent Syrian Parliamentarian and head of Aleppo’s Chamber of Commerce published the names of the Coalition officers on his Facebook page on the 15th December (emphasis added):

Mutaz Kanoğlu – Turkey
David Scott Winer – USA
David Shlomo Aram – Israel
Muhamad Tamimi – Qatar
Muhamad Ahmad Assabian – Saudi
Abd-el-Menham Fahd al Harij – Saudi
Islam Salam Ezzahran Al Hajlan – Saudi
Ahmed Ben Naoufel Al Darij – Saudi
Muhamad Hassan Al Sabihi – Saudi
Hamad Fahad Al Dousri – Saudi
Amjad Qassem Al Tiraoui – Jordan
Qassem Saad Al Shamry – Saudi
Ayman Qassem Al Thahalbi – Saudi
Mohamed Ech-Chafihi El Idrissi – Moroccan

Listen to Fares Shehabi’s interview on the Sunday Wire radio show: ‘Liberation Aleppo

In addition to Voltaire.net, the other original report was provided by Damascus-based Syrian journalist Said Hilal Alcharifi. According to Alcharifi, captured “NATO” officers were from a number of member states including the US, France, Germany and Turkey, as well as Israel. Here is his statement (translated from French):

“Thanks to information received, Syrian authorities discovered the headquarters of high ranking western/NATO officers in the basement of an area in East Aleppo and have captured them alive. Some names have already been given to Syrian journalists, myself included. The nationalities are US, French, British, German, Israeli, Turkish, Saudi, Moroccan, Qatari etc. In light of their nationalities and their rank, I assure you that the Syrian government have a very important catch, which should enable them to direct negotiations with the countries that have tried to destroy them.”

Although these initial reports describe the individuals in question as “NATO” officers, it’s unlikely they would have been carrying NATO colors on a covert operation – and might be more accurately labeled as US Coalition officers. Note that early reports suggest that these are not standard ‘street rebel’ or jihadi terrorists but actual Coalition military personnel and field commanders.

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21WIRE also received unconfirmed reports yesterday that militants had fired a missile into the  Ramousa area and then tried, unsuccessfully, to get cars out of East Aleppo. It’s possible this incident could be related to today reports of captured western operatives.

This report from the Syrian Arab News Agency (emphasis added):

“The agreement on evacuating militants and weapons from the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city has been suspended after terrorist groups breached it, special sources told SANA correspondent in Aleppo.

The sources said that the suspension of the agreement will remain in place until obtaining guarantees that oblige the terrorist groups to abide by all the agreement’s provisions, stressing on the Syrian side’s full adherence to the agreement and its keenness to end the bloodshed and restore security and stability to the entire city of Aleppo.”

Earlier, SANA reporter said that the terrorist groups have breached the agreement as they smuggled heavy weapons, including TOW missiles, heavy machineguns and kidnapped people via the buses and cars transporting terrorists and their families towards the southwestern countryside of Aleppo city.

The reporter added that the terrorist groups fired shells and sniper bullets on the buses and ambulances at al-Ramousseh crossing, noting that the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) which are supervising the evacuation process had to withdraw all buses and cars from the crossing.

Over the past 24 hours, some 8079 terrorists and members of their families were evacuated via busses and ambulances from the neighborhoods of Salah-Eddin, al-Ansari, al-Mashhad and al-Zibdiyeh to the southwest countryside of Aleppo city”

If true, this latest news would also mean that both the Syrian and Russian governments would have additional leverage going forward in any bilateral negotiations with the US-led Coalition.

If, however, this story is kept under wraps by NATO member governments and is summarily blacked out by the US and European media outlets, then it might indicate that a deal has been struck, albeit behind the scenes, for the return of captured NATO operatives in exchange for other concessions.

If today’s report from East Aleppo is accurate, this might also help explain the hysterical behavior by the US State Department and western UN officials who have been demanding “an immediate ceasefire” – despite the fact that 99% of East Aleppo has already been liberated by Syrian government forces.

The western establishment hysterical reactions to Al Nusra’s defeat in Aleppo have included wild claims that the Syrian Army had ‘unleashed death squads,’ on its own residents in East Aleppo and were openly ‘executing women and children in the street,’ and ‘burning children in the street,’ as well what appear to be more fictional reports circulated in US media mainly by Michael Weiss of The Daily Beast via CNN, claiming that Syrian Army was committing “mass rape” against residents of East Aleppo. His article entitled, Women in Aleppo Choose Suicide Over Rape, Rebels Report, made a number of outlandish claims including:

“Activists and rebels in the besieged city say mass executions have begun and children are burned alive as Assad’s Iranian- and Russian-backed forces move in.”

Not surprisingly, aside from unnamed “UN sources”, Weiss claims to have received his information from none other than the discredited US and UK-financed pseudo ‘NGO’ known as the White Helmets.

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Back in September, numerous reports suggested that a western command center located behind terrorist-held lines had been targeted and destroyed by a Russian missile strike. Prof Michel Chossudovsky wrote:

The US and its allies  had  established a Field Operations Room in the Aleppo region integrated by intelligence personnel. Until it was targeted by a Russian missile attack on September 20,  this “semi-secret” facility was operated by US, British, Israeli, Turkish, Saudi and Qatari intelligence personnel.”  

This report was neither admitted, nor was it denied by US Coalition sources at the time. However, one mainstream Israeli source, The Times of Israel, did report the incident.

For anyone who has been paying close attention to the Syrian Conflict, seeing NATO special forces or “contractors” working with ‘rebel’ or terrorist fighters inside of Syria is nothing unusual. Numerous reports have been filed of British soldiers assigned to fighting groups to help with training, strategy and logistics. In June 2016, The Telegraph admitted that British special forces were helping one rebel group, “… with logistics, like building defences to make the bunkers safe,” said one ‘rebel’ fighter. Other reports, including the LA Times which detailed CIA operations used to arm militants, including Al Nusra Front (al Qaeda in Syria) who were the terrorist force in charge in East Aleppo. Other revelations of US covert involvement include The New York Times, and also information on US (NATO by another name only) covert operations provided to the Wall Street Journal.

South Front also notes:

“Earlier in December, SF already noted that the US despearate attempts to push a “diplomatic solution” in Aleppo could indicate that the Obama administration stalling for time to extricate US mercenaries and special service members from the Aleppo pocket:”

Considering that US-led coalition military advisers have been widely operating across Syria, training and assisting to the so-called “moderate opposition” openly linked with al-Qaeda, the recently appeared reports are likely true.

For instance, British military advisers have officially arrived to Syria to restore combat capability of the ‘moderate’ opposition, retreated from Aleppo…”

21WIRE can also point out that throughout fighting in the Donbass in eastern Ukraine, during the period of May 2014 to the present, numerous incidents have been reported where NATO military soldiers and operatives have been both spotted, and captured by rebel forces, and in most cases these reports have been muted, more than likely because of ‘horse trading’ taking place as an extension of wider diplomacy.

Contributors to this report were Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley.



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    • DarkEyes

      Love this picture.
      Is brilliant creative but at the same time I believe we all know what is behind this event. War criminals.
      It is very very sad.

      • Dorothy

        Well . . contract killers and their immediate contact always run the risk of getting whacked themselves after the job.
        Especially on a gig as big as the Ghouta chemical attack.

    • Steven Wilson

      Running guns is a bee itch.
      These two clowns should have been included in the calamity.

