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Sex Pistols star Johnny Rotten warning about Jimmy Savile was cut by BBC

21st Century Wire

1-Johnny-Rotten-Lydon-According to a rare audio clip just released (see video below), John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, then of Sex Pistols and PIL fame, conducted an interview circa late 1978, where he joked about people he’d like to kill’ and interestingly he quipped, “I’d like to kill Jimmy Savile”

He went on to comment about the late DJ and serial sex criminal’s ‘seediness’, and also that he (Savile) ‘was into all sorts’.

The admission took place during what appears to be an actual BBC radio interview, but Lydon’s damning inferences about the BBC’s golden child Jimmy Savile seem to have been removed from the interview at the time, so the excerpt was not broadcast, but has just been made available as part of the reissue of the first PIL album.

Shock Exposé: Jimmy Savile: Doorman to the Cesspit

Long before Lydon’s comments were made, the BBC were officially warned in 1972 that they were in fact putting young girls at risk with their Top of the Pops Show, which was detailed in the Telegraph recently:

1-Jimmy-Savile-victim“The emergence of the 64-page report – which was circulated to the then director general and chairman – will further fuel allegations that the BBC failed to protect teenage girls from Jimmy Savile, the corporation’s then most feted star who was unmasked last year as Britain’s most prolific sex offender.”

It seems that everyone knew about at least some of the sordid practices of the late Sir Jimmy Savile OBE (knighted by the Queen, no less), but few dared speak it in public. Of course, this cover-up within the entertainment and media industry was led by the BBC itself, as it would be incredibly naive to think that no one working in the BBC knew of Savile’s propensity for sexual deviances (rape, pedophilia and other disturbing pastimes too dark to mention here). By all accounts, it was an open secret within “The Industry”.

Listen to the excerpt of Lydon – then known as Johnny Rotten, as he issues a subtle warning about the true nature of the BBC’s monster-in-residence…

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  • Enochered

    The idea that Jimmy Savile was some sort of superstar which the BBC could not afford to lose is a nonsense. He was an untalented, creepy little prat. At the time nobody could understand why the BBC had any interest in him. Now of course it is all perfectly clear, he was the procurer of sex toys for the nobility, which made him an untouchable. He made the big time in the same way that the controlled media made stars out of all sorts of assholes.

    • Linda Mccann

      He blackmailed those in power, after he supplied them with children.

      • Enochered

        If you have any bits and pieces you could let me have about this I would be happy to receive them. Do think he had the courage to try that sort of thing? Don’t forget they killed Diana.

        • trashbat

          Google the rumours around Savile and Ted Heath and Jersey. I thought they sounded unlikely conspiracy theories until this week!

      • dazy Juno

        Nah, they could have easily just had him killed. He wasn’t a powerful man.

    • Rick Sander

      You nailed it.

    • Jeanette Wood

      Yes the super star stuff about him was BS. He appeared to me as nothing special. He had an incredibly irritating manor and watching on TV was boring and a drag. He was definitely not a lovable or charming character. I was a child when he was in is hay day and he oozed creepiness. He reminded me of the child snatcher on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

      • Steve Antony Williams


        • Padraigin Eagle

          From hell.

    • Pass The Deutschy

      He was a member of some kind of Lodge had to be.

      • Enochered

        He kept company with Prince Charles who was the Master of the Kensington Palace Grand Lodge. He also spent time in Jersey with the British Free Mason Grand Master, The Duke of Kent and British Prime Minister Edward Heath for whom he found young boys, who spent time on the yacht Morning Cloud, many of these boys were orphans and it is unknown how many of them may have been murdered to ensure their silence.

    • trashbat

      Yes, considering this is coming off the back of the 1960s, which produced some genuine star talent, it’s hard to see why he was feted. And the far fetched theories linking him to the Krays and Edward Heath now look less like crazy conspiracy theories.

      That may also explain why the Right wing press never took him down – because much as the BBC must have known, showbiz is a small world – the tabloid papers must have heard rumours, but chose not to investigate, directed their resources elsewhere.

      We already know the Express lost a scoop about the Krays supplying politicians with boys in Walthamstow because a Tory MP was implicated – although it was a cross-party interest.

