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Did the Philippines become a target of Weather Weapons?

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Every conceivable type of weapon is being examined or explored by various individuals, if not with the support of their government.”
Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen (1997-2001)

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

Do you believe that weather weapons exist?

In a United States Department of Defense transcript from April, 28th 1997, then Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, shocked the public by admitting that weaponized weather has been created through the use of “electromagnetic waves.” The Weather Modification Association has admitted that governments have been altering the weather since at least 1950.

The aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), has been truly tragic as the situation has descended into total chaos, however, one cannot ignore the bizarre weather anomalies leading up to the “world’s biggest storm“.

Weather Manipulation: Weather modification technology exists and could be weaponized.

In the past week, independent weatherman ‘Dutchsinse’ shot several YouTube videos dissecting the typhoon system passing through the Philippines, believing it to be produced by weather manipulation, specifically microwave  pulse technology. 

Weather modification technology and geo-engineering would be a powerful weapon if deployed for strategic ends. If this is the case, what would be the geopolitical motive?

In August of 2013, while the situation in Syria was reaching a boiling point over false chemical weapons allegations, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel met with Filipino President Benigno Aquino to discuss the expansion of the U.S. military in the Philippines. The Obama administration had already been negotiating a deal to secure space for the US military to conduct military maneuvers at several locations in the area. This military deal was met with harsh backlash from the public as Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin of the Philippines was looking to finalize the deal:

We’d want them near disaster-prone areas so they can help out if problems occur“.

The Philippines was a U.S. colony from 1898 to 1946 and had shut down the last U.S. base in 1991, through a Senate vote.

Filipino officials have stated that the United States has been attempting to procure an old airport to use as a drone base. The Daniel Romualdez  Airport which has been completely destroyed in the aftermath Haiyan has been placed under control by military and police since last Monday.

Will the airport remain in U.S.control under the guise of humanitarian oversight?

IMAGE: Skulls & Stripes burn over the U.S. military’s presence in the Philippines.

House Representative from the Akbayan Partylist, Walden Bello, was very outspoken in early September, condemning the actions of the Obama administration and their pursuit to strike Syria:

Not only must President Aquino not repeat what his predecessor, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, did with respect to Iraq, which was to join George W. Bush’s notorious “Coalition of the Willing.” He must forcefully register our country’s opposition to Mr. Obama’s dangerous plan, and here he can take a cue from the British Parliament, which has repudiated Prime Minister Cameron’s effort to drag Britain behind the American strike.”

Continuing, Bello added:

Secondly, a US attack on Syria directly contradicts the national interest of the Philippines, which is bound up with the welfare of our OFWs. It will put at risk the lives of the several thousand OFWs that remain in Syria.

It’s clear from the statements above that there were those within the Filipino government strongly opposed to Western intervention in Syria.

Was the typhoon a ‘soft war’ strategy of tension technique employed on the Philippines, to pressure them into supporting future destabilization campaigns directed by the West?

Then there’s the question of the Trans Pacific Partnership in all its intellectual and economic power grabbing. The TPP, said to consolidate over forty percent of world trade once its fully implemented, effectively putting an end to national sovereignty.

Wikileaks recently revealed documents exposing the TPP deal with twelve other countries being involved.

Philippines Trade Secretary Gregory Domingo has stated that the Filipino Constitution has certain limitations on how they can conduct business with foreign entities. This could be a major stumbling block for the U.S. as they would also like to lay claim to territory for RIMPAC (the Rim of the Pacific shared naval exercises) in addition to the TPP deal.

Domingo further explained the pressure to be a part of TPP:

It (TPP) is something we have to engage in. We have no choice because the US is our second largest trading partner and many of our neighbors will become members of  TPP. If they have duty-free access, for example, in the US and we don’t, it will really handicap the Philippines and affect us in a significant way.

Was the Syrian intervention, the TPP, or  RIMPAC the motive for the use secretive technology to politically punish or coerce the Philippines?

Western interests and in particular the U.S., stand to lose quite a bit if they cannot implement their military and economic plans, any delay could cause a serious rift between countries and their ‘corporate elect’ leaders.

In 2012, Iran’s chief meteorologist Hassan Mousavi claimed that the West was launching a climate war against the southern region of Iran, deliberately causing a drought.

Dutchsinse takes us through a step by step of weather modification below…


  • apeman2502

    I have been watching and studying the weather manipulating, including the murdering and property destruction, for about three and a half years. Dutchsinse.com has been predicting horrific weather events with a near 100% accuracy rate based on discovery of strategic HAARP applications on the U.S. Weather Satellite feed for at least that many years ago and probably ten times as far back. Weather manipulation goes back at least a hundred years. Contemporary cloud seeding combined with a radiowave pulse of a billion watts or so can create tornadoes, typhoons, hurricanes, etc.. Class time. Homework. Attitude.

    While the adults of America mewl and prance like St. Louis show dancers, evil men in America and Britain are killing and destroying worldwide at will while their people tacitly approve. There will be hell to pay if the public continues to embrace ignorance, violence, and their dishonesty with the world and themselves. In the jungle, when you bury your head in the sand, the lion bites your ass off first. And he does not hesitate. The men in America and Britain sitting on their asses, and watching the CFRtv while reserving judgement and holding back are their families’ worst enemy.

    • sherry1053

      Thanks for sharing..Good for You!

    • steven mcknight

      Yes….in both the US and Britton…the brits may be our allies…but…they are not our friends.

