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Arizona Truckers ‘Ride for the Constitution’ in support of D.C. Trucker Protest

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21st Century Wire says…

The state of Arizona has its own ride for the constitution, acting in solidarity with the truckers that are headed for D.C.’s Beltway from October 11th-13th…

While the Obama administration continues to stonewall government funding over the debacle known as Obamacare and a national debt debate looms, truckers head for their state capitals in support of the constitution, an act dubbed “ride for the constitution.”

Arizona will have its own celebration of sovereignty, planning its own trucker ride to the state capital in Phoenix, AZ. Remember 1986, a liberty based coalition, along with The Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots or GPTPP, have put together a similar event to the one taking place in and around the nation’s capital beltway overseen by national trucker protest organizer Zeeda

Andrews has said the trucker shutdown near the District of Columbia will be done in waves, circling the entire beltway as few thousand trucks drive in concert, looking to make a peaceful protest about the current state of America.

As the protest has come to fruition mainstream media have come out in full force against event and organizer Zeeda Andrews, as covered by Peter Sterry’s 21st Century Wire article just yesterday.

Earlier this week former owner of Huggybeartrucks and author of the book  And the Trucks Quit Running, Earl Conlon, a 50 year-old trucker from Georgia, set the internet a blaze with his controversial statements in the press, calling for the arrest of lawmakers in Washington. Conlon was falsely linked to the trucker rally and is not associated with Ride for the Constitution.org and 
appears to have been used as a tool to derail peaceful efforts by Zeeda Andrews and other event organizers.

Below is a Youtube video from a recent interview with ‘activist’ Earl Conlon and his campaign against the upcoming trucker rally…

Truckers’ Capital Beltway protest isn’t a hoax, organizers say

Lori Aratani 

The Washington Post

So it wasn’t a hoax after all?

Organizers of the “Truckers Ride for the Constitution” rally say they are indeed coming to Washington on Friday — but whether they will shut down the Beltway or just make a lot of noise remains to be seen.

Earl Conlon says a threat by thousands of truckers to tie up traffic on the Beltway was part of a stunt to draw attention to Washington’s dysfunctional politicians.

Zeeda Andrews, one of the organizers of the event, said the ride is a go, but emphasized that it will be peaceful. She said that Georgia trucker Earl Conlon “overstepped his boundaries” earlier this week in saying the event was just a ploy to get attention for the group’s agenda.

“Yes, it is happening,” she said about the rally. Andrews said she expects “a few thousand truckers” to descend on the District on Friday. 

State police officials in the region said they will be prepared either way.

“Virginia State Police is aware of the proposed convoy of commercial vehicles and is preparing accordingly with the region’s law enforcement agencies and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), just as we have done in the past for similar demonstrations held within the National Capital Region,’’ said spokeswoman Corinne N. Geller in an e-mail statement.

Geller said additional troopers will be deployed Friday and through the weekend in case any incidents or problems tied to the rally occur. But as long as no one breaks the law, the group will be allowed to proceed with their activities — just as other groups have in the past. She said the additional staffing is to ensure that traffic continues to move safely through the region.

Sgt. Marc Black of the Maryland State Police said while the agency does not plan to add additional patrols, authorities will be watching the highways to ensure no traffic issues occur. Pennsylvania State Police will be doing the same, a spokesman said.

Andrews said truckers plan to meet in two spots Friday morning before convoying into Washington: at exit 98 off Interstate 95 in Doswell, which is north of Richmond, and at exit 77 off Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania. Beginning about 8:30 a.m., truckers will take shifts in circling the Beltway, driving at the speed limit — an action that might end up jamming the roadway, she said.

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  • LocalHero

    Is this the perfect protest? Of course not, but I view civil disobedience and any defiance of “authority” a good thing so Good Luck truckers. Unleash hell.

  • claudine long

    i saw nothing in mainstream media(hardly surprising) of the million muslim or bikers marches, i doubt i will see anything of the truckers either! what will it take? Anonymous are planning mass marches on 5th Nov, marching and peaceful protesting seems to get zero attention (50-70k protesters outside UK tory convention totally ignored). I wish these truckers well and hope they can get some noise going

    • resolute2012

      There is also a Million Vet March this weekend in Washington with veterans from all over the country protesting the closing of our national parks and memorials that no mass media station is informing the world about. Seems the only protests that get any news coverage these days are illegal immigrants raising h3ll, gay activists, and Trayvon lover types screaming hatred.

      • claudine long

        make more NOISE! your country has been built on the blood of Veterans, time for respect, time to honour them properly! obama is a fraud, impeach the criminal

  • resolute2012

    I applaud these folks for standing up and being Americans through and through. I’ll just remember to not get out on the roads though this weekend (I live in Arlington, VA) because being surrounded on all sides by those big trucks would scare the living heck out of me. lol

  • Gary Davison

    Fact is, the other organizers, Zeeda and Pete Santilli just stole all the donation money that was put up to pay for these so-called ‘thousands’ of trucks that were always just on the horizon but never materialized. The site donatetruckfuel.com which took in 10’s of thousands of dollars, Zeedas Paypal account that took in over 16k as of Fri morning, Santillis bitcoin donation wallet (which went right into his pocket), all in all, it was over 500k in donations, none of which was paid out to help any truckers and went right into their pockets. If you think its sad that no one showed up, its even sadder that these crumbs just pocket all the money that was supposed to help the truckers. Oh, when we called him out on it, he shut down all the donations and claimed they were all hacked. How convenient. Next time you protest, it should be these 2 swindlers.

    Next time you organize something, make sure its not cons running the show and it may turn out better. And if you did donate, you should be forming a class action to get your money back now. As well, its been shown at #truckersagainstridefortheconstitution that the images used on their Facebook pages were fake images of trucks from past rallies in 2008. The owner of truckersridefortheconstitution is calling the AG Monday to have them investigated for fraud and theft.








    http://pastebin.com/ixZFRtwt some more info

    more info on the thieves that ran this debacle


    Please post this to the #ridefortheconstitution Facebook page and elsewhere to let people know they have been seriously conned.

    • claudine long

      ha you government shills will say anything to make this look bad, FACT is plenty of truckers showed up! The support has been shared and seen by millions around the world, it will grow and grow until people like you are shamed back under the rocks from whence you came. Impeachment is the only route for your corrupt leaders, Americans are awake, live and kicking. Remember this buddy “Power does not corrupt, the corrupt seek power”.

    • Kim Pridgen

      Gary Davison you are a LIAR !!!! I am one of the truckers in this protest, don’t know you, BARELY know anyone, but when the trucks needed fuel IT WAS THERE !!! And just who are you? I was there along with MANY MANY more, just which truck were you in? Because I don’t know you ! You must be pretty tight with the organizers to have all their account information. Just who are you again ???

      • Cam Breaker

        Funny, my family owned Caretta Trucking, one of the biggest on the East Coast. Yeah, I knew alot of the truckers in the area, no one got anything. Yeah, y’all got suckered by some con men. Zeeda, Santilli, Rosenfeld, all criminals with known arrests for fraud. None of that money went anywehre but in their pockets. Dont be butthurt, do something about it. And you Kim are a shill fake.

  • ruthslater

    earl can say anything he wishes , i liked the guy , he is smart and honest , you cant tell him what he can say and not say . you should be glad he was there we are .