      It’s convenient that Savile became something to bash the BBC about only after he died, and could not drag others down.

  • Sam Fisheye

    ‘Call in Jimmy Savile. You can’t afford to fuck about – bring in an expert. He may have fooled you, not fucking me.’ Comedian Jerry Sadowitz back in 1988!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQX3PzZ94NU

    • John M

      Why do you think Jerry disappeared from our screens?

    • BetrayedRosse

      thats more like it!

    • blizzard

      Video does not exist.

  • Kay

    Why is Saville still being referred to as SIR!!!! he is or was no sir, he was a predator the Beeb allowed to carry on.

    • Darren Clarke

      Do you believe the Royals are free of any kind of debauchery? Their existence was borne from the same type of practice!

      • BetrayedRosse

        stupid cunt #2

        • Petepunk

          Inarticulate cunt #1 @betrayedrosse:disqus

          • BetrayedRosse

            Oh the irony

        • Padraigin Eagle

          Sorry to bring this up so long after the moment (why do the publishers keep the comments sections open for such long periods – must be the eyeballs syndrome) but why are you so tetchy today, arse-wipe? Saville and the drag-Queen been at your jewels again!

    • Welsh not British

      Such titles vanish upon death so he is no more a sir than the mass murdering genocidal racist Winston Churchill. The media love calling him a sir though.

      • terlet

        Sir Winston will always be a great hero.

        • LocalHero

          Sure just as long as there are ignorant assholes who will overlook his maniacal genocide.

          • terlet

            Why did you change the topic to Obama?

      • Petra Thompson

        Surely if Winston was a genocidal racist, you would not be here to write such tripe?

        • Priyank Kumar

          Oh… wait no that made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

          Churchill was definitely racist and you may try to contend about “genocidal” since lives of far away people and monumental documentary and historical evidence means little to status-quoist hero worshiping right wing twats and racists like you.

          • Petra Thompson

            You’d have been happy for Churchill to let the Nazis over-run Europe. You are no doubt one of those Indians who loves Hitler.

          • Ray Collins

            Churchill would have been quite happy if the German army had stormed into Russia and left England alone ffs we even signed a peace agreement with Hitler.

          • Padraigin Eagle

            Churchill was the real McCoy Nazi. Brush up on your history, finger sucking Petra; and not that bullsheyet they fed you at drama school.

          • Enochered

            Who told you that Hitler wanted to over-run Europe? Whoever it was forgot to tell him.
            Churchill described himself as a Zionist, make of that whatever your pea brain will allow.

          • Linda Mccann

            Parfitt or Rossi?

      • Benegan Brooksywooksy

        Sheep shagging loser not British. Thank fuck!!

      • BetrayedRosse

        stupid cunt

        • avs

          Do any of you have any real mature argument to contribute or are you just here to call each other cunts? Pathetic.

      • Gazza Tiberius Tompkinson

        Welsh,Churchill was a hero,you sir are a talentless cunt.

        • LocalHero

          Churchill was and is a war criminal and a degenerative psychopath.

          • Splat

            ‘Is’? He died a long time ago mate

        • StupidPolice

          Churchill was working for the Jewish international bankers and took Britain into war on their command. He was a Rothschild agent. He destroyed the British Empire and most of Europe setting it up for the Jewish Bolsheviks to take over half of Europe and starting perpetual strife in the Middle East by handing over Palestine to the Jews. How come Hitler was an enemy when Churchill’s allied Bolsheviks had already murdered 66 million Christians? Sir, I think it’s you who is the tasteless and extremely ignorant cunt!

          • C M Concepcion

            He was also head of the Black and Tans in Ireland, and it was he who gave the order for the massacre at Croke Park in 1918, the first Bloody Sunday. He was, indeed, a vile sink hole of a human being.