      • apeman2502

        The American Skull and Bones Society, currently led in America by an aging George Herbert Walker Bush, has been part of the Death’s Head organization of cut throat killers and looters in service to the same German blooded royal family for over 300 years. They did 9-11, Fukushima, the subsequent HAARP generated typhoon attacks on Fukushima and the Philippines. The Philippines attack killed over 12,000 people and did a lifetimes’ worth of damage to millions.
        Prince William and Harry are both destined to carry on this psychotic behavior, feeling Britannia will never sink on a planet of the living. They are quite daft, and the American people prefer ignorance, stupidity and their odds over being worthy of being considered breeding stock. The Illuminati is a repulsive group of pigs. Which is destroying earth? Both. And nobody put me in charge yet. The British welfare state is based on excessive blood letting of the innocent world wide, just like America. Britain, however, is 10XGDP in debt with no relief in sight while the U.S. is about 1.5XGDP in debt with no relief in sight, with remedy apparent but not utilized. This with the British in charge of the U.S. until Americans man up and take care of business and drive the mewling traitorous scum out of congress and the White House.

    • Little Bright Feather

      In America Americans have been made addicted to sports like a drug to keep them focused where DC wants them to be – so no one pays any arttention to what DC is really doing. I hate Sports because it is a tool of DC. Most Americans are totally unaware of this mind molding tactic. There are over 55 Sports channels on TV and only a very few programming channels and they even force sports on our very few programming channels 5 months of the year ! DC really pushes the sports addiction. There is a reason why those sports athletes are paid all those millions and the sports are all fixed and so fake – but DC wants it that way. To force a drawing into it they even use music bands and half naked girls – anything to get people sports addicted. Not me. I’m wise to it. And what programs they allow on are full of a special kind of sick type violence like never before ! And “special movies” now are all MOB movies. Some channels are now all reality shows that we all hate! So we do not watch those channels at all. They are defeating themselves with all this control however, because we are fed up with the huge monthly fees to get just a few months of regular programming and soon we will shut down TV dishes/satilites and cable altogether ! It’s just not worth the huge prices for it anymore. But TV is a mind molding tool as it is.

      • apeman2502

        A+. Note that the Rothschild bank OWNS the American Associated Press and controls through financial leverage and status, The Council on Foreign Relations which controls all U.S. corporate television news programming(CFRtv). They make these mewling morons who get elected seem tasty and wise to the voting sheeple, and the sheeple ranchers. This phenomena of high finance and religious indoctrination of the Sheeple facilitates the move of these sheeple numbskulls into regions the sheeple normally would not consider, most sheeple believing that ‘the next life’ is the more important one.

        There was big money in financing the railroads and colonization by the religiously befuddled and confused, as well as the fit people trying to escape the financial domination of the Old World banks, churches, and governments intent on gathering MORE for themselves. “God’s Will.” actually was ‘the banksters’ will’ and ‘the priests’ will’ and ‘the monarchies’ will’. but sheeple can not see this because…they are sheeple. Sheeple do not think for themselves, preferring to follow the dominant ram. Jesus was a prophet, as were Mohammed, Confucious, Leonard Peltier, Leonard Crow Dog, Black Elk, Jimbo Simmons, Wolf Soldier, and some others. All very wise.
        The pope is not a prophet. YAHOO SEARCH “canon 259” to see proof his authority holds no truth, only aggression and dominance attacks. Also YAHOO SEARCH the REAL reason pope ‘Benny the Rat’ had to go back into his hole. Same as it ever was.
        These prophets mean business. Some ‘Christian churches say “Jesus died to pay for your sins, so have at it.” These are sheeple absorbed into the CFRtv. Sheeple usually can’t cook worth a damn neither. No taste buds. Just appetite.

  • Tim Coles

    This Laser that Michio was speaking about is exactly that. A high power laser. It has NOTHING TO DO with HAARP, which uses Microwaves. Just as the Nexrad does. Microwaves cannot break up electrons and create CCN or anything else for that matter. They are “non-ionizing”, and can only excite molecules. Nothing more, nothing less. HAARP cannot manipulate weather.

    All microwave is non-ionizing. Cannot change physics

    If you want to know the truth about HAARP and Dutch’s Theories, and read Dr. Eastlund’s very own quote, stating that HAARP is not what he designed, nor the power of what he had in his patents., please read this. I think that it will clear this muddled mess up for many.


  • Adam Evenson

    There should be little doubt in any mind (other than the mentally aberrant, such as those with Down’s Syndrome,) that the U.S government is directly causing the largest percentage of all the disasters in the world today. I am blessed by God (yes, God), to know the very souls of these government people, virtually from the day I was born on earth, on 3-15-40, and if not for Gods Blessings on me, I would have been tortured to death by the time I was seven, at the hands of the very same government people that are destroying this world today. Whereas ordinary citizens change from moment to moment and hour to hour, government citizens change supremely slowly due to the agendas of the government that are passed down through hundreds and thousands of years. Ordinary citizens are so gullible because they are not injected with the same potions for ruthlessness that government officialdom imbibes through the centuries. Thus, the same evil people that are tearing the world up right now were hot at it when I was born in 1940. They haven’t changed at all to this day. I’ve remained intimately in touch with them all my life of 74 years to the present point, and that’s how I know who, and how, they are. The only change in the general attitudes of government individuals since virtually day one, millennia ago, has been in the magnitude of warfare they produce in the world. They could only pursue local, tribal wars thousands of years ago, and no whole world was threatened, but we note that to this day and time it has proceeded from World Wars 1 and 2, and fomenting the 3rd. Those that create and prosecute World Wars are not nice people, obviously. They are ruthless murderers, stranglers and every other kind of horror.

    Thus, you are not dealing with any nice people here, irrespective that you may wish, hope and pray with all your might that they be upstanding scions of righteousness. Granted, it would be to your advantage. After all, these are the government “protectors” under whose charge you are and have your being. A benevolent, law-abiding government bunch would be to your advantage. However, all NGO citizens are learning right now just how dangerous and evil government “protectors” are. As mentioned, I learned it very early in life, again, because I’m Blessed by God. If I had not been under God’s Special Care, I would have been mutilated and tortured to death thousands of times. This is the world I found here when I came. I didn’t make any of this up. It came to me and told me who/what it was/is and it did the education sessions by actually going all-out to murder me in countless ways. Had God not walked with me, I would have known nothing but fear and terror. However, I’ve not had a moment of either, only an abiding sense of Destiny.