  • Eol Awki

    So the truth about the ‘horrid massacre’ in East Aleppo comes out at last – the Western states have been trying frantically to gain a truce there so they could safely evacuate their terrorist leaders from NATO. I truly wish that Syria and Russia would announce this all over the world as it decisively demonstrates who is REALLY in charge of the terrorists in Syria.

    • The Awakening

      Eol Awki,

      The awakening continues…

      • I hope Americans wake up to the fact that it’s not just certain parties or people that’s killing liberty, it’s the institution. It’s broken and putting different actors at the helm or manning the oars isn’t going to fix it.

        • Harold Smith

          But the “institution” was created by and is run – at the top – by “certain people”.
          And Bible prophecy actually tells us whose these “people” are.
          But you cannot go into their identities in any further detail lest you run afoul of the artificial boundaries of political correctness and be deemed an “anti-semite”.

          • I was alluding to political parties, democrats and republicans. But since you brought up the Jews…
            We’ve voted and decided that we’re going to raise your rent.

          • Harold Smith

            Actually, what’s “killing liberty” isn’t the “political parties” but the corruption of the people.
            The Jews and their political puppets, evil though they may be, are small in number and generally cowardly. What makes them so dangerous are the masses of morally incompetent people who are willing to do their dirty work for a lie and a paycheck.

          • Well, if the cards of life are so stacked against you as to make it impossible to move out of your station in life, you might as well just give up.

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          • The secret handshake? It’s secret!

          • democrats ARE racist IDIOTS

            ^in midst of sex change

          • Cchimudccha

            Ha ha. We have rent control in my town and you can’t raise my rent. Tell me, what’s it like living under Putins Gestapo Gangsters in formerly Soviet Russia?

          • How the hell should I know? I live in Tennessee.

          • David

            And if you challenge this nonsense you are deemed a “zionist”

          • Cchimudccha

            David, I’m Zionist and proud of it. And some day I may even visit Israel.

        • I agree. CIA for example began in 1947 pursuant to National Security Act of 1947. Congressional intent was to form an intelligence gathering agency but soon it developed an operations component. Imagine the power and responsibility of this agency, whose word is difficult to question and whose right to secrecy all seem to respect. Current media reports about Aleppo are consistent with earlier reports in Syria – stark raving psyops/propaganda to demonize Assad Russia and Iran (the enemy) with false stories of chemical attacks, atrocities and general inhumanity while propping up White Helmets and other bullshit. US big corporate media just goes along for the ride seemingly not questioning veracity or accuracy independently while at the same time not reporting any of the strong, vibrant and compelling counter-narrative from people like Beeley and Butler and Henningson that appear on 21st Century Wire or anything from Paul Craig Roberts. As for Congress, if the designated committees investigation “Russian hacking” of DNC fail to call former UK ambassador Craig Murray who says he personally took delivery of the emails from someone he knew to be a DNC staffer, we’ll know the investigation is rigged.

    • Baron Silas Greenback

      This will be interesting how this shakes out if the report is true.

    • novictim

      The most absurd element of the Aleppo-Humanitarian-catastrophe meme is the identical nature of the Mosul siege where no one in the Media seems to see the obvious double standard.

      • Alpha_Bravo

        Actually, Mosul will end up being “Trump’s Fault”. Obama is off to Hawaii for 2 weeks, and when he gets back, will be packing up to GTFO of the White Hut.

        Trump will inherit that mess. Obama will NOT be blamed by the fake news MSM. But smart people will know otherwise.

      • David

        What’s your problem with the way Mosul is being liberated from ISIS? Despite the predictions from your kind, the forces trying to capture Mosul seem to be taking the presence of civilians into account, and are not bombing indiscriminately like Putin and Assad’s murderers in Aleppo. And the media have been reporting what they see.

        • JIMSTRUIK


          • Cchimudccha

            That was an admitted accident caused bgy miscommunications, and the US admitted guilt and paid reparations. Compare that to the Russians bombing every single hospital in East Allepo. And, how much do you make working as a troll for slimy Putin?

          • Laura Green
          • Laura Green
          • Cchimudccha

            No Laura. They were hit multiple times with barrel bombs.

          • Laura Green
          • Cchimudccha

            You’re truly a nut case. The Russian air force rules the sky over Allepo. And the patriotic rebels have no air force or helicopters. You are most certainly paid to write this crap, especially since this is a fake news outlet.
            You don’t even have a clue what started the “Arab Spring” and why the Syrian people finally peacefully demonstrated their anger against being ruled by a despotic family in 2011….only to be gunned down, jailed and tortured, and have their children kidnapped and brutally tortured to death. You’re either sick in the head or paid to write this malicious crap.

          • Laura Green

            STOP arguing ! By now everybody knows who is who . And barrel bombs come from the skies – 1stcenturywire.com/2015/02/18/in-plain-sight-coalition-forces-routinely-air-drop-military-supplies-to-isis-fighters-in-syria/

          • novictim

            “Barrel Bombs” is a propaganda term. It is meant to imply that bombs deployed by Assad are more indiscriminate than bombs and mortars deployed by the Jihad. Always question arguments that seem to boil down to one nifty choice term or word.

            If this has not occurred to you before then you need to buy a new critical thinking cap.

          • Cchimudccha

            You’re a commie whore. shut up shut up shut up shut the F up.

          • novictim

            Well said! Now take your meds.

          • David

            “A barrel bomb is an improvised unguided bomb, sometimes described as a flying IED (improvised explosive device). They are typically made from a large barrel-shaped metal container that has been filled with high explosives, possibly shrapnel, oil or chemicals as well, and then dropped from a helicopter or airplane.[1]
            Due to the large amount of explosives (up 1,000 kilograms (2,200 lb)), their poor accuracy and indiscriminate use in populated civilian areas (including refugee camps), the resulting detonations have been devastating.[2][3][4] Critics have characterised them as weapons of terror and illegal under international conventions.” from wikipedia

          • novictim

            They are unguided? No. Gravity guides them. They fall downwards in precisely the same manner bombs fall in all past wars. And when they blow up, they are lethal and cause structural damage.

            “Due to the large amount of explosives” Yes, David, bombs tend to contain explosives, David. 55 Gallon drums contain a similar volume ~ 55Gallons of explosives that then blow up on the target area.

            “Critics have characterized them …” as puppies and flower pots? David, take a break, get you head clear. The Jihad won’t be stopped by namby-pamby panty-wastes such as yourself. You people and your idiotic ideas have put us behind the eight ball with regard to Islam. People are now aware of this. People with a care for their civilization will have to walk past you, or even over your dead body, if necessary, to stop the Jihad. Get on the right side of this, buddy.

          • David

            Eh.. I was quoting wikipedia for YOU nov! Complain to them if you don’t like the description! You described them as a “propaganda term”!
            Modern weapons (as supplied by Russia) CAN be guided to land on specific targets. Barrel bombs are primitive and (when used today) DELIBERATELY indiscriminate. Civilised nations would not use them!

            Oooh your mask is slipping nov, you’re starting to sound all aggressive!
            If only this conflict was just about killing Jihadis it would be so simple for all of us, not just for simpletons like you

          • novictim

            >Barrel bombs are primitive

            So, to summarize, they are unguided and have lots of explosives and are now termed “primitive”. And that is why they are illegitimate for use and require the novel term “Barrel Bomb” to distinguish them from truly honorable bombs like the 2000lb GBU-27 Paveway III which is wont to sips martinis and always opens the doors for the ladies, shows proper etiquette when addressing large crowds.

            David, come on. You are walking around with zombie ideas in your head. Wake the hell up.