          • Splat

            Bolshevik Jews? The Bolsheviks persecuted Jews long before Nazis existed.
            Churchill wasn’t in power when Israel was created, he wasn’t Prime Minister between 1945-1951, Israel was created in 1948.
            If Britain hadn’t entered the war, the whole of Europe would have eventually become an annexe of Nazi Germany. Churchill led us into the war, kept Britain standing alone by its fingertips. Without him, without us, the US would never have got a foothold to Europe to be the driving force behind ridding the world if Hitler.
            Britain had spent 100s of years gaining control of countries round the world by conquering them just for money, trade, and business. We had no right to, but only succeeded because of our supremacy as sailors: we were better at it than the Spanish, Portuguese, Italians, Russians, Dutch, and eventually the French, all who also had conquered foreign countries for trade.
            The British Empire deserved to be destroyed.

          • Kandoobie

            Haven’t we ended up becoming Nazi Germany anyway? the only difference is that we don’t speak German! Look around, we have CCTV everywhere, fear mongering media, corrupt governments and banking systems etc just wait, we will be all fucked soon enough, it’s too far gone already

          • njnick979

            Only just seen this thread, Just out of interest Neville Chamberlain was PM when we went to war, Winston Churchill wasn’t Prime Minister until 1940.

          • Mercia

            Sick of this Rothchild crap for every occurance since and including WW1, Churchill was voted into power AFTER the war broke out, so your NWO notion is just that….

          • budess29

            And the mother of the Rothchilds’ was quoted as saying ” If my sons didn’t want there to be any wars, there wouldn’t be any! “…Bunch of slimebags!

          • Kyeld

            Go back to stormfront, fucking loser.

          • Steve Antony Williams

            You are a twat in a tin foil hat …..

      • Joe

        You’re British 🙂

        • Grant Keil

          oi, im scottish. nae british, he’s welsh. deal wae it

          • colin

            good stay scottish then and dont claim any british benefits and dont be goin too any british hospitals wen your sick

          • daysofdissent

            I’m pretty sure the hospitals work better in Scotland.

            This isn’t about any lack of friendship between English and Scottish people. This is about whether we should be loyal to our leaders and masters. Our society is a pyramid and it makes me sick when I see people display their loyalty to those at the top of the pyramid. The ruling class don’t give a fuck about you, mate. So stop defending them.

      • Not Welsh

        Welsh is British you moron. Where do you think the Britons went when the Saxons invaded? The word “Welsh” means “foreign” in the Saxon language. Are you calling yourself foreign?

        • Welsh not British

          British is a word invented by the English to make their colonial slaves feel included in their empire. You may be confusing this with words such as Briton or even Brythonic.

          • profbarkingmad

            What did the Normans ever do for us? 😉

          • oskamikey

            British is a term which encompasses all peoples of the British Isles. The British Isles are so called because the Celts themselves, from these Islands as well as Gaul and the Romans referred to them as Britannia, before the English even existed. It was not a word invented by the English and it has nothing to do with England in the political sense of holding control over the four nations which reside within. Being British simply means that you’re from the British Isles, or Britannia, or whatever else you want to call it. Your ignorance is laughable.

          • As I said you are confusing it with words such as Briton or Brythonic (and Britannia). By your definition you would now be classing those who are from the Republic of Ireland as British because they live in what you would call the British Isles.

            It is your ignorance that is laughable.

          • oskamikey

            But the Irish are British in that respect, not politically, but as a locality, and that’s what the term was originally created to describe (incidentally Ireland was also part of the United Kingdom for over 100 years). Go back to school.

          • The word British was invented within the last few centuries. It was never used before that. It was also used to denote ‘owndership’ of land and people right the way across the globe.

            So the people of India, Australia, Canada and god knows how many other lands the Empire stole were called British despite not being part of your precious British Isles.

          • oskamikey

            Wales were instrumental in stealing those lands too, don’t go white knighting yourself now.

            You’re trying desperately (and failing) to demonise a word “British”, so let’s just agree to disagree. Your xenophobic attitude is typical of an immature moron with no argument.

      • oskamikey

        Of course, you’re welcome to call yourself Welsh instead of British, but if you really despise your British identity so much, that must also mean you despise all the advantages and benefits Wales gets by being part of the United Kingdom. Go on and declare yourself independent, I dare you. And then see how long it is before your country slides into 3rd world status. Not that I have a problem with Wales. As far as I see it, we’re all people of these isles and should remain so, as one nation. It’s nothing to do with England having power over Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland because that’s not how it is. There are Welsh, Scottish and Irish MPs. We’ve had Welsh, Scottish and Irish Prime Ministers and even members of the Royal family are of celtic descent, so do me a favour and stop pretending to yourself that you’re somehow oppressed by these imaginary English overlords.

