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Actors, Directors and Bloody Squibs: Was the Boston Bombing Pure Hollywood?

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Boston Bombing Stage: An ensemble cast of soldiers, spooks and ‘cleaners’

21st Century Wire asks…

Can we put these crazy internet rumours to rest once and for all? Or maybe not…

Now, we can’t say one way or the other, whether some aspects of – or if the whole of the Boston Bombing ‘event’ was staged – few people can. Speculation is rife, yes, but we can look at what we see in pictures and ask relevant questions. The question everyone is asking is:

Is it possible that any of the events of April 15th were staged?

Yes. Many people’s first reaction to scenes of the bombing were that of disbelief – it was gruesome like no one had ever seen before – not even from war photos. Truly horrific and shocking. So much pain and suffering for so many victims and their families.

Still, there are skeptics, but not as much as to what happened (most people tend to take the bombing itself on face value), but rather, how perfectly it was was captured on film and in picture, from the stunning colorful plume cloud explosion which shot perfectly into the street – almost like a Hollywood film, or the ripped and torn cloths of victims, and the bright red colored spatters of blood on the pavement, or like the icon images of victims with legs and fingers blown off, being rushed away in wheel chairs where they would be photographed perfectly.  

‘It almost seems staged’

Indeed, as with 9/11, we heard the members of the public tell to the media the same thing, “It was like a scene out of a movie…”

This is the comment we hearing over and over, “It almost seems staged”. The evidence does back-up this assertion.

From the photos, to the FBI suspects, to the homilies by law enforcement and Washington officials – and unlike post 9/11, many more people this time are heard to be saying, “It just doesn’t add up”.

Looking back, many of the photos circulating through our media looked like PR shots straight out of Hollywood…

AWARD-WINNING PHOTO: Like a scene from TV’s ‘Incredidible Hulk’, a Boston Bombing crisis actor is seen with torn cloths, but no sign of any cuts or wounds. This works for movies, but unfortunately, it doesn’t fly in real life.

Some are saying it was designed for full public and emotional effect, and some may also argue that the most celebrated and famous scenes and pictures seem to defy the laws of physiology. So we’ve asked some professionals who work in trauma surgery and emergency response.

We are merely inquiring, so as to learn more about such events. Judging purely on the photographic evidence and some of the painfully dramatic interviews on US national networks like MSNBC, it would be ignorant not to revisit some of these images and soberly ask the questions:

– Why are so many EMT’s, and police wearing sunglasses, on such an overcast Boston Marathon day?

– Who is the man wearing a hood and sunglasses who was seen helping the double amputee, and why was he so keen to conceal his identity?

– How could someone who had both their legs blown off still remain fully conscious and awake after so long?

– Why are amputees and bombing victims all being carted off in wheel chairs? Doesn’t this break the first rule of basic first aid, let alone that of professional EMT or EMS workers on site? Why not use backboards or gurneys?

– Why does the blood on the pavement look like bright red paint, and not like real color of blood?

In real life, when caught in any serious or traumatic situation and especially when attending to the injured, the first thing that a person does is to take off their sunglasses in order to better see and to make eye contact with those who need help. But that’s just our opinion…

This blogger below who says he has worked as a professional EMT has questioned the narrative that all this just fell into place naturally on the day, and goes so far as to call it a fully staged event, complete with actors.

We’ll let you, the reader, decide for yourself…

NOTE: If you work as an EMT or have experience in a real medical theatre, your feedback and comments in our comments section are most welcome.

Are you just a believer, or do you think?

Buehlah Man’s Revolt

Digger shared a link with me that contains a sequence of events from a video that focuses on the double amputee that supposedly had his legs blown off. I want to share those with you here and ask you, especially if you have any trauma medical background (in the Armed Forces or ER or whatever), what is wrong with these pictures? (pictures and narrative by Fist-Of-Freedom)

I’ve studied and graduated EMT-B certification with the state of Oregon. I’ve been on calls with heavy arterial bleeds, internal bleeding, fatalities, DOA’s. I am speaking from direct personal experience with severe trauma.