          • David

            Oh dear nov you are off on a tangent trying to deflect from the fact you’ve made an arse of yourself again.
            Only YOU would describe a bomb as “honourable”. You’ve missed the point that if you want to kill Jihadis you could target them specifically with modern missiles. Sadly, primitive people use primitive weapons and innocent children are killed, as in Aleppo.

          • David

            Let me explain it simply for you nov: Assad and Putin have big warplanes and the rebels have none. Assad and Putin have also got lots of different BIG bombs and have been dropping them indiscriminately on East Aleppo and elsewhere. These bombs are: napalm; phosphorous; cluster; barrel bombs; and bunker buster bombs.”The bunker buster missiles used are causing massive shock waves; some buildings are collapsing without being targeted due to the effects of shock waves. These missiles are particularly designed to target underground shelters, so people have nowhere to hide.”
            The Aleppo rebels had (by comparison) LITTLE weapons, mostly fired by hand.

          • novictim

            “and the rebels have none.”

            Ah. You are building the Oppressor-Opressed narrative. The weaker side is right. The stronger side is wrong. The side with the most casualties is the oppressed. The side with the least is the oppressor. Got it.

            Can’t you see the vacuous nature of that analysis for yourself??

            David, you have bad ideas. You have been infected with Cultural Marxism. Why you feel so isolated today is that the jig is up. People all around you are being inoculated to your disease. Trump won because your ideas are wrong and people see that. They see that Cultural Marxism/Critical Theory is built around unethical principles and fails to confront real evil, or see the world except through the lens of its flawed ideology.

            I am holding out a clue to you. You need to apply your Critical Theory now to Critical Theory itself. That may lead you out of this maze of errors you inhabit now.

            FYI: The people liberated in Aleppo, as in Palmyra, are celebrating when the Jihadist are killed and driven out. And when they come back, that is when the tragedy is restarted (ie Palmyra). The same will occur in Mosul. Nothing happening in Mosul is qualitatively different from what has happened in Aleppo. Only the “teams” are different.

          • David

            Hmmm….. well I’ve read some bullshit in my time….but this is off the scale! We have a little philosopher here!
            Nov- stop trying too hard to sound intelligent, it just makes you sound like a stupid person pretending to be intelligent. Dressing something up in flowery language can’t alter facts. In your “journey through life”(lol) get your facts RIGHT before you start philosophising and pontificating.

          • novictim

            >Nov- stop trying too hard to sound intelligent,

            I rest my case.

          • David

            Haha! Did you take that as a compliment?! lol! Think about it, I’m sure you’ll work it out eventually
            But I think your “brain” does need a rest

          • novictim

            I won this argument, David. Get over it.

          • David

            Heehee, yes I’m sure in your mind you did nov! Heeheehee

          • Laura Green

            Has US ever admitted this guilt,or was US ever charged for this guilt (or paid reparation ) — http://21stcenturywire.com/2016/04/03/iraq-1991-us-carpet-bombs-highway-of-death/

          • Cchimudccha

            Yes. Try using Google.

          • Laura Green

            Google is manipulated by Israeli employees hired to change the content —- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LofScCiJT4c

          • Laura Green

            What is the source of your ” bombing every single hospital in East Allepo.” and wat would be the reason for Russia to do that ? BBC, CNN, FOX fake news ?

          • Cchimudccha

            No, Dear. The Guardian, Mother Jones, Huffington Post, besides yes, the BBC which also has extensive news about CLIMATE CHANGE, stuff your Lordship Putiin Polonium, like Donald Trump, doesn’t believe is happening, but is. Tell me why are you so worried about a despot that’s murdered half a million of his fellow citizens, destroyed cities, exiled many more millions, just so he can stay in power? And, have you ever seen a psychiatrist for your paranoia?

          • Cchimudccha

            What’s your source, Pravda? RT? Can’t you get any unadulterated news in Moscow?

          • JIMSTRUIK

            wanna buy a bridge??

          • Cchimudccha

            I already own three. Golden Gate, Bay, Washington, and I’ve got a down payment on the Verrazano. I pay $50/bridge to maintain them, but I just got a notice they’re raising it to $70 month. Do you think that’s fair?

          • JIMSTRUIK


          • Cchimudccha

            I don’t have to look it on Google for you and send you multiple links. You can do that yourself. I followed the story day by day for over two month. If anyone is a Putin Troll, YOU are. BTW, how much does the FSB pay you to write this crap and threaten people?

        • novictim

          I don’t have a problem with the Mosul operation. You miss the point! “Why do you have a problem with the Aleppo operation?” is the question!

          Why do you believe the MSM and its double standard regarding Aleppo even though the identical Human Shield/Jihadist Nightmare/hostage-taking and killing of civilians is underway in both places?

          Bombs are dropped on Jihadists in both cities and in both cases they have human shields. This is the way of ISIS. This is their Muslim philosophy of predestination where God controls all destinies in all its glory in BOTH locations. Why do you think that it is indiscriminate in Aleppo but not in Mosul? Who is telling you about Mosul? Who is telling you about Aleppo? Aleppo is reported on by a Jihad supporter in Coventry, England who runs a organization called the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, aka the voice of Jihadists in Syria. This man has no way to verify the reports so why is his narrative the one chosen to be true?

          David, you really are a first class stooge if none of these critiques has occurred to you before.

          • David

            If you can’t see the difference between the situations in Mosul and Aleppo then you admit to your own ignorance which obliviously comes from watching pseudo”alternative” media propaganda. Aleppo is reported on by numerous human rights organisations including Amnesty, Medicine Sans Frontiers, SNHR, Unicef, etc.
            The SOHR is just ONE source of information. You so easily repeat the lie that this is “the voice of Jihadists” because you’ve been brainwashed into believing another lie. The guy in “Coventry” (who has many contacts within Syria) is a political opponent of Assad (which is why, like others he had to leave Syria to avoid being jailed or murdered) BUT IS DEFINITELY NOT A JIHADIST!!
            So who’s the stooge?

          • novictim

            All you have done with your reply is attach your own opinion to a general ad hominem, the some total of which is simply declaring that you know something that I don’t, that I am ignorant. Well, if that is the case then I wish you would share some mind blowing facts with all of us. I read your post and I don’t feel like you made your case at all.

            Until then, I suggest that our disagreement is not actually over facts. The facts are this: Both Mosul and Aleppo are war zones where Jihadists use civilians as shields and those trying to kill the Jihadists inevitably find that they cannot avoid civilian casualties . That is undisputed. And the other clear fact is that Jihadists use chemical weapons.

            Our true disagreement stems from my deeper understanding of Jihad and Islam and this is in opposition to your ignorance of Islam and failure to appreciate the Islamic doctrine of lying for strategic advantage. The only question in my mind regarding your position is whether or not your ignorance is willful or is in honest good faith.

          • David

            Our disagreement stems from your ignorance and arrogance. “my deep understanding of Jihad and Islam?” lol So why do you think SOHR is jihadist!?

            “those trying to kill the Jihadists inevitably find that they cannot avoid civilian casualties”
            -In Mosul they try, which delays the operation. In Aleppo they don’t, they bomb civilians deliberately from the air.THAT’S THE DIFFERENCE
            Jihadis do use chemicals AND SO DOES ASSAD. UN have proven them guilty on at least 3 occasion!

          • novictim

            And how long is it that the battle to retake Aleppo has been going on for? I rest my case.
            The claim that Assad used chemical weapons were debunked. The UN did not provide evidence that it was the Syrian army. It was assumed that Assad had used them because of the assumption that the Jihadists did not have chemical weapons. David, you are a victim of misinformation. You need to get your facts lined up.

