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Orwell’s Razor: All of 21WIRE’s predictions come true days after ‘Paris Attacks’

21st Century Wire says…

How predictable is the globalist imperial agenda? We are now witnessing the final stages of a long-term plan to induce another economic recession and erect a new high-tech police state throughout Europe and beyond. All they needed was a pretext.

While the mainstream media performed its normal routine of emotive reporting, stoking general fear and spreading mass hysteria, some smaller independent media outlets were busy plotting the establishment’s latest crisis agenda.

When the Paris Attack news broke last week, 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen went on television late Friday evening to comment on the unfolding drama, and also to analyze what was was likely to happen in the coming days and weeks in the wake of this event.

As it turns out, his quick predictions were incredibly accurate…

1. Declaration of a State of Emergency

France declared its first nationwide state of emergency since 1961 (when it attempted a coup d’état during the Algerian colonial war). Initially, this week’s snap passage of the emergency powers law only provides for a 12 day period, but on Monday French ministers confirmed this would be extended to 3 months because they believed that French citizens “had a right to a safe Christmas.” It gets even worse. After closing French borders, President François Hollande then proceeded to accelerate new police state measures after declaring publicly that, “We are a nation at war”, and then called for suspending normal due process by canceling search warrants, imposing curfews, traffic bans, and even authorizing local governments to impose a ban on public demonstrations. It seems the President has traded in his nation’s liberty for security theatre. In addition, over 100,000 police and soldiers have been deployed throughout the country. France is now under Martial Law.

2. Airstrikes by Monday
In predictable knee-jerk fashion, the French government seized upon this opportunity in order to insert more of its their military assets into the Syria conflict by launching airstrikes on Sunday night in the area surrounding Raqqa, Syria, allegedly striking a multitude of “ISIS targets”, including command centers, weapons depots, and ISIS ‘Oil Assets’ – all thanks to supposed intelligence provided by the US. However, reports suggest that the impressive display of French air power didn’t actually net any real ISIS casualties. One can only wonder how so many ‘high value targets’, especially ISIS oil assets (we’re told this is so crucial to ISIS funding), could suddenly be made available to the French by a US military that claims to have been conducting round-the-clock airstrikes over this same region… for the last 14 months. This only reinforces many people’s suspicions that the US-led Coalition “Anti-ISIS(ISIL) Campaign” has been nothing more window dressing for a covert agenda, where the US and its allies have actually been working in concert with both ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria in order to achieve a long-held policy of toppling the Syria’s government, ala regime change in Damascus.

3. Invoking the Article 5 ‘Mutual Defense’ Clause
To date, Washington’s multi-lateral proxy, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), has not been able to legally wiggle its way into Syria to help the thousands of foreign fighters and terrorists (like NATO did in Libya in 2010-2011) who have been allowed to flood into that country since 2011. Currently, the US and its allies are engaged in a illegal, undeclared war in Syria, and the US are desperate to find some legitimate avenue to pursue their military ambitions after having failed to cheat their way into Syria via a staged false flag ‘chemical weapons’ event in Aug 2013. According to NATO article 5, an attack on one member state is deemed an ‘attack on all’, and thus automatically triggers a joint military action (war) by the NATO collective against their declared enemy. Already, a number of political figures have cried out for ‘Article 5’ war powers, including former NATO head Anders Fogh Rasmussen who claimed that, “I do believe that the attacks on Paris qualify for an invocation of Article 5.” He added, “It was an attack on an ally and we know who the attacker is.” (certainly, they know the attacker much more than they are letting on). Eager to see a wider military deployment from Washington, US Senator Marco Rubio has called for ‘an Article 5’ too. Absent of any official NATO route, however, France has simply gone ahead and invoked an obscure ‘Mutual Defense’ pact hidden within the EU charter. The clause is called Article 42.7 of the Treaty on European Union which states that, “If a member state is the victim of armed aggression on its territory, the other member states shall have toward it an obligation of aid and assistance by all the means in their power.” Job done. Bombs away.

4. Calls for No Fly Zone
As 21WIRE first reported last year, the ‘No Fly Zone’ meme has been coming out of every available orifice in Washington since 2013, and this popular US tool for military intervention still draws the affectionate gaze of Democratic Party war hawks like Hillary Clinton, as well as the endless column of Republican war hawks who are in the pocket of the military industrial lobby. Whether its Jeb Bush, John McCain, or Lindsey Graham, they never get tired of the No Fly Zone.