    We are talking about some evil people here, folks. Your government is The Despoiler of Worlds. And right now it’s destroying YOUR world. Can you dig this, o’ citizen of the United States and world? You want to know what little old you can do about it, right? Well, you can witness it, I suppose. I know it’s not much, but it’s something. Just be a good witness.

    • William Burke

      What about Down’s Syndrome, again?

      • Adam Evenson

        See preceding: my reply to et Setera.

    • et Setera

      So what is the destiny of which you have an abiding sense ? Knowing so much of who/what is behind such terrible tragedies, should carry a responsibility to share the information. Simply being a ‘good witness’ is not enough, those who truly appear to have been earmarked for a higher destiny have tried to improve the lot of suffering humanity. For example, Edgar Cayce, Nicola Tesla, David Icke are among those who have disseminated their knowledge, for the greater good. Belief in being especially favoured and protected by God could be considered a mental aberration, whereas those with Down’s Syndrome were considered by Rudolph Steiner (another true visionary) as earthbound angels. These individuals who you write off so casually, have a great capacity for love of others and the world around them.

      • Adam Evenson

        I could have preceded my “Down’s Syndrome” analogue with a disclaimer that, “I am not prejudiced against these wondrous individuals. The condition is a disease that is obviously not their fault, but the general fault of genetic impurities.” Does that clear it up?
        I’m not an Edgar Cayce, Nicola Tesla, or David Icke because I’m on a different path than theirs and my time is not yet. Since arriving here in 1940 (yes, that 1940), every now and again I just step on a stage and affirm something, as the case is/was here. You have judges that affirm legal “something’s.” I’m the kind of judge that affirms spiritual “something’s.” When my time is ripe, I promise I will “do my thang,” all of it. The question remains, will the world be ready? It may not even be here. If, on either account, the case is “not,” oh well, I’ll still be affirming. Thus, one ought take care how one exposes oneself, or not, as the case may be.

        • apeman2502

          It is not America being the destroyer. It is the swine who came to this country and found the gravy dish and candy but not the wisdom to realize that to get justice, you first must be able to grant it. The American government is the vehicle by which we all coexist here. The people are the spawn of genetic slag at one end of the spectrum and the conscientious at the other. As long as hypocritical churches convince slobs that their children are their only true friends and they should have dozens of them, swine will rule in the U.S.. The evil is not the Constitution, the evil is the false churches.
          If I hear one more person say they lie cheat and steal from people outside of their faith because everybody persecutes their church, I am going to hurl on them.

          • bliss

            Euh it is not america being the destroyer –> irak,afghanistan,vietnam,japan?? Euh the swine who came to this country —> remember columbus, he was the first european who has come to america and with him all the scumbags and golddiggers AND they multiplied!!! The true natives are and will always be the indians

          • apeman2502

            You take my comment out of context. Most Americans are slugs.The U.S. Constitution and accompanying laws do not do that. The two-legged American vermin do. I have been to Bob Robideaux’s, Jimbo Simmons’, and successfully lobbied Washington State democrats to remove Kennicott Copper and Consolidated Minerals from reservation land as requested by Navajo and Hopi. Floyd Westerman visited me once. I visited the house where Dennis Banks was temporarily hiding out and was sitting just around the corner in the house in case the FBI grabbed me, I could truthfully say I did not see him anywhere. I enjoy great relations with many Native Americans. Most ‘Pale-Face’ Americans are self-centered, ethnocentric, too lazy in the head, breed too carelessly, and are a plague to us all. i do not qualify.

            More Norwegians have been assassinated by ‘Pale Face’ royalty in the past four years than have Native Americans. Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Knights of Malta, and other secret societies within the ‘pale-face’ community direct the flow of the two-legged vermin. Catholic and church of England and Mormon priests, and other false priests make a lame excuse providing this vermin with ‘the excuse’ to act like pigs. The murders of 80 young people at a campground in Norway by Freemason Anders Breivik was NOT the act of a lone nut. he was backed with at least one $100,000.00 donation from Naples Florida, and received very expensive automatic weapons and Kevlar. After his conviction, he was given his own custom made double cell with three computers, two of which had outside access. His sentence for murdering 80(eighty) unarmed Norwegian youths and setting off a large bomb at the capital in Oslo( which killed two more people) was 13 years in prison. THIRTEEN YEARS. This killing occurred near my mother’s home neighborhood near Drammen and Oslo. Not all Whitey alike. My Native American friends refer to me as Howard the Duck. If you continue to consider ALL Caucasians to be your enemy, we are all doomed. We have the internet( which is bugged and replaceable within a week or two) and other untouchable strengths that need our attention. My friendship with Native Americans is strong enough that I see your point with both eyes.

            The weapon does not cause the damage. The person wielding the weapon does. The City of London needs a parking lot. The Vatican blocks my view. ” Foregive them father for they know not what they do”. Bullshit. Jesus was crucified by sinners. There is no absolution. The pope made that stuff up.

    • bobby90247

      Hello Adam!

      i “like” your comment! You “may” have answered a question that I have been attempting to answer for quite a long time, “Why am I here at this point in time?”

      Answer: To be a “Witness!” Hmmm…??? It “seems” reasonable.

      As I have taught my sons, “I am now, as I have always been, and shall always be…A SPIRITUAL BEING!” (SPIRITUAL BEING, NOT in the Religious sense!)

      “SCRIPTURE” backs this up! I believe it’s, 1John where it says, “…you were with Me when I created this Universe(?)…” (paraphrased, and NO! I did not go back and look it up…that’s for you to do!). Academia will tell you this is a comment between “so and so” and debate as to the correct interpretation. However, simple logic tells us that this IS in reference to “US!” “WE” were present when the Universe was created as WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS!

      Inherently, WE all know there is MORE to life than what we experience in the “here and now”…right! So, I explained it this way to my sons:

      IF, I lost my leg, i would still be their “dad”…right!
      IF, I lost everything but my “head”, I would still be their “dad”…right!
      SO, if I lost my “HEAD”, also, I would still be their “dad”…right! It’s “just” that “we” would NOT have a way to communicate with one another…


      DO WE?

