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SHOCKER: Sheriff Gillespie Announces to Bundy Ranch Crowds: ‘BLM Activities Will Cease’

21st Century Wire

At 9:45am PST, Clark County Sheriff Douglas Gillespie, sharing the stage with rancher Cliven Bundy, addressed the crowd of protesters and announced that the official process has begun whereby the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) operations in and around the Bundy Ranch ‘will cease’, and the the Gold Butte area will be reopened to the public.

Sheriff-Gillespie-Bundy (2)
PHOTO: Sheriff Gillespie coming off stage after major announcement.

The potentially game-changing announcement came as total a surprise to the 2,000 strong crowd at Camp Bunkerville, many of whom were skeptical of the County Sheriff’s previously aloof stance on the BLM’s armed federal occupation and cattle rustling operation. The acknowledged that it was the first major victory for preserving local and states rights in the face of federal despotism.

Cliven Bundy also demanded that the Sheriff must agree to “disarming the park service rangers”, and that the arms and equipment, structures erected by the BLM must be “torn down immediately, within the hour”.

Crowds roared and cheered as Cliven Bundy left the stage, and minutes later a line of Bundy cowboys (see image below) could be seen riding their horses along the ridge above the crowds.

The impression given by Sheriff Gillespie is that the BLM will be ‘standing down’.

Now the focus will be on the BLM and federal government – to see if they will really withdraw in a timely manner, or they will actually comply with the conditions set forth by Cliven Bundy.


Video streaming by Ustream

Saturday morning’s press conference was filmed live by GMN on USTREAM at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thepetesantillishow


READ THE FULL BUNDY STORY AT: 21st Century Wire Bundy Ranch Files



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  • JakFak

    I don’t trust Gillespie and I definitely don’t trust BLM. I suspect the plan is to throw out this lie to Bundy’s supporters so they will think they’ve won and will pack up and go home, then as soon as everyone’s gone, BLM will swoop back in and do their dirty work and likely arrest Bundy and his family. The feds are liars, especially under the Obama Admin. They’ve proven that over and over again,

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. This is by no means over.

      • Andrea

        I believe the same as you. I wouldn’t trust the feds at all.

    • joesphx

      Traitors all. The Founding Fathers knew what to do with them.

  • Satan

    I know lies, and one thing for sure, B. HUSSEIN OBAMA and his minions were some of Hell’s best students!

    • joesphx

      Traitors, dirty rotten traitors.

  • Michaela Daniels

    don’t believe it unless you SEE it!

  • patrickhenry

    Too sudden and way too easy. I hope the Bundy’s and supporters don’t let down their guard. This type of stance in defense of our nation and its constitution is long over due, especially in the face of the destruction under the current administration.

    What about the return of Bundy’s cattle and the cattle infrastructure (corrals, etc.) that was destroyed?

    • Guest101

      and the cattle that not only died but suffered immensely first! Sure isnt going to be a tortoise enhancer. PLUS I look at my hard earned tax money cruising around in brand spankin new equip, man power and the burning dog paws and it makes me sick!

  • boys3rsk

    The neighboring sheriff Mack went on T.V. and lit a fire under Gillespie’s ass, to DO HIS JOB, and tell the government to STAND DOWN and go home. The govenor needs to be replaced yesterday! The governor DID NOTHING, while innocent people could have died. He needs to be replaced. Semper Fi

  • chsan

    God bles you all. Upstate Ny but standing behind you all the way. We are heade for the same stuff soon in the Adirondack Park with the APA trhing to take our property and rights away. I am watcing and spreading the word..

  • Pam Collins

    i would not trust this unless its written in righting the demands should be met first before all of everyone leaves and the damages all paid for as well

  • Its amazing when WE THE PEOPLE stand up to the big Government they back down, But will it last? American People 1, B L M thugs 0.

  • Michael Anderson

    I hate the feds but I hate you all too, I hope you all shoot each other to death. You are not opposing tyranny, this rancher has no right to use public property for his profit. You don’t have to pronounce ‘libtardedness” correct because it’s not a real word, moron is though, moron.

    • Colleen

      You are always FREE to move out

      • Lilu Kanine

        He’s already out, and we don’t need any more hatred of any kind on American soil.

    • Carr McAskill

      this rancher’s family has been running cows on this land when Nevada was just a territory. Long before BLM, Forest service the encroachment of the feds has only been in the last 60 years, so the feds are the highwaymen in this case.