          • David

            Wrong! AGAIN! UN reports prove Assad used chemical weapons:
            and more recent:
            They proved ISIS also used them.

            “how long is it that the battle to retake Aleppo has been going on for?” -eh? IT’S OVER nov! They “created a desert and called it peace.” Keep up!

          • novictim

            UN Reports? Like the UN Human Rights Council headed by Saudi Arabia, notorious human rights violators due to Islam, you cannot include the UN in that category of “Real News”.

            The UN is a political operation, not a news site. Duh! You are clearly incapable of thinking for yourself, David. It will be interesting when you do finally break out of your cocoon and stand on your own reason and critical thinking skills.

          • David

            WRONG AGAIN Nov! Joaquin Alexander Maza Martelli of EL SALVADOR is the current head of UN Human Rights Council, which consists of 47 elected member countries, who in turn elect a new head every year.

            And that’s you “thinking for yourself”! lol! From the evidence that’s quite a dangerous thing for you to do! Admit it, you just believe what you read on these conspiracy theory sites don’t you? Silly boy!

            “The UN is a political operation”? Well Russia and Syria are members of the UN!
            If you can’t trust the UN, lol, then check ANY of the worlds Human Rights organisations. You’ll find you are on the wrong side of all of them!

            This is unfair though, I really shouldn’t be arguing with a schoolboy.

          • novictim


            Membership of the Human Rights Council 1 January – 31 December 2016 by year


            Russian Federation
            Saudi Arabia
            South Africa
            The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
            United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
            Viet Nam

            Hahahahahahahaha, David. Or should we just cry for the horrible truth of the matter?

          • David

            Oh dear, I’ll have to explain to you again! Although the HRC have 47 members (elected by votes in the General Assembly) each of the 47 are elected for a 3 year term(staggered) and every year there is another election for 14 places(some drop out, some new states come in, and some are re-elected). You found the 14 elected for 2016. (WELL DONE nov!).
            But there are still 47 members and EL SALVADOR is this years (elected) head. (last year it was South Korea).
            SO WRONG AGAIN nov!
            Who’s laughing now?lol (if I were you I would probably cry)

          • novictim

            David, all the rest of us see from the membership list that the UNHCR is not fit for purpose. Why is this hard for you to admit? It has gone from comical to just sad.

          • David

            Haha “all the rest of US” – Your delusions are only exceeded by your misguided arrogance!

            How many times have I proved you wrong nov? Check above. That’ll be hard for you to admit! I understand.

          • Laura Green

            You are the stooge. ” Amnesty, Medicine Sans Frontiers, SNHR, Unicef,…” – everything you mentioned represents organisations of those who created, funded, trained terrorists= USA /UK….No, that guy you mentioned might not be a jihadist but he works for them. http://www.globalresearch.ca/amnesty-international-is-us-state-department-propaganda/32444 Even International Criminal Court (ICC) is under their control.
            Search other connections yourself.

          • David

            What an arrogant pair you are! Do you really think I come on WITHOUT checking “connections”!(as you obviously do!) HE SAID THE GUY WAS a “Jihad supporter”YOU BOTH DIDN’T”SEARCH CONNECTIONS THEN”?
            ” voice of Jihadists” -PROVES he didn’t even check the SOHR website! (and oviously neither did YOU)
            The over-confidence and ignorance shows in each of your arrogant posts.
            That post -“all the human rights orgs. in the world are wrong as well as EVERYONE else is who disagrees with me!” -YOU ARE A CLASSIC CONSPIRACY THEORY JUNKIE! Hey remember, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re NOT out to get you! lol
            Or maybe you’re both just brainwashed idiots. Either way, you’ve made fools of yourself.
            “Globalresearch” hahahahahaha
            Why don’t you quote David Icke too!hahahahaha

          • Laura Green

            You are a stubborn and stupid ass ( zoology).
            Remain there. bla bla

          • David

            “When I discovered that David Icke was simultaneously a
            high-profile propagandist for Bashar al-Assad’s genocidal-like war on his own countrymen and an author who writes that a group of shapeshifting reptilian humanoids are conspiring to destroy the planet Earth, my first reaction was stunned disbelief. When I discovered a couple of days ago that a cult with notions just as bizarre as Icke’s was also carrying Assad’s water, it dawned on me that there was a pattern. If you understand the war in Syria as a conspiracy
            by the West to remove a popular and progressive leader, you would be inclined to see the world in conspiratorial terms generally and be capable of asserting that alien abductions are real……”

    • Morgan Harris

      i would kill them for war crimes

    • Regula

      The US did evacuate about 200 “mercenaries” i.e. special ops troops from Aleppo in one of the cease fires. Apparently they didn’t extract all of them and started the hype of atrocities – remember Sebia? It wouldn’t be impossible that Obama wants to start a war on Russia in the last month of his presidency just to obfuscate the failure of his policies.

      But all the names given above don’t include any NATO officers except maybe the two Americans and the Turk. The rest is SA and Qatar.

      • Laura Green

        The news says : AT LEAST….
        The complete list has Russia. (Among those captured might be McCain and Obama too)

      • Cchimudccha

        What the %$#@ do you think many tens of thousands of Iranian and Lebanese Hezbola troops doing in Syria are? THEY’RE MERCENARIES OF THE FAILED “Syrian” Assad’s unwilling conscripts.

        • Regula

          Hezbollah is an ally of Syria and has loyally helped Syria to remain the secular state it was before the US interventions. Not just for Assad, but also for Lebanon. If Syria falls, so will Lebanon: Israel can’t wait to appropriate portions of Lebanon and Syria for reasons of taking their water resources. So say thanks to Hezbollah. Many Syrian males evaded conscriptions because they didn’t want to fight on the losing side – now that Assad is winning the war, they are coming to join the army.

    • Alpha_Bravo

      Hillary Clinton wanted a ‘No fly Zone”… In Russia’s face, to instigate world tensions.

      Her election loss was a big loss for the Syria terrorists as well. From hearing Trump, I doubt he will follow Obama’s lunacy and will pull out anti-Assad resources. Then Syria can begin to heal.

      A lot more will come out about Obama and Hillary during the next year as their support of the civil war and terror is fully exposed.

    • Cchimudccha

      Are you a Putin Troll?

      • Eol Awki

        Yes, and proud of it… 😉

  • Frode Løtvedt

    Since when did Jordanian, Israeli and Saudi officers become ‘NATO’ officers? All but two of the people on that list aren’t even from NATO countries…

    • Melotte 22

      How about ‘Terrorist Supporting Countries’?

      • DarkEyes

        Much better. Now you are talking!

    • Analyze_This_88

      What’s the difference – NATO is just a label the US uses to bring partners under its wing for war. Looks like Syria is just that.

    • Stern Daler

      I have the same objection – only 2 from NATO countries. Plus can anyone prove a NATO mission? I’d say mission impossible – even if it was one.

      p.s. The editor wanted to mark the NATO ones bold – but missed the target.
      That made Israel instead of Turkey a NATO country. LOL.

      • gerryhiles

        I’ll repeat:
        Australia and New Zealand are de facto part of NATO – some 18,000 miles away – so what’s to hair-split about countries only a few hundred miles from the Atlantic? All part of the Empire of Chaos anyway, by any other name.

        • Stern Daler

          Australia and New Zealand are members of the 5 eyes and thus part of the empire no matter what distance. Its shared maritime geo-strategy and more that binds them. Geography does not make EC countries part of it. Continental Europe does not share that geo-strategical view and more.

      • DarkEyes

        May be Israel is the boss of NATO. Who knows!
        Israel are also very busy within EU.