      Adam, you said that when it was time, you would do “your thang!”…right! hmmm…??? I BELIEVE YOU! Is it possible for you to “release” me so that I can be of assistance?


      It is “clear” to me, NOW, that the “telepathic” abilities of the Human Race are being “subdued” AND for good reason…I “comprehend!” It would really be nice to be able to REALLY help “other’s!”

      Take Care and God Bless!

      • Adam Evenson

        bobby90247, being a Good and True Witness (these words together constitute a proper noun, thus, capitalized) is a good and proper reason for existing. Indeed, that it may be the only good and proper reason ought not surprise one that is very close to Knowing (another proper noun here.) To answer your pointed question, you can be released from the bondage you feel you are experiencing as it is a bondage you impose on yourself. It was taught to you and conditioned and reinforced by others, but “you,” and only you, impose it upon yourself at every juncture. It’s also called, “hypnosis.” Those that transcend ignorance and Know that they Know, are able to practice and are subjects of what one could call, “hip Gnosis.” I could point the way to the door on the pathway of “release” that you seek, but you would have to enter alone. That more than one Entity exists is the greatest illusion of all; indeed, it rises to the point of delusion. There is only One Entity and that is Universe, or God, The Singularity.
        “We” are not just spiritual beings, but all the universe is spiritual. How, then, does the “non-spiritual” exist? It doesn’t. “Non-spiritual” is an illusion. Indeed, among the Knowing, it is properly called, “THE GREAT ILLUSION.” Spirituality is the only thing that is real. And my affirmation of this is inextricably interwoven with the conditions of THE GREAT ILLUSION. The higher my affirmation reaches, the more aberrant the false realities are; meaning that things have to get very, very sticky before I can affirm with sufficient authority to carry the day. I didn’t carry the authority of a piss ant in August 1968, when I Awoke and realized why I am here. Why not? Because the great illusion was too powerful. It had swallowed me whole and was at that moment regurgitating me because I was no longer a willing part of it. I told a few people closest to me what was coming down the pike and they laughed me right into the ground.
        However, they’re not laughing today. Why so? Because now the conditions in the world have stripped many of their illusions away and trashed them, so that now they Know, as the world has begun to catch up to my affirmations stated in 1968. When I am able to make my final affirmation that all is spiritual and it’s able to stick, as opposed to my being pummeled into the ground for it, “we” will “all” BE there. It’s how and why I wrote, “My time is not yet.”

        • bobby90247

          “… “we” will “all” BE there…” YES! I DO understand this is yet to come! I “was” on the path to “enlightenment” (for lack of a better word) and then, somehow it became “diminished?” NOW, however, it would seem that this is taking a turn for the better, once again!

          As for “hypnosis”, hmmm…??? I don’t think it’s that, so much as it is that our senses are being “subdued” by another “presence” (for lack of a better understanding or word?) and for GOOD REASON! I could NOT fathom the “filth” that some of the people in the world are spewing out and “allowing” them access to “our” true abilities.

          I would indeed, appreciate your “showing” me the “way” to the door! I realize, that in time, I Will find it! I guess I’m just “anxious!”

          Take Care and God Bless!

          btw…you can email me…just add @yahoo.com to my name!

    • apeman2502

      Praying will do you no good. You are the person who will save yourself. The most satisfying thing about being bullied is the sound the back of the guy’s head makes as it hits the ground.

  • Wang King


  • William Burke

    I don’t think there was necessarily any political reason behind this storm. Probably they’re just fine-tuning the processes; just as no nuke test since World War II had any real scientific reasoning. They’re just playing with the toys, but one day, probably soon, they’ll be done playing.

    • apeman2502

      Such HAARP experimentation was completed over thirty years ago. Dozens of videos and lectures from military symposiums PROVE this. The typhoon that hit Fukushima and the one that hit the Philippines were based on this previous experience of HAARP operators going back to the 1960s. Weather manipulation from radar facility affects as reported by Ruby Smith above, have been practiced since such events were noted, in the 1940s and before. Nikolai Tesla comes to mind.

      These HAARP attacks on Fukushima and The Philippines are racist, and intentionally destructive to the economic competition of the useless monarchies of Europe. In particular, England, Netherlands, and Belgium. Treasonous operators within the United States are instrumental with the waging of cloud seeding weather wars in that the Philippines typhoon was created using a U,S,A.F. ‘radar’ installation in the outer Aleutians. HAARP attacks IN THE U.S. have resulted in the carpetbagging of weather distressed farmland in the Mississippi River system by foreign entities and ‘Weather Futures’ gaming on the Chicago Exchange(set up by backers of Barack Hussein Obama, or Barry Saetoro)

      Mr. Burke. You are late for class. Class time. Homework. Attitude. Nuclear technology has advanced to the state where they can vaporize half a million tons of steel and send it floating off in the breeze without breaking windows two hundred feet away. The nuclear waste byproduct is too poisonous to consider wide spread application of this technology. Observing what occurred at the World Trade Center on 9-11-2001, I think it is safe to say our swine in the government have trouble working with others. I documented the WTC nukes in 1969. You could have too if you were on the ball.

  • Ruby Smith

    Back in the 1990’s I got a pilots license and while I was after my IFR rating I learned that the radio antenna at the end of the runway could cause localized fog or rain exactly at the end of the runway. Dutch knows what he is talking about and others have witnessed the effect of radio weather alteration. I’m convinced that the typhoon was intentionally caused and we need to make it stop. I also suspect that the fukishima incident was planned and caused also.

  • Richie McCormick

    Lol the phillipines burn u.s flags and have votes to get rid of the u.s from the country but when disaster strikes they now need the united states, weird

    • Phl M

      Yeah right, in the first week countries like Australia and UK donated $10m plus while the US donated…. 90 marines with some food and water. What you dirty warmongers have given to the Philippines up to now is less than what you spend in one day destroying countries like Iraq Afghanistan Libya. F£ck off!!!!