5. US Republicans pushing for ‘boots on the ground’
Just like the No Fly Zone, ‘Conservative’ Republican war hawks have been desperate to implement another old chestnut – by throw thousands of young US men and women at a problem which the US has actually created. War hawks in Washington DC have predictably seized on the Paris Attacks as an opportunity to reignite calls for “boots on the ground” in Syria. Amazingly, they are now claiming that massive deployment of troops “worked really well” in Iraq and Afghanistan.

6. Call for closing freedom of movement across European borders
Early Saturday morning, Hollande’s first move was to ‘seal’ France’s borders, supposedly to catch the terrorists. This ’emergency’ move also comes at the height of Europe’s co-called ‘Migrant Crisis’ (a crisis that’s actually been engineered by the US and Europe). Rather conveniently, one of Friday the 13th’s said ‘suicide bombers’ was allegedly carrying a fake Syrian passport, which somehow led the French government and the western media to conclude that the Paris Attacks were a result of the ‘Migrant Crisis’, claiming the terrorists has sneaked into the country as refugees. To date, this only an official conspiracy theory, but that hasn’t stopped politicians and ‘security experts’ from using this crack-pot theory as justification for a European lock-down, prompting some European leaders to call for an end to freedom of movement across Europe.

7. Debate on Govt Spying and Privacy Rights, now off the table
As expected, politicians looking to appear ‘tough on terror’ and the growing gaggle of security lobbyists, and other assorted corporate fascists, have called for something akin to a ‘European Patriot Act’ – an end to the ‘Post-Snowden’ debate over bulk data collection and privacy – covering issues like NSA and GCHQ blanket spying on all citizens, and imposing more regulations and government monitoring of mandatory manufacturer ‘back doors’ for computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles, and also calls to make encryption illegal (except for government of course).

8. Calls for mandatory ID’s, biometric IDs
This hasn’t hit the headlines yet, but you can be sure that the usual gang of security contractors are putting the final touches on their proposals from a new regime of biometric ‘real IDs’. Expect announcements before the week’s end.

The last one is wasn’t very difficult to predict, but it has now been proven accurate nonetheless…

9. Cameron using Paris to Push for Syria War Vote

Back in August 2013, British MPs rejected Cameron’s call for bombing Syrian government forces in a close vote. It turns out that MP’s made the right choice as that war would have been waged on false pretenses. As predicted on Friday last week, David Cameron has now promised a new “comprehensive strategy” to win MP’s Parliamentary votes for an open-ended UK bombing campaign ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Cameron claims he wants to, “do the right thing for our country” (fancy that), and hit the “head of the snake” of ISIS in Raqqa, Syria. Aside from mounting a a giant marketing exercise for British military hardware, is debatable what actual military impact the UK would make in a multi-nation war in scrum that includes the US, Russia, France and Turkey (and everyone else), with a British air force that totals about a dozen Typhoon fighters and a handful of operational naval vessels. Make no mistake about it – the British defense industry would like nothing more than to see this happen tomorrow – along with increased defense spending and procurement. Job done. Bombs away.

We’d rather none of these had come true, especially this quickly, but it only goes to show just how transparent the new world order agenda really has become.

Watch 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen and his original analysis from Friday evening, Nov. 13, 2015 on RT International…

READ MORE PARIS ATTACK NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Paris Attack Files

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  • T-Rex


  • Terence Healy

    A fair few journalists in the AM are avoiding the Hannover suitcase stadium alert last night and the German political elites attempts to close down Ramstein Air Base which is a main hub of the US Drone Operations.

    Last night in Hannover 2 stadiums, a concert hall (decoy) and the main train station were evacuated due to a credible threat. My sources have indicated to me that the threat was a suitcase nuclear device.

    Over the last year relations between the US and the German political ruling classes have deteriorated. On the 15th Oct 2015 a Drone Operator gave evidence to the German parliament which may result Ramstein Air Base being closed down by the German parliament. (link below). The Germans have increasingly sided with the Russians over the last year etc etc……

    This morning the Hannover incident is OFF the news but ‘new events’ in France are being widely covered by the MSM. An indication of the serious of the incident in Hannover can be gleaned from the senior German politicans and the police chief quotes below.

    Hannover city police chief Volker Kluwe said there had been “serious plans to cause an explosion” in the city’s 49,000-capacity stadium, and that authorities had acted on “a concrete threat scenario”.

    Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere — who had been due to attend the match with Merkel — later said the event was cancelled “to protect the population”, but did not provide SPECIFICS.