        • Kevin Herbert

          The US Federal Reserve Bank is the boss of NATO, and it’s run predominantly by Zionist Jews…the Fed is the most powerful body on earth…100 times more powerful than the US military.

    • gerryhiles

      Australia and New Zealand are de facto part of NATO – some 18,000 miles away – so what’s to hair-split about countries only a few hundred miles from the Atlantic? All part of the Empire of Chaos anyway, by any other name.

    • Terry Ross

      From the article:
      “Although these initial reports describe the individuals in question as
      “NATO” officers, it’s unlikely they would have been carrying NATO colors
      on a covert operation – and might be more accurately labeled as US
      Coalition officers.”

    • John Thunderer

      Israel now has a special status within NATO and has allocated offices at NATO head quarters.
      From their perspective, why shouldn’t they – as much of what is happening in Syria accords with their Eretz (Greater) Israel laid out in the Yinon Plan?
      Turkey – too – wants to tear up Sykes-Picot, which is why they too have always supported ISIS operations in Iraq and Syria.

  • Terence Malik

    Those of the NATO origin had been having their summer break in Aleppo, when all of a sudden shit hit the fan, and they run out of money, and they got scared, and they wanted to flee but they couldn’t, and so forth and so on… Their prime interest now is to be handed to Russians, because they would make them sing with some meds. Syrians will make them sing with the fists, sorry for the morbid details…

  • Alpha_Bravo

    If the tables were turned the prisoners would have been hostage or murdered on the spot.

    • nck

      sodomised and tortured to death.

  • Alpha_Bravo

    The damage this will do to the Liberal Limp Wristed Gay Peace Prize winning Obama Legacy… Hillary too… just wonderful.

    • Markito

      Why do you use the word gay here? Are you a homophobe?

      • SirGalahadT

        Facts can’t be homophobic. Obama’s gay

        • Markito

          The comment was homophobic. Your opinion is that Obama is gay. Your proof? Have you slept with him? lol

          • SirGalahadT

            There’s plenty of evidence Obama’s gay. And calling him gay isn’t homophobic. I don’t care if someone’s gay. I don’t like hypocrites

          • Steven Wilson

            Not to many of us give a hoot if Obama occasionally gets rotor rooter to clean his pipes.
            It’s old news.

        • tapatio

          That’s silly. Obama is a ringer, sold to the American people as a “cure” to the Rothschild disease……….and the best thing that has ever happened to the Rothschilds in the White House.

      • Morgan Harris

        gays and lezbos need to be shot idiot

        • Markito

          MORGAN HARRIS – Please don’t procreate you sorry excuse for a human being.

          • SirGalahadT

            That – I mean Morgan Harris’s comment – is an example of homophobia. Calling Obama gay is not

          • Walter Myazin

            You are a REAL human rights activist…

        • ssivonda

          What is going on here with these comments now, is the whole reason why the elites rule and keep us divided. Knock off the petty shit…and stay on topic about this big takedown in East Aleppo. OK !

          • Steven Wilson

            That’s right….Stay on topic.
            Grab your AK47…and pray to Obama while you shoot the guy who isn’t following the religion correctly.
            You have to wonder how many gays were killed in Syria because of Obama’s and Hillary’s gun running programs.
            These terrorists he is arming…aren’t to hospitable to gays.
            I’d say Obama…has a lot of peoples blood on his hands.

          • ssivonda

            Cool it….I’m talking about the jerks who start with the back and forth denigrating anyone for their sexual orientation and /or religion. As far as BO….yeah I agree with you on your post. BO’s Neoliberal…HRC is all of that and a damn war monger. We need a damn War Crimes investigation and trial …. hang ’em all !

      • Eugeny Dort-Holtz

        you a homophIl?

        • Markito

          I am a human rights activist and when I see nasty homophobic comments, I call the person out on it. Either you are a good human being or you’re not. It is as simple as that.

          • Steven Wilson

            There’s no such thing as a human rights activist.
            Humans are the most vile thing put on the planet.
            They kill anything that moves if given the choice.

          • Markito

            Did you actually think about what you posted before you posted it? Yes, humankind does have its challenges, but there are those of us who have a better vision for our species…

          • David

            Markito- Well done for exposing (outing!) the low lives who follow this site.

          • Walter Myazin

            You narcissistic fool who thinks he is more Holy than the Pope

          • Markito

            Walter, please grow up…..ugh….

          • Alpha_Bravo

            You should be more concerned about Obama and Clinton killing (Qaddafi), or trying to kill (Assad), sovereign foreign leaders and causing instability, murder and mayhem.

            The crazy islamics Obama encouraged to take over Syria are pitching gays off rooftops.

            OOPS – who is homophobic now? Dont be distracted – Obama and his terrorists are the nasty thing in all of these pictures.

      • DonNeedNoStinkinUserName

        No, this is no doubt a backlash against politically correct bullshit where no one can say anything without getting slammed by liberals who are so thin skinned I’m surprised that they aren’t walking around swathed in bandages to stop the blood leaking through their nearly transparent skins if someone said anything “hurtful” to them. . . . .much like you taking offence at the word Gay being used to describe what everyone actually thinks liberals are like – weak willed scared of their own shadows & anyone who has an opinion or gets upset . . . Like I am right now with your crap !.

      • Alpha_Bravo

        Obama is gay anyway, if you didnt know… But what I am doing there is doubling down on his limp wristed incompetence. Gays cant go out and have children naturally, Obama cant go out and act like a world leader naturally.

        Back to my point… his legacy will be tarnished by the revelation that he caused this, and hundreds of thousands of muslims were killed for his failed follies.

        He needs to come out of the closet and own it!

        It’s not Russia’s fault they had to slay all the terrorists Obama threw at them!

      • Alpha_Bravo

        Gays are ineffective at having children.

        Obama is ineffective at – about everything.

        But his terrorists are tossing gays off buildings, so who is the homophobe now?

  • The Awakening

    I truly hope that these prisoners are treated well and they are then allowed to speak of what has been really going on.

    • Alpha_Bravo

      Perhaps they will speak after waterboarding.

    • Vic Pittman

      Kill the bloodthirsty bastards ! Every last one of them.

  • Stern Daler

    NATO officers? Surely not. Officers from NATO members? Maybe. Turkish and US personnel is on the list. The rest is No NATO. But were the 2 NATO nationals still active soldiers of their home countries plus on a NATO mission?

    21st Century Wire has the un-thankful job to fully prove the latter else such claims make them as un-reliable as MSM propaganda outlets. To claim ethnic German officers as participants and captives immediately makes an official NATO mission unlikely. That can be considered as the usual bit of German bashing – if You know German laws. So the most likely source is contracted military specialists. Except for the Arabs and Turks.

    • SvenBolin

      Sorry but the ‘quit your day job’ trick doesn’t work anymore

    • Alpha_Bravo

      “Field Commanders from the US coalition” Obviously KSA Jordan and Qatar arent NATO, but they have managers on the ground to see how their money is being spent. And directly supervising the terrorists.

      This is huge, extremely embarrassing they have been caught.

      Obama, what say you?

  • LeseMajeste

    More like special forces from the real Axis of Evil, the USA/Israel/Saudi Arabia. No wonder Sam Power acted like she was losing it, her thugs were getting captured.

    Bet that sneaky Putin used his ESP power to force the Axis of Evil to commit special forces troops, so they’d be captured and …I don’t know what I’m talking about, I should apply to the US State Dept to be a spokesperson!