      • augiedog41

        China’s paltry initial offering was the foreign aid equivalent of Mitt Romney leaving a penny in the tip jar, which is why they were goaded into upping their donation to $1.6 million. But when you look at what other big economies have given — the U.S.’s $20 million, Australia’s $30 million, the U.K’s $16 million and Japan’s $10 million — that number is still pretty embarrassing. Even the Swedish furniture company IKEA has pitched in more, promising $2.7 million to the country. Coca-Cola promised $2.5 million too

      • augiedog41

        Lol the phillipines burn u.s flags and have votes to get rid of the u.s from the country but when disaster strikes they now need the united states, weird

        • apeman2502

          The U.S, created that typhoon and I watched it happen LIVE.

      • augiedog41

        You are just like all the other Philippine people, your country, your Government, your life. You have no mind of what to do for your own people, your Government is a joke, there is no homes for your people to live, your women over populate the world with to many babies, you have no food to feed your own population but you sit there and talk about how much money the US give.,With a country that is almost 100 million people and counting, your government should take care of those people but, they are putting the money in their pockets and living like a KING. I think we should not give you anything at all, By the way who give to the US when we have storms, hurricanes, tornado, Snow storms…………..NOT YOU. Our Government take care of our own people. Philippine people always want and if we give you will still want more. Yes i know this because i live there for some time and i have seen with my own eyes, you have people who start families and are not working, still living with their parents, no food, no money, no life, I think you need to fix your country and stop asking for money to give to your government. Also all those young women who are having all those babies put a stop to it and you will notice how much better your life will be.

      • Richie McCormick

        Where do u think im from lmao

      • Richie McCormick

        Shouldnt donate anything to use cunts anyhow

    • Ma. Consuelo Almonte

      I paraphrase one politician said: It is better to be ruled like hell by your own people than like heaven ruled by foreigner. Well, we have been living in hell since we threw out the foreigner. Since then, local politicians in power became rich and very powerful and the poor became poorer and hopeless. Corruption grew like cancer.. and the aim to be in power is to help themselves. We pay for the price of freedom in the Philippines. We sell our votes for a days meal and we as a nation became complacent. The Filipinos just go on blaming someone else as the cause of misery…blame..blame blame the government..the corruption etc but does not do anything about it. When disaster comes we reach out to Uncle Sam for protect for our Islands the China sea..for the terrorist in the south and now the overwhelming aid to the Yolanda victims. Now I hear that there is a conspiracy in weather change directed to the Philippines…again we are blaming the west… We should not be ungrateful..
      Again there is a saying, paraphrased: Beware of the one you helped and cared so much…for one day, this one will cease to love you..will even hate you because of one thing that you have not given enough.

      Wake up Philippines.. you have the freedom.. clean the your house.. Stop blaming and being complacent. Strive and be grateful for every gift and blessing. God said that He will help those who help themselves.

      This horrific disaster that fell in the Philippines is a great eye opener.
      The Philippines will come out of this disaster, stronger and wiser. This is the opportunity for the people to come together…wipe corruption and strive for better opportunities. No more blame..we elect our leaders, we put them there.

      Thank you to USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, ETC.

      • apeman2502

        It is unfortunate that most Americans vote like tossing out the trash. This is because although you would think Americans would be more careful and considerate of others, they are not. Sheeple are sheeple. Even most Filipinos in America have not bothered to check out the HAARP attack videos or even what HAARP is. Like most Americans, they just want gravy, and to be the boss of something wealthy and easy.

    • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

      They don’t want U.S. military occupation that’s why the flag was burned.

    • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

      The West uses aid as a way to funnel money into other projects…

    • Helpfulhippy

      They need the US the way Haiti needs the US. Haitians are still in tents years after the earthquake.

      • apeman2502

        Read all of what the U.S. did to Haiti. Like when a poor college student gets down to business, unnecessary expenses are dropped. Haiti has a real beef with the U.S..

  • xyz

    I dont even care and it doesnt even matter. Now donate for then because thats why Westerners/Europeans are good for, see what I mean? Help them breed even more and come to ur countries or destroy the whole nature from their own native territory….

  • benth163

    Wow, some very good and cogent comments.

    Yep Nicola Tesla’s papers were stolen by the FBI after he died which were then sequestered away and studied as to their ability to be weaponized. By some weird connection Bernard Eastlund while working for ARCO managed to get his hands on these papers and realized their potential. Read the book “Angels don’t play this HAARP”. Going further, those patents now belong to one of the largest military contractors, Raytheon or one of its subsidiaries, such as E Systems.

    But, the US is not the only country that has the HAARP capabilities.
    That curling blue spiral which was seen over Norway was also attributed
    to a haarp facility test.

    Quite a few of us out here doing research do believe that our government is creating the horrors we are attributing to these types of devices for reasons of maintaining it supremacy as the greatest imperialist country the world has ever known.

    AND, it is breaking our backs of the American people to so maintain this illusion. We have become unwitting dupes to a criminal empire that threatens everyone and everything that does not do our bidding.

  • LiloP

    I appreciate what the author says in relation to possible use of HAARP to have caused the typhoon in the Philippines, but also it has to be remembered, the global weather patterns are changing now, as a result of climate change for a variety of different reasons also, not just HAARP.

    Instead I would say I think that there is too much mention of what is happening in Syria, in the article which instead does not have any relevance to what happened in the Philippines and it is totally irrelevant of the author to even discuss the subjects side by side.

    I would like to make some corrections therefore in relation to the comments made in the article above in relation to the situation in Syria – the author unfortunately shows a lack of understanding of the Syrian people who are suffering just the same as the people of Philippines, and it is a shame, for the author to neglect the reality of the Syrian people, which is just as bad if not worse than that of the Filipino people.

