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Rare Bilderberg Paper Trail Left Behind by Elite Rhodes Scholar

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21st Century Wire says…

The Bilderberg Group meet ever year in June, and although the meeting is attended by heads of state, monarchs, heads of media and finance and captains of industry – the meeting is not open to the press and hidden from public view.

Needless to say, these transatlantic power-broker Bilderbergers take a vow of secrecy and never leave a paper trail behind – except for the case of George C. McGhee (photo above).

Here’s the story posted by Rundown Live, along with documents and photos that many of you might have missed…

Unusual Bilderberg Documents Uncovered at Georgetown University

Rundown Live

Washington D.C. – George Crews McGhee from Waco, Texas was born the son of a banker, he later became a Rhodes Scholar, a successful oilman, and a U.S. Ambassador, among other titles that he held. He passed away in 2005, and left his detailed personal archives to Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

In the archives are boxes of folders containing many thousands of documents, now available to the public in the Special Collections Reading Room on the fifth floor of the Joseph Mark Lauinger Memorial Library.

The “George McGhee Papers” have yet to be added to the website, but will be soon. Here is a brief overview of some of the documents available, from Digital Georgetown:

George C. McGhee Papers

Papers of the former U.S. ambassador to Turkey (1951-1953) and West Germany (1963-1968) include files relating to both ambassadorships, as well as materials documenting McGhee’s role in a number of important official and informal posts, among which are the Combined Raw Materials Board (during World War II), the Bilderberg Group, the Draper Committee, the Business Council for International Development, and the Committee for Economic Development. Ambassador McGhee’s substantial library of books on Turkey and the Ottoman Empire is described separately under European History’.

Gift of Ambassador McGhee
1942-1976 * 101.50 linear feet”

Other documents included in the archives (but not listed above) include papers from the following:
– The Club of Rome
– Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
– The United Nations
– U.S. State Department

A copy of his book is also available, titled:
– International Community: A Goal for a New World Order

Below are over 100 photographs taken on June 17, 2013. They include photographs from the first Bilderberg conference, invitations, correspondence, opinions, participants lists, bar menu’s, receipts, notes, and more. Numerous years are covered in these photographs, but thousands of pages of documents still remain un-photographed on location. This site will act as a resource for journalists, writers and researchers interested in various topics covered in this release, as well as an outlet for the general population to view what this author is now calling, “Proof of the Bilderberg Conspiracy”.

In the documents below is some of the most crucial evidence against claims of Bilderberg members that the organization is simply a place to have discussions, and that agreements are not made, policies not influenced, and opinions not brought together in order to create a global system of governance. These documents prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group has been illegally planning the future of the world, without the input of the public.

Whether their “undertaking” (In their words.) be well-intentioned or not, the group can now be proven to have been attempting to steer planetary affairs, from behind closed doors, with no serious media scrutiny, from 1954 to 2013, and beyond. This author hopes that the disclosure of these documents will help lead to an open forum, where the people of the world may bring into discussion – and hopefully the courts – the actions the Bilderberg Group has been taking in the government and private sectors, that may be found to have led to the death of millions of people over the previous decades, due to their foreign policy objectives.

(Excuse the likely lack of order in the photos)



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    Do we really think the papers were just left out “accidentally”? I suspect that some kind of Insider’s war is going on behind the scenes right now. Oh and we do with what famous Roman institution the Georgetown University is associated with, right?

  • Anthony Barrett

    great work only read the second document and they are talking about a MATRIX PROJECT need to EXPOSE these SHYSTERS

  • http://navoices.com/ @EnemaOthstat

    Man oh man>>this is awesome.

    Who knows the history behind the papers,but man..this is juicy


  • LogicNotHuff


  • thokhan

    But BBC and msm said bilderturds didn’t exist!!!….gee some kinda lying going on here….

  • davecad

    the problem with the Bilderberger group now they have been found out and we all know about them and are following their meetings the real people who have the power will just meet somewere else while we are following them .the owners of the federal reserve and the central banks are the people we should be following as these people have all the power and who our polititions represent ..

    • http://www.thenewyorkaddress.blogspot.com/ Ayabusa

      davecad, my sentiments exactly.

  • http://voiceoftruthusa.wordpress.com/ Voice Of Truth

    The ultimate enemy of us all is Mystery Babylon the Great Mother of Harlots. This story describes just one of her many harlots.

  • marinette

    I have no reason to suspect that these documents are frauds. But wait a minute – scroll down past the invites and the drinks lists until you get to the really interesting part – the part where these bildebergers are agreeing about what their aims must be and how to implement those aims. Very predictably, it’s all about the elimination of communism and communist ideas. Why? Because the bildebergers clearly see communism, marxism, leftist dogma, call it what you will – as a major threat to their power. They hate the left.


    name those people in that picture below and you’d be that much closer

    • marinette

      Far right = Ronnie Barker, definitely. : )


        ronnie would not have been sitting at the table in the Department of state like that…