    • WayneJ

      First It is not just about grazing rights…which he has and which are inherited from generation to generation…but it is as much about an arrogant overreaching government and over kill. Just
      imagine what it would be like if citizens had no guns……a damn scary proposition

      • CONNIE F


    • weareallhuman

      I’d try and explain how fucking stupid you sound..but I dont want to get drool on me…do you even…I mean..nm

    • Larrymack61

      Michael , my question to you is why do you think the feds wanted him off the property? It sure wasn’t turtles. And if you think it was over fees for over seeing the property , the Fed’s sure brought in a lot of over kill. They wanted to sell it to someone else !!! It’s public land not theirs to sell. Not only that , in my opinion when they set up that first amendment zone , that was like waving a red flag in front of a heard of bulls. If you have a patriotic bone in your body it should had made you mad too!

    • Ron Roy

      Bundy is willing to pay the local government for using that land but not the Feds because the Federal government has no legal / constitutional right to the land.


    DO not, leave.This is a tactic they use to lower your resolve. A few good people will leave and they will be back.

  • ryanj21

    I know its a peaceful riot but be prepared to set a command post up.

  • patrickhenry

    What was up with all the cop cars that just went past on the freeway during Pete’s livestream?

  • Deana L. Burnside

    Don’t trust the govt. They lie straight top your face. Watch the backdoor.

  • Not me!

    “BLM – COME AND TAKE IT” Shirts!


  • Not me!

    “MOO-LON LABE” Shirts!


  • Dixie Sister

    The cop is lying to the people. He wants them all to go home and within a week they will swoop in and take out the rancher by whatever means they deem necessary. Just remember Ruby Ridge.

    • artemis133

      Exactly. Do not let your guard down, even for a minute with these people.

  • Colleen

    They will be back the government won’t give up on what they believe is right. They want to control us. They are going to regroup and come back and it won’t be pretty I can almost guarantee that…I’m encouraged by the support from American’s. The world is watching so don’t give up….I wish my health would let me be there to give support to the protection of our freedoms…I support it in other ways by posting the truth from the feeds from the live streams…I wish I could do more

  • debbie

    How is it, that people can be outraged with what the BLM is doing about all the cows on public land,, YET it seems just fine when they keep going in for any reason they want to make up and take all our Wild Mustangs off their land???? WHERE’S the outrage then, OR does it only matter when it happens to ranchers & cattle???? Pretty condescending..
    I do not like the BLM far from it, BUT everyone else in this country has to pay for leases, have to pay property taxes, have to pay their bills …. I don’t either condone this individual in getting a free ride… Sorry just isn’t right no matter what the circumstances are… The whole thing is a fiasco that I for one am ashamed of in Bundy & BLM…

    • thinkingforyourself

      yeah those wild horses should go. I hear theyre valuable for dog food.

      • debbie

        Why don’t you eat some of it,,, maybe you will die off!!! Save us all from backwards idiot’s like yourself….

        • thinkingforyourself

          actually I have eaten horse and its quite delicious, less fatty than beef, quite superior I felt, both in texture and taste.

    • T. Do

      Apparently you haven’t paid attention. The man was willing to pay the state and Clark county but they turned him away. He believes the land belongs to the state of Nevada not the feds. So don’t think he doesn’t believe in paying his way. These people live a traditional lifestyle. They work hard and believe in right and wrong. I’ve read some mean and spiteful things here written by people who obviously have gone off half cocked and haven’t taken the time to find out who these people are and what really has gone on. No wonder the country is so screwed up. Very few are paying. attention

      • debbie

        This LAND is NOT owned by Nevada, It is federally owned,,, just like any other state, he refused to pay the BLM, I know exactly what is going on, and I still do not agree with this man or any who are standing with him,,, So yes our country is screwed up and screwed up in a bad way.. He had a court order to get his cattle OFF the public lands it has been 20 years, THAT in of itself is ridiculous,, That I blame the BLM should of been taken care of YEARS AGO….But you see in the end like the idiot who remarked about the horses being good dog food, there will be NO LAND left for any of us, cause it will baron covered in fracking mining, oil…. THE cattle ranchers should of banded with us all who are trying to save the horses cause in the end it will be ALL GONE…. BUT this man is WRONG…. WRONG… end of conversation

    • Primo Pup

      Debbie. Do u realize those “mustangs” are really just feral horses? They also used to be managed by the ranchers in those areas…used and sold…ranch horses..calvary mounts etc. Then the government got involved and protected them to the point that they reproduced to the point of starvation. This is all happening on ground that would not produce anything if ranchers hadn’t gone out years ago to develop the water sources and habitat.