    Syria at present is also experiencing a massive humanitarian disaster, the same as the Philippines, but instead primarily at the hands of the Assad family, Iran, and Russia. It needs to be understood that the US administration are also covertly complicit also in having propped up the Assad regime, for decades as part of their CIA torture apparatus. In reality Obama pretends to support the Syrian people, in words, but in real terms the US have done nothing to hold Assad, Russia or Iran, to account, with the actions of the US in real terms, only covering their own backs by their empty words as a result their own complicity in propping up the regime for their own purposes as part of the global CIA torture rendition program post 9/11.

    Maybe there is a chance that the US want to justify an excuse to re-enter the Philippines militarily using a humanitarian disaster as the excuse, but that is totally separate and different to the situation in Syria. Syria is the other side of the planet to the Philippines and irrelevant to the article above.

    The reality in Syria in relation to the USA, is that Bush, Cheney and Obama all have criminal charges against them in Canadian courts that also apply in the USA, but are covered up by the US administration, as a result of their complicity in aiding and abetting the Assad regime to perform illegal torture for them on behalf of the CIA, as part of the global CIA torture rendition program over the last 12 years as a result of the case of Maher Arar the Canadian of Syrian descent, who was tortured wrongfully in Syria, in the prisons of the Assad regime, as a result of wrongful arrest in the USA by the CIA. Maher was able to claim compensation for his wrongful detention in Canada, but the charges against Obama, Cheney and Bush for their use of the Assad regime for illegal CIA torture in the USA still remain covered up by the US administration to this day.

    The USA therefore don’t need to ‘intervene’ in Syria, in order to ‘destroy Syria’. They already propped up the Assad regime, as it is. Syria is already being destroyed, with half of the population of Syria now displaced from their homes as a result of the CIA propped up Assad regime.

    The USA instead have already covertly propped up Iran to intervene in Iraq, post US invasion of Iraq, to perform their dirty work for them in continuing the mass genocide of the Iraqi Sunni Arab people, after the US withdrawal at the hands of Iranian backed Shia militias now in Iraq. Now the USA are still continuing to covertly prop up Iran, inside Syria, to continue the mass genocide of Sunni Arabs, by their actions in participating in the war crimes against the Syrian people as Iranian military commanders are the prime agents currently aiding and abetting the Assad regime from the minority Shia Alawite sect separate and different to the Syrian Sunni majority for the last 2 years. Obama and the US administration never mention this fact in the media and only instead repeat the same excuses of the regime of ‘concerns about Islamists’ amongst the opposition, while never mentioning the fact that the extremist al Qaeda and ISIS Islamists in Syria were actually created by the Assad regime at the start of the uprising 2 years ago, in order to create chaos amongst the opposition and an excuse to justify the mass war crimes against the Syrian civilian population in their own homes. The US administration never mention the Shia or Hizbollah Islamist extremists from Iran from the Iranian revolutionary guards, currently numbering anywhere in the range of more than 60,000 mercenaries inside of Syria who justify the massacres and war crimes against the Syrian people they are responsible for, on behalf of the regime, using ‘religious pilgrimage’ as their excuse for their crimes. This negligence of the US administration to even mention the Iranian Shia Islamist extremists in Syria, from Iran therefore indicates that in real terms the US are covering Iran’s back.

    In real terms, this all represents a covert US / Zionist strategy sponsored by Kissinger since the 60s to prop up sectarian conflict in the Middle East, via using Shias such as the Assad regime, Hizbollah propped up by Iran against the Sunni Muslim Arabs of the Middle East, to continue the genocide of the Sunni Muslim Arabs primarily against the Palestinians, Syrians and Iraqis, with Iran acting as a proxy Zionist agent on the behalf of the US / Russian Zionist alliance, to this day.

    The claims above that the chemical attacks were false, in particular, is absurd of the author to even claim. The Assad regime are well known in Syria to have performed at least 15 cases of using chemical weapons against their own people, from those defected from their own army formerly working for the regime who defected as a result of not wishing to be complicit in the genocide against their own people. The only ‘army’ in Syria with any access to chemical weapons is the Assad regime. The chemically loaded shells were dropped from the Assad regime air-force aeroplanes and were already found to be clearly identified by former defected members of the Syrian army as being from the Assad regime. Nobody else in Syria has access to the chemical weapons of the regime, and nobody else has access to the Assad regime Syrian air-force aeroplanes which dropped the chemically loaded shells, apart from the Assad regime, and the Russians, Iranians, and Hizbollah mercenaries acting as mercenaries on behalf of the regime. The different foreign agents behind the Assad regime, therefore by their actions of the last 2 years, are participating in the worst war crimes against any nation now, since WW2. Therefore For the author of the above to disregard the situation in Syria, and to use this as some kind of reference point in relation to the Philippines, instead is obscure in the extreme.

    Both the Philippines and Syria have suffered. One from the result of mass war crimes as a result of one family from a minority sect in control of an entire nation’s military apparatus, the other as a result of a typhoon. Both countries need our sympathy as a result.

    • chrisalien

      Syria is suffering because of the USA, Britain, France and Israel. Period. Thats why the Syrian people support Assad and are fighting western backed jihadists.

      • et Setera

        excellent comment, thank you – cuts straight to the truth of what is happening in Syria, may God protect the people from our so-called ‘leaders’. And what they are doing to Syria derives from the same impulse to conquer, destroy and steal which is behind weather manipulation and the plight of the poor Filipinos. Whatever technological know-how the dark ones manage to emulate, such as that of Tesla, is invariably made to work against the people and the planet. They cannot create, only imitate and invert, as David Icke observes – and they will kill us all if we do not stop them.

        • LiloP

          et setera – I am not sure if you are refering to my comment or the comment of chrisalien. Chrisalien is not Syria, so please note, if you are refering to his comment – he does not know what he is talking about, in relation to Syria, and you are also demonstrating that you are also not Syrian and do not know what you are talking about either. May I advise you that repeating disinformation that you read from other people on the internet is not useful, if you want to have a clue.