  • John C Carleton

    Hmmmmm! Not a pretty site, seeing The USA international crime cabal caught with their pants down. Not bad that these criminals were arrested, they after all have been murdering citizens of a sovereign nation in which they are not invited, in fact interred illegally for the express purpose of murdering innocent Syrians. Just ani’t pretty whats under Uncle Sugars pants. He really should pull them up, stop showing his wrinkled saggy ass to the world, and mind his own business before he finds himself at Nuremberg.

  • rjbh

    we need Video proof… we need to know these War Criminals… they need to be properly punished and not returned to their Masters.

    • Alpha_Bravo

      Look at video of Syria. Watch Bilal Kareem videos. He is a US operative too. It’s all there for you to see.

      • Abu Hajaar ProGreen Bus Driver

        he is a fake, dude!

        • Alpha_Bravo

          He is a terrorists supporter, and might find a sticky end.

    • Александр Лучший

      They have to tell the public about their bosses. For example, in the United Nations.

  • Alpha_Bravo

    Russia hacking Obama again. Always finding him with his pants down!

  • Caroline Carter

    All terrorists should be shot to stop them re-offending. Including the Western ones captured

    • Morgan Harris


    • Susan O’neill

      Been saying the same thing – why should any Geneva convention rules arbitrarily applied in favour of the western backed terrorists apply, when the terrorist abide by no humanitarian rules whatsoever. They forfeited their rights to humanitarian consideration a long, long time ago.

  • Hamud Mohamed

    thanks and congrats to tghe brave syrian arab army

  • Пламень За Свободу

    Obama is not feeling well. Same goes to Hilary and her European slave masters.

    • DarkEyes

      Do not forget to add his US Ambassador Ms. Samantha Power to UN?

  • Vic Pittman

    Execute the bastards !!

    • DarkEyes

      No wait!
      Somebody in the current discussion proposed: Russia should show these tugs to the world.
      After Show time, a Nuremberg process can start.

      This is the catch of the century!
      Please, Syria, show the court hearings everywhere on social media so the world can see who is what and who dit what.

      It is getting busy in the Courts.
      At the moment it is G.W. Bush’s turn with his mates the other war criminals, in California.

    • Boudica

      Wrong, A highly publicized trade would be in order.Get NYT, CNN and BBC involved.

      • Vic Pittman

        Wrong ….they are war criminals …trade bodies after the firing squads are done.

  • Whatever

    Things can not get any better.
    Trump is exposing domestic corrupt personnel
    in US government and western main stream media,
    and Putin is exposing corrupt US
    government activities in foreign lands.

    A high hope for billions of people that
    Trump-Putin team will bring world peace,
    and human civilization will progress peacefully.

    • Markito

      Both Trump and Putin violate human rights….I don’t know how you can imagine such a thing…..

    • nck

      I’ll hold my breath till 21 Jan 2017.

  • James Leonard

    Didn’t the western media portray the Syrian war as a Civil War, ie. Syrians fighting Syrians?

    Could it be that western media is lying?

    • Michael

      Makes me chuckle!!!

    • nck

      Western media lying?never. It was putin who mesemerised these NATO officers into a hynotised trance to go there so they could be captured. In fact, Putin did the hypnotising personally via RT.

    • ssivonda

      Are you serious ? They’ve been lying for years…. especially since Ronnie Raygun got the big corporations into buying up all the once honest big media. Anyone remember Dan Rather? When the Shrub was running the first time , Rather dug out GW’s Air National Guard records , which is what he did instead of getting drafted into the Vietnam mess… anyhow , his records were terrible . Didn’t attend most of their meetings, was getting drunk all the time…. so Daddy Bush had the by then Corporate media squash the story and CBS fired Dan Rather. I’m sure the RNC had their fingers in the squash job also ….it was news for maybe 2 days I recollect.

    • Steven Wilson

      That’s an understatement.

  • antobojar

    …poetic justice.. ha ha..
    CIA complaining about a foreign government meddling to install a right-wing regime…
    anyway.. ..2 days .. separate us from possible civil war in the Divided States of America ..

  • Harold Smith

    We need to see youtube videos of the scum; and I think “enhanced” interrogation techniques would be appropriate, especially for the two Jews.

    • democrats ARE racist IDIOTS

      ^professional licker of obama’sweiner

  • NobodysaysBOO

    The Russians have a lot of these mercenaries from the Georgia flop caused by dickie chained when the US MERCENARIES where taken away on top of Russian tanks, so NOW they have MORE of this TRASH! GOOD RIDDANCE KEEP THEM and NEVER let this trash back into the USA!

  • Susan O’neill

    Putin and Assad advised all rebels/terrorists if they did not leave they would be treated as being terrorists. That being the case all those found hunkered down, regardless of the fact that they are NATO should be lined up and shot. Assad is just too nice and he should remember the suffering these NATO plotters and ISIS controllers inflicted on the civilians of Aleppo.
    If Assad thinks NATO will admit, let alone apologize for, their part in promoting and prolonging the suffering of the Syrian people, he may well have lost the plot. Soul less war hawks don’t do “Sorry” for their crimes against humanity or war crimes. They never have and never will.

  • Alpin Thueson

    Hoping we can get some close up, hi def images of the Deep State – Pax Judaica operatives (retards’) faces. All probably have the ‘star of david’ tattoed on their nut sacks.

  • Alo Alo
    • Alpha_Bravo

      HA HA indeed

      Ash Carter will be out of a job soon enough.

  • Broos

    Shlomozol ! Israel AIN’T in NATO !!

  • Jun Caday

    These “NATO” group I believe are mercenaries who are managing the ISIS operations. They should be punished for killing innocent civilians. No one should go unpunished!

  • willaim

    The main countries US Turkey iIsreal exposed as helping Isis disgusting

  • Александр Капутов

    Яйца там им открутите,пожалуйста)))

  • Laura Green

    US will try to hide this info from the world.
    Share this at CNN, CBS, Fox, The Guardian and so on .. Everybody should know that US is a terrorist state. SHARE, pls.

  • novictim

    If this is true, what a disgraceful thing to see. The US has no business assisting the Jihadist forces trying to depose Assad. The US Military already testified before Congress that they could find no actual “moderates” to train and equip fielding a grand total of “four or five” folks that actually matched that description. (All of whom have either fled or been crucified for heresy by the insurgent rebel forces by this time).

    So I give a big “Thanks, Preznit Obambam, for putting US Forces onto the WRONG SIDE of this battle for civilization. Great Job, you asshole!”

    That said, I hope Assad and the Syrian military treat US personnel with respect and grant them safe passage back to the USA. The rest, especially the Turks and Sunni Arab forces? Kill the fuck out of them.

    • Boudica

      One of Obama’s dark secrets. Nato should not be there.

  • thomas jefferson

    HERES what the world is looking at,IF the nations of the world DO NOT DESTROY THE UNITED STATES OF TERRORISTS,they will start a world war and destroy the planet, KILLING EVERYONE ON EARTH,the american people are fully intending to destroy the planet…they want to ALL go to hell with their DADDY SATAN,someone please grant them their wish,..KILL THEM ALL,or die in the worst nuclear war you can’t imagine…THATS THE WORLDS CHOICE…..

  • Rich Loomis

    Something stinks about this “flash” “just in” news hype — as very briefly mentioned in the article (with zero elucidation or discussion) this “hot news” item was actually reported almost word-for-word over six WEEKS ago. Who is resurrecting it only NOW and why? It would be great news (even back then) if actually true . . but it is highly suspect that no verification or even “alternative news” sources have turned up anything worth reporting in over a month and a half, and now it is being presented as if it just happened. “Let the buyer beware . . “

    • Kevin Herbert

      where was it reported 6 weeks ago?