    “We received a serious indication that a bomb attack was planned inside the stadium tonight,” he told public broadcaster ARD.

    He said “we had good reasons, difficult reasons” but added that describing them could “cause concern to the population”.




    • Eileen Kuch

      Two thumbs up to the Germans for standing up to the USSA. This act of courage was well overdue, but it’s better late than never. The USSA thinks it can get away with anything, even spying on German citizens w/o justifiable cause. The Russians aren’t behaving arrogantly as the Yanks are; so, go ahead, Parliamentarians .. kick the nasty Yanks out and close Ramstein AFB .. they deserve it.

  • Terence Healy

    The complete links:




  • Shoestring911

    Emergency doctor Patrick Pelloux was on Radio 4’s “Today” program on Monday, November 16, and mentioned the training exercise that was held just hours before the Friday 13 attacks took place. I’ve transcribed the relevant section of his interview with James Naughtie (which begins 2 hrs 11 mins and 50 seconds through the program) below:

    James Naughtie: Doctor Pelloux thinks that he and his team saved perhaps 50 lives on Friday night, perhaps in part–and this is extraordinary–because he was preparing for what happened only a few hours before the attacks began.
    Patrick Pelloux: We worked to a scenario of an attack. We know since Charlie Hebdo … they take Kalashnikov and they kill everybody, like in Call of Duty, you know, the game, stupid game. So in the morning we have this exercise.
    James Naughtie: So exactly what happened.
    Patrick Pelloux: Yes, yes, yes.
    James Naughtie: On the very same day.
    Patrick Pelloux: Yes.

    (Full programme available here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06p7b7j )

  • The europeans enjoyed too much freedoms. Let them taste a bit of tyranny.

  • Shoestring911

    Here’s a news article that describes in detail the training exercise that took place in Paris just hours before the attacks began:

    Hours Before the Terror Attacks, Paris Practiced for a Mass Shooting
    By Carol Matlack
    Bloomberg, November 17, 2015

  • OK, Astoundingly adroit predictions 21Wire. Kudos. Clearly you have a keen take on the deep end of the big picture. This is of epic importance; and we must, I believe, find a way to impart these understandings to a larger number of people.

    A “force multiplier” must be found; like what Sibel Edmonds is working on over at Boiling Frogs Post, to enable us to reach a larger audience on a larger platform in order to bolster more effective opposition to these insane criminals who have usurped power in the offices of our “representative government”.

    Synergy and economy of scale, as in your and Sibel’s collaborations with other legit media, is important moving forward. As is moving a bit from analyzing to utilizing data in preemptive actions against these false flag Ops, and other components of this roll-out of Globalist Fascism.

    We need to address, somehow, the military and police, and government, and NGO operators who are actually rolling this crap out. I’ve seen and been, on a small scale, part of doing this with Luke and WeAreChange, but we must now conjure up a way to do this on a larger and more effective scale. There is a significant percentage of these people who will not continue to “go along to get along” once they are made fully aware of what they are actually doing and the consequences for their families, children, neighbors, friends, and themselves.

    I truly believe this is of critical importance and would welcome and be grateful for any and all constructive input along these lines; as I am being compelled to head down this path into largely uncharted waters.



    • Meltonmark

      Better be quick. The West will soon crack down on dissidents.

      • We are about to “Crack Down” on them. Right makes might. And we have the real power behind US. Oh ye of little faith. Watch what happens over the next few years my friend; then we can talk again…

  • Koolz

    Rothschild’s loving every minute of it.

    France scenario same as US 9/11 scenario, even the president acted the same, no emotion, didn’t even care when he found about so called terrorists(Mossad) in Paris.

    • Mr Reynard

      Rothschild’s loving every minute of it. I think like a Chinese would say, Rothschild is even having an Election !

  • wally63

    All planned to usher in a World Wide Totalitarian Police State led by Satan’s Minions, the Zionist Edomite Bolsheviks. This is what Satan’s been working toward for a LONG LONG LONG time.

    • Chad Helm

      “Satan” is the Hebrew word for “Adversary”. Jews don’t believe in a “Devil.” So why would you?

      • wally63

        Jews are not Hebrews, for starters. They are Khazarians, Ashkenazis, and Sephrdics. True Hebrews are the peoples of Central and Northern Europe, British Comonwealth, Canada, and the United States (circa 1600 – 1850 Census). The so-called Jews were called Edomites (Esau Edom) in Christ’s time; Zionists later on. Jews are no relation to Christ Yahshua as He told them in John 8:44, “You are of your father the devil. He was a Liar and a MURDERER from the beginning.” Christ was not a Jew and neither am i. So, therefore, what the Jews believe is 180 degrees from what I believe. Jews SERVE SATAN. I do not.

