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Israel Foaming at Mouth as Russia Announces Plan to Build 8 Reactors in Iran

21st Century Wire says…

The reactionary Israeli militant right received a wonderful pretext for a new tantrum this week, as Russia announced plans to help Iran build up to 8 nuclear reactors.

This latest deal is designed to stimulate economic activity in the BRICS economic zone and also includes two desalination plants, with Russia trading its expertise in exchange for oil.

Hope to enforce Washington-led sanctions as a weapon to dominate the geopolitical theatre, the US State Department is currently “deciding” whether or not Russia’s offer violates “international” (US, UK, Israeli sponsored) sanctions against Iran. Predictably, “Oil-for-goods” sales between Iran and international parties have been condemned by the United States.

Meanwhile, the Israeli hard right are fuming, if not foaming at the mouth, and will no doubt be pressuring Washington DC to, ‘do something about this! We have a right to exist! We will defend ourselves’ (from what, we’re not totally sure of).

Indeed, as Israel becomes more and more irrelevant in term of US and European long-term geopolitical aims, the war cries from radicals like Bibi Netanyahu get more and more ferocious.

Putin had already announced this deal back in 2013, but it received little fanfare at the time because Russia was riding the wave of heroism after ruining Washington, Tel Aviv, and London’s big plans to start an unnecessary war with Syria

This latest development will no doubt shape US politics by empowering the new reemergence of the anti-Russian/pro-Israeli, Neoconservative foreign policy movement currently beginning led by the likes of Robert Kagan who heads the Neocon think thank head, Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) and his wife Victoria Nuland, and with full support from Hillary Clinton and others – as AIPAC angles to put its own President in the White House in 2016. This cabal in Washington is pushing for wars with both Iran and Russia, so this latest announcement form Moscow will act an excit-o-toxin for warmongers and Zionists alike.

More from the Israeli press…

Moscow and Tehran may sign intergovernmental deal this year for construction of 4-8 new reactors, including two more at the Bushehr power plant where Russia formerly built the Islamic Republic’s only operating nuclear reactor.

Russia mulling deal to build up to 8 nuclear reactors for Iran

Jerusalem Post

MOSCOW – Russia plans to sign a contract with Iran this year to build two more nuclear reactors at its Bushehr power plant as part of a broader deal for up to eight reactors in the Islamic state, a source close to the negotiations told Reuters on Thursday.

It was not immediately clear how this might affect six global powers’ talks with Iran addressing disputed aspects of its nuclear program. Iran has resisted demands for cuts in its uranium enrichment capacity, pointing to plans for a future network of nuclear power stations.

Western powers want any lasting agreement with Iran to put to rest suspicions that it could develop nuclear weapons-making ability through enrichment. Iran denies any such intent.

The talks ended last week with little progress; they are to resume in Vienna in June.

Russia, one of the six powers, built Iran’s only operating nuclear power reactor, at Bushehr.

“Russia and Iran may sign an intergovernmental agreement this year on building from four to eight nuclear reactors, and, under the deal, the contract for the construction of the first two reactors as additions to Bushehr,” the source said.

Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom said earlier it was in talks with Iran on the potential construction of more reactors there but revealed no details. Rosatom officials could not immediately be reached for comment on Thursday.

Longstanding Western fears that the Bushehr project could yield spent fuel of use in nuclear weapons – something it denies it is seeking to do – receded after Iran promised to send the material back to Russia…

Continue this article at Jerusalem Post

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  • OsNetDaily

    The excessive use of terms like “reactionary super ultra hard right” with regards to anyone who pretends to oppose the Obama party line doesn’t add up and merely suggests the author is rehashing the good old left-right paradigm in the same manner the NY Times would write about the issue. The same goes for terms like “hardcore exteme radical ” etc. with regards to pathetic American sock puppets like Netanyahu. He may even feel flattered by this, but anyone who knows the facts about him will just find this laughable. All in all, there’s nothing in the JPost article (or anywhere else) to suggest anyone “foaming at the mouth” about anything.This terminology is entirely concocted to sensationalize the story. Apparently no one here thinks that grown men running around in Tehran in long black dresses foaming at the mouth about their plans to annihilate another state in the region [Link: http://english2.farsnews.com/newstext.php?nn=9102112759%5D counts as “reactionary radicalism”. If that’s how “news for the waking generation ” looks like – we’re going back to sleep. Cheers.