      • Rich Loomis

        see link below . . was actually 10 weeks or so ago . . it doesn’t give any names, but the city is the same, the mix of foreign nationalities is virtually the same, other similarities exist, but who knows . . it’s just very “coincidental” that the same or similar “balloon” is floated to the press with little coverage of either, when in either case it should be BIG news involving embassies, ambassadors, accusations, negotiations, etc, etc. Thus it may be just propaganda or some such, time will tell. But with virtually zero press follow-up to the earlier item it could all be either hot air or very touchy secret negotiations, demands, etc, which would be too embarrassing and/or sensitive and a clamp put on the mainstream news . . but that doesn’t explain the virtual silence from alternative news on the first report.


        • Vezpit

          Believe this was the Russian missile attack in Aleppo country area around 22 Sept. The current headline concerns another group in East Aleppo. Nice if Someone with more of the facts would update the blog.

        • disqus_Z5X4Hq25Pl

          The Farsnews report is of another event, which took place outside Aleppo in a village 30km west in Nusra territory.

          • Rich Loomis

            see above

          • Alpha_Bravo

            Bilal Kareem

          • Rich Loomis

            Of course there was a previous “incident” – the point however is in the similarity to HOW such news is “covered” or presented for public consumption. War zone or not, it doesn’t take that many brain cells to make even a grade-school level attempt at providing truly RELEVANT and detailed facts. Yet after nearly three full months on the earlier matter we still have ZILCH whereas especially in that incident the volume of evidence on-scene would have been HUGE and highly detailed. Why? Because especially when caves or reinforced control/command structures are to be targeted the weapon of choice now for a long time has been thermobaric bombs or missiles. Even the farthest and deepest tunnels and rooms and passages are instantly hit with a 400 plus psi shock wave – and since it only takes 30 psi to kill a human, that 400 plus psi crushes the rib cage and sinus cavities etc into instant red mush. The body in general however is intact and unburned, unless one happened to be outside and directly under the fuel/air mix when it detonated. This means that all name, rank insignia, ID, papers, work-in-progress, duty rosters, radio and cell phone memory chips, etc etc would ALL be in place and virtually untouched/undamaged by the pressure wave itself. Within hours, there would have been literally mountains of documentation PROVING the identities and nationalities of all participants supporting the “terrorist” factions. Why should any reader of this latest “breaking news” hot-off-the-wire “revelation” expect anything different this time? Oh, that’s right . . we supposedly have a few names and nationalities this time – but NO truly pertinent detail, no documentation, etc. What . . you think we are the only ones capable of rendition/torture and other standard “after incident” professional intelligence gathering? How long do you think it takes to waterboard someone into complete, sputtering “confess all” cooperation? Minutes, not
            hours! Even the toughest special forces and Navy Seals
            types of soldier learns first-hand during training that the only hope is to confess in small batches, rather than all at once, IF POSSIBLE. The stress is horrendous, and the average trooper or average commander for that matter would soon provide all the detail needed to PROVE (even in the absence of paperwork) what they were doing and why and how etc. Yet once again,as in the earlier incident, we aren’t really getting NEWS but rather some severely restricted, stage-managed posturing that stinks of manipulation and propaganda. Same sort of thing is happening on the larger scale, i.e. don’t think Putin and ALL of the Russian intelligence agencies are not fully aware of the COMPLETE infiltration/control by Jews of our Congress and Senate, Wall Street and international banking, etc etc yet we hear NOTHING from him on the topic during news conferences and one-on-one “interviews” from this supposedly “anti-globalist” ex-communist (really??) “nationalistic hero.” ALL REAL NEWS IS CONTROLLED, duh, including quite obviously, these reports from Aleppo or anywhere else of importance. Posturing and dribbles, just enough to keep up the facade of “independent reporting” – as with this latest example, which even the alternative news people will likely again fail to properly follow through on, watch
            and see.

        • Kevin Herbert


    • Alpha_Bravo

      Did you know:

      There are lots of “boots on the ground” terrorists, and handlers from the US and other countries?

      That the Fake News MSM might not tell you this, or when the handlers get killed while nested with terrorists?

  • Morgan Harris

    i would kill every one of them nato scum

  • Milly Vanilly

    Barry ‘The FRAUD’ Obama will probably just CLAIM them to be ROGUE agents & he was NOT aware of anything like this happening….it is the faulty intel he received from ‘someone’ that ALLOWED this to happen……globalist double speak.

  • Kevin Herbert

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ………these US sacks of shit lackeys caught red handed…..to effing bad…..imprison them for 20 years for war crimes.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    So they finally caught some of the punks arming the Terrorist. Execute them and move on. It was the US that allowed the UN to arm the Terrorist. Karma is a byitch

  • Vezpit

    In the ‘Dirty Wars’ the blame is shifted from the Leaders to the men ordered to be there. Rightly or wrongly the blame will be appropriated to those at the pointy end instead of the real culprits such as NATO High Command, CIA, various elected leaders in the EU/UK/USA and of course the Dictators in the M.E.

  • MUW

    President Assad should take a play from the US Government and put them all on Trial for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in Aleppo just like we did at Nuremberg. President Putin can even provide Legal assistance and the International Status to make it stick. If found Guilty they should all be sentenced to Death just as they would be in America and were at Nuremberg. And since President Trump owes these “Good CIA Terrorists” nothing after all…..

  • Edward

    A bullet to the back of the head of all the foreign mercenaries. No discussion. No excuses. It shall be done!!

  • Ernst Lindenberg

    Send nappies to Obama and Kerry. Shit is coming…

  • Mohammad

    I hope this news is right!

  • Steven Wilson

    I’d just chalk it up to Dreamers….
    People who just wanted to cross the border into Syria….To get a better life….And kill innocent Syrian Civilians…To better promote a religion of hate and death.

  • Max Schumacher

    I’m sorry but I don’ believe this story. Mainly because if true, it would be literally a smoking gun incident or a Bays of Pigs moment if you like. It would be a devastating blow to the Western narrative of somehow independent rebels. Therefore, the Syrian government would never let go the chance to present such figures in public.
    Rather I think it is a story for home consumption to bolster the Syrian governments’ narrative that the “rebels” are all foreign mercenaries. Though I generally find this explanation much more plausible, we should not believe/report every story without proof. Otherwise we would argue like those defenders of Bana who say: “Maybe she’s a fake, but there are bombs falling on Aleppo anyway.”

  • Александр Лучший

    This is all to blame russian hackers. They hacked the bunker.

  • Sergey Cher

    Судить их будем, как Гэри Пауэрса.

  • Sergey Cher

    Judge them will be like Gary Powers.

  • Nick Smegg

    Patrick, I could be wrong but I think the original source for the story was voltairenet.org and not voltaire.net

  • Space Ghost

    Barack and the war-mongering left… Most likely Barack is told, like the puppet he is, to just look the other way and claim ignorance–not too much of a stretch–if ever questioned. That’s his typical fall back anyway; play the dumb ‘intellect’ and just watch a lower level chump take the fall. PROTECT THE FACADE! KEEP THE LIES STRONG! KEEP THE PEOPLE BELIEVING THE ILLUSION!


    Zionism runs very very deep in our countries!!

  • FastestEd

    Are any of those captured being waterboarded? Cos if they were and should they complain, it could be pointed out to them that their benefactors i.e US govt said waterboarding is ok.