        • chrisalien

          I could not agree more

      • LiloP

        Chrisalien. You can say what you like but that doesn’t mean it’s true. I would be living in Syria, myself as a Syrian wife, if it were not for the Assad regime. The 10 million Syrian people currently displaced from their homes, as civilians whose homes have been bombed by the Assad regime have no interest in supporting a mass murderer who has destroyed their own country, using Russian, Iranian and Lebanese Hizbollah mercenaries to kill them and destroy their homes in their own country. You can say what you like, that you read from the lies perpetuated in the mass media, but it does not mean that you know what you are talking about, since it is clear that you do not have a clue. Hence why I have stated above, that the 10 million Syrian people who you can read about on the UNHCR website who are now currently homeless have absolutely no interest in the regime. Please note, if the Syrian people were actually supported by the interests that you claim, then the Assad regime would have fallen 2 years ago. This is not the case, otherwise the 10 million Syrian people who are now homeless living in refugee camps provided by UNHCR would not be there.

        Please note, that what you read on the internet about Syria, is not always true. There is a lot of disinformation about Syria. Try and read the UNHCR pages about the 10 million homeless Syrian refugees who are not being helped by anyone and who would much rather the Assad regime did not exist since that would have meant they would still have their homes if you want to have a clue.

        • chrisalien

          Well I do care and I do have a clue. How can you support the murderous extremists. They dont give a damn about the Syrian people and the Syrian people have decided that Assad is better than the jihadists. There are the majority of Syrian people , of many creeds, who support Assad. The western “leaders” would love to do a Libya on Syria…ie bomb and kill civilains and their infrastructure just to totally destroy the country so Israel can run supreme. As soon as Gaddafi was murdered and over 60,000 civilians with him, the western press went silent. Its only now that they are starting to cover the total devastation.
          Is that what you want for your country??

          • LiloP

            You’re talking total utter rubbish. How can you say ‘the Syrian people support Assad’ if now 10 million Syrians are currently in refugee camps as a result of the Assad regime? How can half the population of an entire country support a mass murder who has bombed their own homes and caused the destruction of the homes of half the population of an entire country?

            As stated you don’t know what you are talking about. Please note, you need to be aware that probably about 95% of what you read on the internet in relation to Syria, is total lies, and disinformation. THat means from both the ‘US’ and also from Russia, Iran, and also Israel. So therefore I don’t think that you realise that there is no such thing as the ‘US’ and ‘Western powers’ supporting anyone in Syria.

            What you said is totally false, and that’s because you are only repeating what you read on the internet. Obama’s statements in the mass media, as per normal are totally utterly false, and instead represent total disinformation.

            Nobody in Syria supports the Assad regime and that’s why he has to use Russian and Iranian and Lebanese mercenaries against his own people, otherwise the regime would have fallen 2 years ago.

            You don’t understand – Syria is NOT Libya. If you were a lawyer and you were in the ICC and you were looking at the case of the Assad regime and you were attempting to defend the Assad regime. The lawyer would classify your comments in relation to Libya as ‘irrelevant’.

            Syria is not Libya. You can not generalise and stereotype and pretend that what happened in Libya is what happened in Syria. It is not. They are 2 different countries, in different continents, with different realities.

            The US ALREADY PROPPED UP THE ASSAD REGIME. At the present time they are now propping up both Russia and Iran, to prop up the Assad regime against the Syrian people in their own country. The Syrian people are totally defenceless, which is why there are now 10 million homeless people who represent half the population of the whole country whose homes have been bombed and destroyed by the regime.

            Don’t you understand the US are irrelevant to Syria, and are covering the back of the regime, Russia and Iran, to destroy all of Syria without even having to lift a finger. Don’t you realise? There is nobody in Syria helping the Syrian people, otherwise why do you think Assad is still in power and 10 million Syrians now living in refugee camps? Use the logic part of your brain please.

          • et Setera

            LiLoP, you are right that the article above is about the Philippines disaster and not about Syria. Therefore, this is my last comment on this particular thread. It is truly a desperate situation that you are in, having been displaced from your homeland because of the conflict – but at least you are safe now, unlike those left in Syria.

            I know a Syrian Academic who fled many years ago, because he did not want to be a conscript in the Syrian Arab Army. Presumably he preferred the comfort of a professional career in England, with his English wife. His family were always warmly welcomed back home, and his relatives were never victimised by the Assad regime because he deserted his mother country. His daughter is worried sick about the wider Syrian family now though, as the country is awash with vicious foreign mercenaries who despise their unwilling host country. It is these entities that the Syrian Arab Army of President Assad are battling, and it seems inconceivable to me that an army composed of Syrian sons, brothers, husbands, etc would be the ones murdering and displacing their kinfolk.

            Just before the conflict began, the BBC TV series ‘Syrian School’ ran a documentary series which showed a successful secular state with an enviable education system, where the various cultures and ethnic groups worked together. Thousands of refugees from Western and Israeli aggression also were shown to have taken refuge in Syria, including Iraqi Christians persecuted after the invasion.
            Syria has long been on the ‘Project for A New American Century’ hit list, following Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan. Britain is right behind the US in this, maybe even masterminding it. The Western Military Alliance feigns a ‘humanitarian’ interest in Syria, while sponsoring terrorism and sectarianism in a formerly peaceful country. Those in charge of this are responsible for your displacement, and for the agony your countrymen are going through.

          • chrisalien

            So you are supporting Al Queda and extremists, while over 2 million refugees have fled mainly because of the fighting. The “civil war” is nothing but a fake task by Israel, The US, Britain,and various nefarious Arab dictatorships trying to take down Iran.
            If you cant see that you must be blind.

