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Curse of the Maersk: Suspicions Rise After Preliminary Autopsy of Ex-SEALS is Revealed

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Shawn Helton 
21st Century Wire

Suspicion seems to be rising over the questionable deaths of two former SEALS found aboard the cursed ‘Captain Phillips ship,’ the Maersk Alabama.

Mark Kennedy 43 and Jeffrey Reynolds 44, both ex-Navy SEALS, were found dead within a cabin aboard the Maersk Alabama on February 18th as it was docked in Port Victoria, in The Seychelles Islands, apparently after a night on the town at local bars and casinos, shutting down the Victoria International Casino, along the way drinking with crew mates and sailors said to be from New Zealand.

Two crew members were seen walking back to the ship around 11pm. Kennedy and Reynolds were allegedly caught on a surveillance camera departing the casino with two women outside, disappearing from view around 3am, just after Robert Nanty, a casino security guard had escorted the men out around the same time. Yet, according to local police reports both men made it back to the infamous Maersk cargo ship around 6am.

This raises important questions about the two contractors whereabouts before they were discovered some 12 hours later, as there was a three-hour gap in the timeline that was unaccounted for before they arrived back at the ship.

IMAGE: Victoria International Casino – a modest 1,507 square foot gaming space in Port Victoria.

Authorities have not identified either of the women said to be with both men upon leaving the casino.

Below is a screen shot of security contractor Mark Kennedy’s personal LinkedIn profile. I was unable to obtain Jeffery Reynolds profile, however both men were highly decorated and honorably discharged with a combined 34 years of service in the military and contracting work.

MK.Linkedin.Background info
It was initially reported by the Associated Press, that unspecified drugs were allegedly found near both bodies, but it has now been claimed that both Kennedy and Reynolds died from respiratory failure resulting in a heart attack – imagine the odds.

Kennedy was also said to have had a syringe held in his left hand as he was found on the floor face up, while Reynolds was found slumped on the bed within the cabin. Traces of ‘brown heroin powder’ were also said to be at the scene.

Authorities have suggested that both men died of a drug overdose, however, most finalized autopsies can take 30-45 days, and in complex cases as many as 90 days.

Would two healthy men dying in their early 40’s qualify as a complex case, considering they died exactly the same way, near the same time, presumably from the same cause?

Drug use aboard the Maersk is strictly prohibited and according to a former Navy reservist Jeremy White, “There’s no way you can do their job with that.” Add to this that the security group Trident and Maersk  both have  mandatory drug and alcohol tests. In a recent NY times article there were other examples of people’s suspicions over the apparent drug related deaths:

Brian Beckcom, a Houston lawyer who represents some Maersk crewmen from the 2009 hijacking and said Mr. Kennedy’s widow had sought his advice, said that he too was baffled by the death. Mr. Kennedy had “tons of medical training,” Mr. Beckcom said, adding that he thought Mr. Kennedy would be wary of using heroin overseas and possibly falling for something tainted or so strong it could lead to overdose or death.”

Not one person has come forward suggesting that either of these men would have used hard drugs as both were said to be in good psychical condition, especially for their age.

So what really happened here?

The scene conjures up many of the suspicious Hollywood heroin deaths over the last half century where its been suggested by some, that many have died by forced injection.

Samples have been sent to Mauritius Forensic Science Laboratory to see if the drugs were responsible for both deaths, a facility which is said to be 1000 miles away from where the deaths occurred.

Why would they send the samples to such a far off  location, considering time is often a factor when handling forensic evidence?

IMAGE: Victim Michaela McAreavey.

The Mauritius lab has been under heavy scrutiny in recent years, as seen in the widely publicized Michaela McAreavey ‘honeymoon murder’ trial in 2011. During the trial the Mauritius government sought a new director for the stated forensic lab, as forensic experts claimed the crime scene had been allegedly contaminated because of the lack of precaution taken by local police when gathering evidence.

And what about the contents of the Mersk Alabama’s cargo around the time of the deaths? Certainly that could provide a missing piece to this puzzle.

It’s also important to note that military operators have been overseeing the world’s largest opium fields in Afghanistan and their contracts have been approved through the year 2024, yet nobody seems to be able to put an end to the black drug trade that exists throughout the world, a trade which has seen booming exports in heroin ever since US and NATO troops arrived in that country in 2001.

In 2012, reportedly 3.8 billion was spent on contractors and anti-piracy security at sea. The actual threat of a pirate attack is less than 1%, even for ships traveling through the Gulf of Aden.

There is big money to be had in the anti-piracy contracting world, and it doesn’t help that multinational corporations play both sides of the fence when it comes to threats made against ships.

Here is a window into some of business opportunities available at Maersk – Watch their big brother style corporate video below:

 “Pick a point on the globe any point and Maersk won’t be faraway.”

Watch for more updates. Any clues or feedback, please leave in comment section below.

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  • Barney, Andy and Gomer…

    I think we should wait for N.C.I.S. to do their thing first. Nuff said…

    • Predrag J. Maranovic

      Yes, let’s wait for Lieutenant Horatio Caine for the skinny on this one.