      • debbie

        Yup what ever you want to believe go for it,, I actually am really tired of FERAL, or Mustangs they are all HORSES that deserve part of our land the cattle has never and will never have total entitlement,,, WHY don’t folks really research and do their best to educate themselves,,, to much work I guess????

        • Primo Pup

          It’s not just what I believe….I know it..I’ve lived it!
          The cattle don’t have total entitlement . They share the ground. BUT HERE IS THE THING. THE CATTLE ARE MANAGED. Horses have to be managed too…(I am truly a horseperson). It’s a very vile and inhuman thing to see how these horses (now being managed by the government), starving to death in a drought year, cause there are too many for the available feed.

          • debbie

            The excuse is always the drought , I have not ever seen horses taken off the range thin and sickly!!! Never!!! The welfare Cattle outnumber the horses 50 To 1 that’s a fact for 3 % of the beef on our lands are supplied for food in the U. S.

            The horses have never gotten a fair shake whether you want to admit it or most assuredly are not going to admit it!!!

            So sad, it really is we are so interested in me myself & I nothing else matters!!!!!!

  • thinkingforyourself

    tempest in a tea pot so a rancher can keep sucking the public teat. Why the hell should the tax payer subsidize this guys failed business model. No more handouts to fat cats with lots of buddies in the local state government. Not his land, never been his land, he was allowed to lease it and his family and himself had over 100 years to file legal claim on it, but no, he preferred leasing it so he wouldn’t have to pay property taxes on it…. throw the bum off.

    • Lilu Kanine

      What can we do about the $2B missing from the state dept.? Who can we throw off the teat? How about Al Sharpton owing $1.5M in taxes, how do we throw that race-baiter off the teat? How about the Congressional aides that owe $831,000? We supposed to throw a working man off land his family has ranched for over a hundred years, and let these slide?

      • thinkingforyourself

        yep, do something about them too, I don’t mind. All the leeches should go, just cuz this guy wheres a cowboy hat and acts like a good ole boy don’t mean he aint worthless scum sucking on the public teat. One teat sucker aint no beter than any other, get rid of em all. If you let this guy do it you got no complaint then about the others. Crap, you probably vote for these bastards.

    • T. Do

      Do you live in Nevada? I doubt it. You ever work on a ranch or a farm? I doubt it. Do you know the history of Nevada? I doubt it. Do you know where your food comes from? I doubt it. Just another blowhard sitting in front of his computer screen running his mouth…………………………

      • thinkingforyourself

        actually I live in Clark county where this is taking place…. where do you live, Tokyo? Throw the lazy bum off of there….. what sharpton sucks the public teat so this guy should too? Eff both of em…haha reading your posts reveals Im dialoguing with idiots….

      • thinkingforyourself

        I might add, I grew up on a ranch…. we paid our fees, not refused to pay them for 20 years and then cried when we got evicted like some kind of ghetto dwelling food stamp recipient. This guy may wear a cowboy hat but hes just another leech.

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    blm should be brought up on charges of cattle rustling

    • CONNIE F

      If someone left their cows on my land and didn’t remove them when I requested it, then they would become my cattle. Simple as that. Bundy has no right to the land. He should be brought up on charges of theft.

      • Rob Carey

        you need to research the “whole story” its not as black and white as it seems.

        • joesphx

          Don’t waste your time with these two, probably on Harry Reid’s large payroll or perhaps committeemen on the Clark County Democrat Party Committee.

  • Lenda Beck

    I was on my way not I do not know

  • Lenda Beck

    is there always that much traffic there

  • thinkingforyourself

    I think it reasonable that the tax payer subsidize the Bundys failing business model. Why shouldn’t his family be allowed use of 1200 sq miles of public land because they got a sweetheart deal back when ranchers were the ones running the state government? Heck if they had filed on that land legally they’d have had to pay property taxes on it and maintain it instead of simply leasing it for a pittance, that wouldn’t be fair. And 100 years surely wasn’t enough time for them to file for ownership rights in court. It surely is out of balance when the tax payer pays for range management, preventing soil erosion, using trained scientists to determine the best circumstance in which the publics land can continue to be sustainably used and then turn around and expect someone who gets free sole use of that land to pay anything to offset that cost to the taxpayer. Very presumptuous. I see it as sort of like food stamps for rich people, why should poor folks be the only ones who get handouts or a free ride!

    • CONNIE F

      Thank you! The only sane voice I read in all the posts in this conversation!