    • Predrag J. Maranovic

      OsNet Israel Daily – you are a magnate for any Israel posts – trying to steer the conversation by any chance? Israel is living a lie with their little apartheid prison and quoting scriptures as justification for their property development schemes – and now everyone knows it. Stubborn yes, but it’s scary what desperate fraudsters do in order to retain their fifedoms.

      • OsNetDaily

        And you seem to attach yourself like a tick to any comment I post, trying to steer the very concrete content refuting that silly article with your laughable trash talk. You’re so overdoing the whole thing that it actually reinforces everything I write. You should ask your handlers in troll academy for something more sophisticated, because people have already asked me if I’m paying you to embarrass yourself like this (I’m not, of course. You’re doing a pretty damn good job at this as it is.)

        • Billy Carlin

          Why is what he wrote in reply to you trash talk? Everything he said there is all fact. Israel is a country living a huge LIE to steal other peoples land just like all of the drivel you have put out with regard to the great big Holocaust LIE. Just like all of the other religions the Jews have ripped off the Pagan myths then have the cheek to also claim to be the chosen people – psychopathic megalomaniac behaviour at the least and no wonder the world is in the state it is in with the Zionists and the Vatican etc stirring things up everywhere to keep their wee mafias going.

      • Humanswillbefree

        Good Job keeping a tail on this Zionist propagandist and blasting the real truth out there. The only ticks on the planet are the Zionist human killing Jews…. Where ever they go, death will follow.

  • CMRedwood

    About six months ago, Zero Hedge reported that Israel and the US were selling Iran military weapons and parts that were being sent from Iran to the Syrian government to fight the terrorists. At the same time, it was public knowledge the US government, and their loyal minion KSA, were funding, arming, and training Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria. Typical international bankster behavior, directing their lackeys to fund and arm both sides of every conflict. Israel selling Iran military weapons – who pulls the big strings? Iran’s leaders know, according to a Global Research article, they are rolling out the red carpet for global mafia investment in Iran.

    Israel, Russian, Iran, China, and all the other international players know the next stop is authoritarian global governance.

    Foaming at the mouth? That’s more geopolitical theater while TPTB continue to drain the economy and dismantle our civil liberties with their cross hairs on the internet using the net neutrality Trojan horse. Enough distractions, it’s time to fully wake up.

  • John Cook

    What a pity the author doesn’t have the rationality to notice that his(or her) first sentence is just stupid. “Could” is the opposite of “couldn’t” (which is the concept he/she intended, how do people get so fuked up in their use of words?

  • Humanswillbefree

    This is a great day for people who can see these crimes against humanity, that one day will be punished. The Zionist criminals need to be hunted and eliminated from planet earth. I have never heard one of these people consider peace at all, all they want to do is kill kill kill and cause mayhem with their fake propaganda about everything including the Holocaust where maybe 10% of the claimed 6 million died, but it was from disease not stoves. These hucksters have lied to the world and started ALL wars, and continue to start wars(see Ukraine) and financed both sides!!! Thees cock roaches are getting the light blasted on them, revealing to the world all there lies, as the scurry to fix all the PR damage.

  • John Doe

    That cartoon is spot on because the zios are cowards and need to be eradicated like the cockroaches they are.

  • John Doe

    Whaa whaaa snivel sniff whaaaaah Good for them.

  • renics nikoros

    Hope to enforce Washington-led sanctions as a weapon to dominate the
    geopolitical theatre, the US State Department is currently “deciding”
    whether or not Russia’s offer violates “international” (US, UK, Israeli
    sponsored) sanctions against Iran. Predictably, “Oil-for-goods” sales
    between Iran and international parties have been condemned by the United

    But also the USA has imposed sanctions and against Russia and a vety case America has lost a consent of Russia to support sanctions the imposed USA against Iran. Really stupid neogames thought that in this case Russia will support their sanctions, you judge as far as they are naive.