        • Grant Keil

          the monarcy is german… from hanover. and the banks run the shit not MP’s

          • oskamikey

            True, true, but you have to downplay things like that for these idiots

        • StupidPolice

          But taxes go to London!

          • oskamikey

            Yes they do go to London, but that money still goes to improving infrastructure, education etc. for all constituent countries, not just England.

          • welshman

            all of that money goes on improving infrastructure and transport and business in england. you never hear of major developments being funded by england in Wales. we’re just being leeched

    • Ludovicah

      He was NOT knighted by the Queen. His “title” not legally designated in the UK was conferred by the Catholic Church. He was never entitled to be called “Sir” as if he were a knight of the realm

      • Audrey Horne

        He WAS knighted by the Queen in 1990 as part of her birthday honours. He was given an OBE in 1972. Also in 1990 he was made Knight Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory the Great (KCSG) by the Pope.

        Hence: Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE KCSG

        • LocalHero

          What a steaming pile of nonsense.

          • Rollingstone

            Probably true though..

          • daysofdissent

            YOU’RE a steaming pile of nonsense.

    • Rick Sander

      btw, I think it’s good to mention Sir anywhere and everywhere.It’s a reminder that this was their guy.

  • Linda Mccann

    What happened to my comment? Savile was very clever, and collected evidence on fellow paedophiles. How do you think he got his knighthood (allegedly)? Thatcher was warned repeatedly not to do it.

  • Zara Whitaker

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  • Rachael Ferguson

    i think the writers of this article are clutching at straws a bit here in regards johnny rottens comments-i think johnny rotten could have been just kidding but bbc still didnt wanna publish it for legal reasons . they werent going to have an interviewee badmouth their golden boy regardless of whether they thought there was truth in the comments. the rest of the article is spot-on though. there are more people within the bbc who should pay- the people who covered saville up are as culpable as the man himself.

  • Ray Collins

    Did not know he was necrophiliac, This guy should have been put to sleep at birth.

    • zombiekiller117

      How does one determine which babies should be killed at birth ?

  • Quintus Maximus

    Irving welch wrote a story years ago, and the first person who came into my mind reading it, was saville. about a tv personality who worked in a hospital for charity, and abused the dead bodies. seems the rumours must have been EVERYWHERE, yet no-one did anything, perhaps because those who could do something were tarred with the same brush. ?

  • wombleranger

    Seems the BBC is actually an organization of pedophiles and perverts all payed for by the public through the extortionate practice of television license fee’s.

  • Pet

    My dad and I were whizzing around on a wheelchair in Stoke Mandaville hospital and that pedo popped his head out of an apartment. I was all, “hey that’s Jimmy Saville!” and my dad just stared at him.

  • RicoOS

    Wow the level of discussion on here is amazing, pretty much nothing but swearing, pontification without a shred of evidence, persecution complexes, conspiracy theories and people who clearly no little to nothing about the history of this country.

    Wish i hadn’t bothered following the link that led here

    • Billy Carlin

      Oh Dear! Jimmy Savile was classed as a “conspiracy theory” for decades and surprise surprise it has all come out in the wash. Oh Dear! So was Rolf Harris and Gary Glitter etc etc etc and Leon Brittan.

      What history of this country are you talking about? The one put out by the Elites through their controlled media etc or the real one with the corrupt controlled political parties, corrupt and fraudulent legal system and corrupt and fraudulent banking system where our government with the connivance of all of the other political parties instead of printing our money with NO debt gives our money away to these Elites for FREE in exchange for massive debt plus interest and then tax us the people into the ground to pay back that debt plus interest that we did NOT borrow in the first place.

  • Guest

    Johnny Rotten was dead on about a lot of things. Also said Vivienne Westwood would jump onto any trend, so long as she made a buck.

  • erte4wt4etrg

    Necrophiliac, child molestor, friends with serial killers, what kind of black magic shit was Savile into


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