    • T. Do

      First of all you’re obviously from a city somewhere. For your information ranchers and farmers are the best stewards of the land. If not they won’t last long. And you obviously don’t have all the facts. First this is a family business not some corporation. They have been on the land for one hundred and forty years. They were ranchers when Las Vegas was just a stage stop to water the horses. They had been on the land one hundred years when the EPA came into existence. Maybe a traditional way of life means nothing to you but to many of us out here it is what made this country. And as for them not paying their fair share do your home work. They refused to pay the feds because don’t believe the land belongs to the federal government. They did offer to pay the state and the county fees to use the land but were turned away because the rules had been changed by some stuffed shirt in Washington. Maybe they’re wrong about who owns the land but they are not looking for something for nothing. These are people who always pay their way. They have a tradition of hard work and fair play which is more than I can say for the federal government. It seems people in cities have no idea of where their food comes from or what it takes to produce it. Go ahead make it harder for the producers of your food to do their job and see how much that steak costs you……………………………..

      • thinkingforyourself

        haha, I live in Clark county now and grew up on a rural Colorado ranch. We paid our grazing fees, not with-held them and then cried to get bailed out. like some kind of public teat sucking leech.

        • Primo Pup

          I also grew up on a ranch in Oregon. We paid our fees..never asked for a handout. .However, the blm and forest service got bigger and more restrictive. While our family survived for periods of time on potato soup….couldnt afford to eat our own beef, unless one was not fit to sell….(broken leg or whatever) They brought restriction under the bullshit disquise of the spotted owl….That ranch now is losing all its water in order to protect a damn sucker fish..Something that you couldn’t get rid of if you tried

      • thinkingforyourself

        and ranchers aren’t the best stewards of the land … whatever gave you that outrageous idea. YTheyre using the land to maximize profit and minimize expense just like any business. The fact of the matter is its no longer a profitable business if they have to keep up with inflation like everyone else, so suddenly this whiner is crying like a little baby…. wahhh give me the public teat!

    • Primo Pup

      The ranchers develop water sources on these ranges so the cattle will utilize the sparse feeds..This benefits the wildlife so they can too. I’ve had experiences with your so called college educated “trained scientist”. Most are straight out of the city……like you, they don’t know squat..Bundy and other ranchers like him take an area with limited production potential and create habitat for wildlife as well as revenue for the State tax base. It’s a win..win. Then the feds get involved and it all goes to hell

  • Exodus2011

    the FED were intimidated by the #WEThePeople posse?

    • weareallhuman

      Great pic mind if i steal it?

      • Exodus2011

        not at all

        I saw it on FB and snatched it for filing myself! **__**

  • weareallhuman

    That guy was shaking like a leaf ..so were the BLM when stared down by 100 cowboys..if nothing else today showed that the power structure is an illusion

  • Pricearizona

    In some ways I’m disappointed if it is over, this could have been the spark to begin what is truly needed, a Revolution…

  • pissed

    The criminals in the federal government will wait until the crowd leaves and then sneak back in and probably kill bundy and his family and blame it all on him. Waco, Ruby Ridge, now this. The feds never back away until the person they are after is dead, even if it takes 50 years

  • yesterday, I was a part of a few that said, we stand in the face of death, because we will no longer accept, because you say so. #theBATTLEofBUNKERVILLE

  • darren

    Heres the thing….it does not matter what happens now. The Feds could shoot everyone after they leave, yada yada yada….ITS A MATTER OF PRINCIPLE!!! These bastards have shot innocent people like Bill Cooper for daring to resist a court order and many others…..They had to back down because a state saw after its own citizens and interests…..this is a major moral victory any way you slice it.

  • joesphx

    Gillespie told Metro to shoot to kill. That is not a people’s Sheriff, that is a gangster that is in Harry Reid’s pocket and a boot licker of the Chinese Communists. Tell the carpet bagger Gillespie to go back to New York.

  • Steven Michaels

    SO what ever happened to the rule of law? Is anarchy what people in Nevada believe in ? I thought Americans lived in Nevada

  • sherry1053


  • Meltonmark

    Democracy doesn’t work. Ask any oppressed group. The only solution is direct mass action.

    • Quartinium

      What does direct mass action mean, in your understanding?

      • Meltonmark

        “When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears.” [Lobsang Rampa?]
        When I look at ‘achievements’ [if acheivements they are] of modern social movements, such as Black Power, Feminism, etc, NONE were achieved through the ballot box.

        • Quartinium

          Are you suggesting that women’s suffrage and the civil rights movements were not democratic victories?