        • Andross

          Amateurs and wannabes serve satan. The elites and higher ups to put it simply, serve lucifer. It is the luciferians who are the real threat.

          • wally63

            I kinda figure that’s the same person or entity. Satan, Devil, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Old Scratch, Demon Master, Chrome Dome, Old Baldy, Big Daddy, Hump Daddy, Prince of Darkness, Morning Star, Fallen One, Dragon, Spoiler, Evil One, Destroyer, Serpent, Tempter, Nachash, and many more.

          • Andross

            If you look again at my comment you might notice that it was really about the difference between those who follow and serve satan and lucifer. The purpose of my comment was bringing attention to the difference between groups of people. I should hope I don’t need to spell it out even more clearly. Face palm time.

        • Chad Helm

          You missed the point…there is no such thing as “Satan”. It’s a Christian Boogey-Man belief based off of an old Hebrew word. You can thank Saul the Murderer for making the whole thing up. “Satan” doesn’t exist. We’re dealing with evil humans and always have been.

          • wally63

            We’ll just have to agree to disagree. Whichever name one wants to attribute to him, he exists. He was created to be the Adversary like you mentioned. Yahweh didn’t miss anything. Satan serves a purpose.

          • Chad Helm

            You sound like a Devil-Worshipper, not a follower of “God”. Anyways, since NO-ONE has EVER seen “Satan”, and nobody ever gets any pics of this guy even though everyone has a Camera now, I’ve got more proof than you do that he DOESN’T exist. Also, you may want to consider, who’s “purpose” is served by stoking the belief of an imaginary creature.

          • Andross

            It’s time to put up or shut up. Let’s see your proof you claim to have that the entity who is known by such names as satan, lucifer, the devil, anointed cherub, prince of darkness, beelzebub, etcetera does not exist. To save everyone time please don’t try to avoid this challenge by going off on some side tangent or trying to attack me or someone else. You claim to have proof that this entity does not exist so let’s see it.

          • Meltonmark

            Interesting how atheists will continue to wage war against God even when destruction is staring them in the face.

          • Chad Helm

            Who’s an Athiest? I was talking about this “Satan” dude.

        • Laura Green
      • Jen Stubov

        Probably because he’s not a jew?

  • Badger Badgerism

    in the USA we will be targeting all muslims for target practice

    • QV3

      Obama announced 100,000 muslim refugees aka jihadists every year for the US. Plenty of target practice for you.

    • dicksuckingmoslemprez

      Go for the jews first

  • QV3

    Congrats to 21st century wire.
    David Camoron is pushing for WWIII.
    And Hollande has announced 30,000 more muslim refugees as French leftists sing Happy Day in the wake of the Paris massacre.
    Rabid Jew haters will be out in force to assert Hollande was threatened by Israel to take in 30,000 more islamist jihadists or else.
    Europe is finished. Unless the 2nd Crusades is unleashed.
    ISIS says: America is next.

  • Mr Reynard

    No FLY ZONE ??? But there’s already a NO FLY ZONE over Syria & it’s enforced by Russian Air Force…What do they think ?? ISIS is getting some F35 to attack Assad ??

  • Chad Helm

    The “New World Order” has at it’s core, an addiction to Betrayal. These “Elite” are addicted to Betrayal. The “New World Order” is just their excuse.

  • Andross

    I personally would not say it is a good idea to go out of one’s way to point out the obvious that you were able to point out the obvious. Yes this is all becoming very predictable but taking advantage of that in a effort to stroke one’s own ego is certainly not going to make any thing better. Allways remember, you are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

  • Jose Antonio
  • T-Rex

    Whoever did 7/7 London Bombings did nearly the exact same operation as Paris – the M.O. is the same, yet people are stupid enough not to make the connection because the media have brainwashed them not to make that connection. Ditto with 9/11.

  • Meltonmark

    Meanwhile the UK has about 40’000 homeless people [mainly men of course]. But the male population needn’t despair. As soon as the battles commence, the male gender will suddenly be told how important they are to the very governments that spent the last 30 years spitting at them.

    • Meltonmark

      Well said.

  • Antony Millen

    #7 and #8 are developed in this new novel – http://antonymillen.com/the-chain/ – So is the idea of one media. “In 2043 everyone is watching you.”