  • Charlie Primero

    Sounds plausible. Contractors like getting high. That’s why they work those jobs instead of settling down raising a family like most men; high pay, exotic ports of call, Thai wobblies, no nagging wives, no boring cubicle. They talk about it on their forums.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      I agree they could easily have been users Charlie but not that they’d have been foolish enough to fall for obviously poor quality drugs when they could afford to and were in the best place to get high quality drugs.

    • Tonya Belden

      ex navy seals fourty with hard muscular bodies are not doing heroin.
      the kind of ex navy seal who takes high risk security jobs are not doing heroin.

      • Charlie Primero

        Go read some contractor forums to see what they get up to. Also, do yourself a favor and stop consuming Hollywood.

  • calio99

    They forget to talk about that there is still major anti-americanism around the world especially in that part of the world. I know, I was a Merchant Marine for 10 years. We were very cautious about ‘gifts’ we were given when abroad. I would not be suprised if the women were told to hot dose them.

    • Charlie Primero

      Good thesis. Wouldn’t surprise me if this is what happened.

    • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

      Good insight Calio99.

      • calio99

        Thank u

    • Muhammad Abbass

      It would be a good theory but I don’t think they’d have been able to be hit with brown shit. They appear to have been educated enough to know what good drugs should look like.

      • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

        Good point, the quality of drugs they allegedly used should be looked at.

      • calio99

        U can’t tell just by looking at the dope what “chemicals” are in it. And if ur a junkie, it doesn’t matter, getting ur fix especially herion trumps all common sense at that climatic moment

        • Tonya Belden

          fourty year old ex navy seals who are in incredible physical shape are not junkies.I’ve seen these men’s pics and there is no way.
          Junkies couldn’t do their job

  • Da

    “Why would they send the samples to such a far off location, considering time is often a factor when handling forensic evidence?”

    While an interesting article,sections like above could simply be answered by pulling up a map and observing that Mauritius is,while a great distance,one of the closest.Unless you think the Mogadishu lab is suitable?

    • Predrag J. Maranovic

      Mauritius has drug and forensic labs too. It’s not a complete backwater island at all. So that’s still valid to question the chain of custody.

    • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

      My main point in that section was the time it takes for evidence to travel, how it is handled etc., before being looked at. I do know that the Seychelles islands have recently inquired about getting a forensic expert within the last year. I’m unsure if they’ve currently filled the position but I’m looking into it.

  • whodowetrust

    I don’t think it would tell as much if they died from and overdose as if they died of an OD BUT their hair tested clean for previous usage.Humm…guess they never thought of THAT.Strange,unless they were murdered by the same people who are in charge of the autopsy.

    • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

      Good thought, it would really depend on the length of their hair at the time of death. Most hair strand tests require an inch and a half of growth, roughly 90 days of growth. I know that both men have been scene in images with very short hair or no hair at all. In some cases body hair can be a substitute, however that would require a lot of body hair as it cannot be mixed with hair from the head.

      • whodowetrust

        I’m betting they still had hair “down there” and probably in the “pits” too.Not sure how long those hairs would be though.

  • Joe Blow

    Sounds like they were victims of this drug they use in South America to rob people. It turns them into willing participants in their own demise. Like a zombie drug. Its called scopolamine, I think. google it. thre is good documentary about it too. Its called ” most dangerous drug in the world”.

    • Tonya Belden


    • Tonya Belden

      voodoo witch drs use it to treat illness and to make zombies.and to make a person appear dead.
      in small doses it makes u hypnotized
      in large doses it slkws the heart to hardly beating and makes you appear dead.
      witxh drs believe you die and reserrect illness free.you die with cancer and come back without

  • Teresa Geib Bacon

    Well drugs can take over anyone at any time, but this doesn’t smell right just like all the rest of the deaths. They all have a connection to something sinister if you will and when you connect it comes full circle, yet now clear answer. I just have a hard time imagining a Navy Seal turning to drugs I guess.

  • usmcmailman

    It’s called “murder” !

  • Muhammad Abbass

    they had the knowledge to know the difference and could afford to pay for decent drugs. They were in a place and position to easily find good drugs. No way they’d have had to resort to anything less than pure so that just stinks even if they were habitual users. It is actually possible for them to have maintained good condition and function well, it isn;t like alcohol if handled properly. There are many very high functioning drug users out here in the world especially when it comes to international travellers and nomads with money.

  • Truman Golden


  • James

    Could be that both guys were still operationally active and a competing security service took them out.

  • Pflaume Oberherr

    Obviously someone tried to stage this as accidental death. Anytime you hear of someone overdosing who previously had no history of drug use, you should always thing of some type of staging. These guys didn’t OD. Neither did Philip seymour hoffman. They frame them in the method by which they were paid. Whoever did david carridine’s death obviously got paid much more. David carridine was in his seventies and couldn’t even get it up anymore.