  • It always amuses me that people suddenly think that a planet with more power than we have ever had would need to be manipulated in its natural processes to do more damage? That the weather systems that have repeatedly annihilated human settlements for thousands of years should need the insertion of man-made tech to do catastrophic damage? These quaint idea’s are ridiculous in their arrogance. The earth is like a being, it has energy and power beyond human capacity. The most terrible and devastating weapon we have ever devisd could not even really harm earth. It could wipe out a lot of life on the planet for sure, but then new life would rise in its place. We are not amazing that our greatest minds have devised methods by with they are able to manipulate weather systems at a whim. The simple answer is that the capabilities do not exist for this to happen. People will believe a conspiracy theory if it gives them a perceived mental “advantage” over the “mindless” masses. Conveniently forgetting that weather systems have ravaged civilisation and non-civilisation for millennia. This was not the “greatest storm ever”, merely the greatest observed.

  • Justahomemaker47

    Remember the hurricane that hit the west side of Florida several years ago? The hardest hit area was largely retired folks living in modular homes and after the night-long hurricane eye-witnesses reported hundreds of body bags being filled by uniformed troops the next day. Almost a total news blackout followed.
    However, it was the way in which the storm developed after it left the area (not even near land) heading out into the Gulf as it was said to be weakening. Suddenly in less than eight hours it strengthened into a level 2 storm, spun 180 degrees and slammed into a small Florida community killing almost all residents and then the storm just … disappeared. Things that make you go….hmmmmmm.

    • apeman2502

      Hurricane Andrew was reported to have been HAARPED to make it do a left turn and go over Henderson AFB. Hurricane Sandy was a rain free Class 4 hurricane. Impossible for a rain free Class 4 hurricane to happen.

  • Abdulghafoor Malawani

    This is a foolish claim.If ever this is true,then why is it that America has been hit by several tornadoes for the past 20 years more or less.Why are they helpless to send these tornadoes to somewhere else?????

    • apeman2502

      They do. Tornadoes are caused by two intersecting weather fronts, meeting at an angle so a ‘twist’ of air along the line of intersection occurs. A temperature difference in these two fronts also exists. If HAARP is used on the warmer front, the odds of tornadoes occurring or the violence of tornadoes occurring naturally will be amplified. If the HAARP application is to the cooler front, the odds of tornadoes forming is minimized and naturally occurring tornadoes neutralized. The HAARP works beneficially when the spot of application is discovered in time. Causing tornadoes and typhoons and such is much easier. Like a Goddamned monkey smashing things. This destructive operational technique is what motivates the scum bags to use HAARP as a weapon on innocent people and their work.

      This is old stuff. dutchsinse.com, Nick Bedich’s ‘Angels Don’t Play These Harps’ and ‘Angels Still Don’t Play These Harps’ and the History Channel’s ‘Weather Wars? That’s Impossible’ will get you caught up to what HAARP is and has been used for going back 30 years plus. These folks are much better at explaining HAARP than I am. I am too angry. They knew before the destruction to simulate an ‘Armageddon’ scene got so far out of hand.
      The HAARP attackers are like a ten year old on L.S.D. and cocaine wielding his daddy’s loaded gun at a school pep rally while popping off a few rounds because his allowance was cut since daddy was put in prison for multiple robbery/murders. Never overestimate the motives of royalty.

  • MultiPucci1
  • diane2pk

    Psychologist and philosopher Wilhelm Reich on his family farm, called Orgonon where he invented “cloudbusting”, a rain-making process which involved pointing at the sky a machine designed and built by Reich, called a cloudbuster. Wilhelm Reich’s arrested and imprisonment. In 1951 Reich said he had discovered an energy that he called Deadly Orgone Radiation (DOR). He wrote that accumulations of DOR played a role in desertification, and he designed a “cloudbuster,” two rows of 15-foot aluminium pipes mounted on a mobile platform, connected to cables that were inserted into water. He believed that it acted to unblock orgone energy in the atmosphere, and said that it could cause rain. Turner describes it as an “orgone box turned inside out.He conducted dozens of experiments with the cloudbuster, calling his research “Cosmic Orgone Engineering.


    Dr. Joseph P. Farrell has today posted a blog in support of this growing awareness of Weather Weaponry. His view is that we are watching the emergence of the new Globaly Bully Playbook. I really hope you can get him on your Youtube weekly show.He quotes from 21st Century Wire and then goes on to write:

    “And oh, by the way, here’s a “natural” disaster for you, just to reinforce the point. I strongly suspect this is the new meme, the new playbook, and of course, weather weapons, geo-engineering weapons, both afford the perfect platform for plausible deniability, especially since most of the public still thinks such horrendous weapons are the impossible stuff of the wildest science fiction, rather than a current reality. ”



    • apeman2502


  • Vincent Maldia


    this is the website that is the source of the microwave data used as “proof” that yolanda was man made.

    you can see the data for yourself. you can see that the so called anomalies happen all the time and most of the time noting happens after

  • Joseph Cek

    Dear friends, please also join our discussion regarding the further motives and proof for this event: http://weatherpeace.blogspot.ca/2013/11/shocking-weather-warfare-against.html

  • Richard Dunn

    I have been doing quite a lot of research into weather modification (manipulation of weather for military purposes) and I would like to invite people to read the articles provided. I have reason to believe that Hurricane Sandy and Cyclone Evan may have been manufactured. Take some time to read what I have written. Hopefully it will persuade people to turn their attention to this cause.

    Article #1: Hurricane Sandy, Weather Warfare?

    Article #2: What is Weather Modification?

    Article #3: Cyclone Evan, a direct attack on Samoa and Fiji?

    I also have reason to believe that the use of weather modification is severely
    effecting our climate. NASA states that:

    “Even small changes in the abundance or location of clouds could change the
    climate more than the anticipated changes caused by greenhouse gases,
    human-produced aerosols, or other factors associated with global change.“

    This statement suggests that weather modification has a great deal more of an effect on climate then greenhouse gases and human-produced aerosols. Why isn’t this effect discussed publicly? Why isn’t the effect of weather modification on climate part of the climate change debate?

    Article #4: Weather modification, why should we be concerned?

    Article #5: Can facilities like HAARP be used to manipulate
    the weather?