  • Freespirit

    Great news and PROOF positive of what we all have known for years- the REAL terrorists are UNITED STATES , followed by Israel

  • hoipoloi

    SO, U.S. and NATO were trying to hide their dirty secret support for terrorists.
    There are long-held suspicions that anti-government militants
    holding east Aleppo under siege for the past four years have been
    receiving covert, direct support from NATO special forces. It has been
    well-documented that NATO governments have been arming and training
    militants in waging a war for regime change in Syria. Therefore, it
    would be plausible that NATO commandos would actually be on the ground
    in militant-held ghettos of Aleppo.

    Read more: https://sputniknews.com/columnists/201610191046508616-nato-aleppo-west-worry/

  • Can you imagine that US troops would already have been fighting in Syria but for those beautiful British parliamentarians who stood in the door, refusing to back Cameron over that red line chemical weapons bullshit? The Brits knew the proposal was another US lying-sack-of-shit justification designed to serve Obama-Clinton-CIA policy goal of overthrowing Assad government in order to install a government that is US-friendly which would not support Hezbollah or Hamas or the Palestinian cause; to expand the US Empire; and to defeat the Russians.
    The US policy goal of overthrowing Assad is alive and well by way of conducting covert warfare. Donald Trump, I’m rooting for you to stop this madness and reverse the policy. Disengage. Somehow establish normal relations with the Kremlin for PEACE and CO-EXISTENCE not Empire.

  • Laura Green
  • Laura Green

    Welcome Home ISIS! The Obama Administration’s Plan to Reintegrate Foreign Terrorist Fighters—- http://www.globalresearch.ca/welcome-home-isis-the-obama-administrations-plan-to-reintegrate-foreign-terrorist-fighters/5563476

  • Dan

    Hopefully these prisoners will receive medical attention before they get to go home – send them to the vets to be flea treated and neutered.

  • Ronald

    As foreign officers , they should become vip POW’s .



  • gfsdyughjgd .

    NATO and UN create false massacre reports in order to evacuate NATO special forces, which operated from Alepo underground bunker.France tried urgent UNSC meeting and Britain send 20 Special forces to provide weapons and sealing the captured terrorist special forces.Good lies MSM and BBC.Terrorist coalition failed again.

  • gfsdyughjgd .

    Russian back stabbed and back shooter is Erdogan.Did ever tell Putin that his terrorist are hiding in underground bunkers and supporting ISIS.How did his off duty officer penetrated and smoothly killing the Russian ambassador.Russia must at least freeze the quick good relationship between Russia and Turkey until the war is over in Syria.

  • gfsdyughjgd .

    Mr. Putin is my friend not Erdogan .E

  • gfsdyughjgd .

    Erdogan is a imperialist traitor.NATO red carpet cleaner.

  • Laura Green

    This event is hidden by US and his partners in crimes from the public. SHARE it ,pls.
    Share far and wide as you can. People should know NATO coalition crimes.

  • Cchimudccha

    So what. These NATO troops have just as much, or even more right to being there than the terrorist Russians who support Assad’s barrel bombing of hospitals in East Aleppo. Assad started the war when he kidnapped the children of peaceful protesters and tortured them to death. Yes, he tortured them to death, innocent kids. If that isn’t terrorism at its worst, tell me what is.


      your a troll or a Zionist! WHERE IS YOUR PROOF? YOU DONT ANY!!

      • Cchimudccha

        Jim, if your child was kidnapped and you didn’t know what happened to him or her for two weeks, and then you got a call from the local police that you could retrieve the body of your child with burn marks from electric wires, and broken bones, maybe you would understand. Have you been following the Arab Spring from 2011 daily like I have, and listened to the testimony of the parents, and why they finally rebelled from this blood thirsty Assad. Did you know his father quelled a rebellion by surrounding a city and murdering all of its residents, some 40,000 civilians? Did you know the majority of the Syrians are Sunni, yet are dominated by a small minority of Alawites? And, if your older brother his wife and kids were robbed of everything the owned, rounded up and stuffed in cattle cars with standing room only for days, and dumped off at a concentration camp, with half the people dead when they arrived, and your brother and wife then gassed to death, and their kids used for disposable slave labor, with one dying two days before the Allies arrived, and then, they couldn’t go back home because their neighbors were now living in their home they’d owned for generations, and the townspeople threatened to kill them if they didn’t leave, well, maybe YOU would be a Zionist too. And, BTW, this isn’t something I read, my cousins who were there, and barely survived, told me first hand. And, tell me, are you a POOTIE-Troll?


      All this bullshit about Assad killing his own people when he has no
      reason to & when the people themselves are desperate to escape to
      government held regions. All this tripe about the Russians & the
      White Helmet mercenary thugs. The media are being shown up for the liars
      they are & the good news is people aren’t holding back any more.

      • Cchimudccha

        Syria’s Assad dictatorship on Thursday took full control of Aleppo, once the country’s largest city — and the center of the rebellion.

        is what victory looks like: Block after block of wasteland. Assad
        vanquished rebel forces after four years. About 400,000 people have been
        killed in the civil war.

        For many months, the eyes of a seven-year-old have been a window on Aleppo. She’s now in Turkey.Bana Alabed captured the carnage inside Aleppo, Syria.

        Bana Alabed has just lost a front tooth, and loves Harry Potter.

        far, so normal for a seven-year-old — except that just three days ago,
        Bana and her family escaped the nightmarish violence of Aleppo, Syria.

        And before that, as they lived under siege, Bana and her mother, Fatemah, ran a Twitter account that turned her into a social media sensation.

        300,000 followers, it showed the devastation of war through a child’s
        eyes, the terror when the Syrian regime’s airstrikes rained down on
        them, and, eventually, they told us, destroying their house.

        Living in Aleppo was “really frightening,” Bana said. “They’re killing children, and we don’t want to die.”Bana Alabed’s Twitter feed from Aleppo captivated thousands.

        CBS News

        “You live under siege, under bombs,” Fatemah said. “There is no words to describe the situation.”

        in the safety of Turkey, Bana seems to be enjoying her celebrity. She’s
        already friends with Harry Potter author JK Rowling, after the British
        writer managed to send some of her books to the war zone.

        “I love Harry Potter,” Bana said. “He’s strong, and brave, and he kills bad people.”

        Bana says she wants to be a teacher — like her mother — when she grows up. Bana Alabed, the seven-year-old who tweeted from inside Aleppo.

        As Bana and Fatemah begged for help on Twitter, Syria’s president, Bashar
        al-Assad, called their internet posts a “game” and “propaganda” while
        others then claimed the account was somehow a fake.

        “They want to blind the truth and not show the world what happened,” Fatemah said.Bana
        and Fatemah did show the world what happened in Aleppo and made it out
        alive. Though to the world’s shame, even a little girl’s pleas for help
        didn’t stop the carnage



  • TrulyMe16

    Will these NATO accomplices of AlQaeda in East Aleppo ever be tried in a court of law? Of course not. When Kerry ran helter-skelter for the evacuation of 5,000 AlQaeda killers routed in East Aleppo, how can the world expect those 14 accomplices to face justice?

  • Frank Yeo

    Kill them all, they are there to kill the Syrians. Else they will come back to kill you.

  • Frank Yeo

    Never trust the US double crosser, Russian Ambassador had negotiated the cease fire before, but the US & its terrorist regrouped instead, another 2 instances were US planes bombed close to hundreds of Syrian soldiers on the ground on purpose and refused to receive wireless message and pretended to be mistakes. Kill them all, there were they to kill the Syrians.

  • AmmonLymphater

    Is there some evidence for that?