Here is a telling photograph of the amputee actor. I encourage readers to view the photo side by side with my analysis.

If you loose both your legs from explosive trauma half your blood is gone in one minute via the femoral arteries, you’re dead after two.

Bleeding out is worse with blunt force trauma (like shrapnel) because flesh is torn rather than cut, exposing more arterial and vascular tissue. The human body holds 5 to 6 LITERS of blood.

If that really happened you would see blood EVERYWHERE, the guy would be drenched in it.

You would also see what’s called arterial spurting from the injury. Most likely he would vomit after turning ghost white from shock, then turning delirious or passing out. As for the “tourniquet”…

Its not even tied off, its suspended via gravity, which would literally do nothing to an arterial sever. There’s no pressure applied. There’s no knot with a turn stick for leverage. You can clearly see a gap in the nonexistent wrap job on his left inner thigh (left anterior proximal for you experts) His hands have no blood on them. There’s no blood on the ground. The color in his hands and lips shows good circulation.

This is an actor. This is staged. How did they pull it off though? I can show you.

Here in frame six on the left we see the the man with a hood setting up the fake leg wound prosthetics. His attention and hands are right there. The woman is acting as a shield covering what’s happening.
Frame 6


Here in frame eight the prosthetics are in place. Amidst all this chaos seconds after the explosion the hooded man takes the time to put on his sunglasses which is a signal.
Frame 8


Here in frame nine with sunglasses now on the hooded man and the woman make eye contact, signal received.
Frame 9


In frame eleven after recieving the go signal the woman makes an open hand gesture the direction both of them are looking, signaling the staged injuries are in place for cameras. The prone amputee raises his left prosthetic injury into the air over the woman’s shoulder. No blood is present. The bone is dry, no blood on his leg above the knee, no blood on the woman, no arterial spurt, nothing.
Frame 11


Here in frame fourteen the woman turns her head right but is still holding up that open palm signal with her left hand. The hooded man again busies himself pouring fake blood on the pavement behind the woman. The amputee has both fake injuries in the air now. There is still no blood on his legs, his skin above the injury is clean and dry.
Frame 14


Frame twenty, the fake blood and prosthetics are in place. The amputee gives an open hand gesture along with the woman to bring the cameras in. We’re now twenty frames in and still not a drop of fresh blood from a double leg amputation. His legs are dry, the woman is dry and unscathed. Both are making the same hand gesture.
Frame 20


These are actors. This is staged. It was flash powder. There was no crock pot nail bomb. There are no bombers, only patsy. If your looking for a gunman look at the Army in the streets of Boston. Share this knowledge with everyone.


Something about this entire thing smells to high heaven. When have you ever heard of someone with a blown off leg not bleeding? Some make the claim that it was cauterized, but obviously, the picture of them wheeling the guy out on the wheelchair shows ‘blood and gore’ (a cauterization is a burn that seals the wound). Something changed between these images and when they wheeled him out in front of the cameras.

And there is more analysis from Fist-Of-Freedom:

This image was taken by a third party photographer seconds after the first explosion. There is clear evidence of false flag staging here. The man in the red coat and baseball hat on the right is kneeling down giving directions to the guy in the white T-shirt. Also looking to this pair for direction are the woman sitting to the right and the man in a hood and sunglasses who set up the double amputee prosthetics.

Notice the relaxed posture and face of the hooded man. Notice also the calm prepared posture of the woman sitting down on the bottom right. See how her shirt sleeve is severely torn, yet her skin underneath is clean and clear of injury and blood. From where she’s sitting look right to the bottom right corner and you can see an unmarked bottle of fake blood.

Look to the left and see the cowboy hat man standing there doing nothing. This is the same man who will pretend to hold the tourniquet of the fake amputee actor later on. Look to center of the photo and you will see the african woman moving herself away from the amputee actor since her shielding him from camera’s job is over. Next to her is a woman with red hair leaning on her elbow.

Missing Legman

Compare this now with another photo taken seconds later. Putting them side by side is very helpful.

The man with the hood and sunglasses, who was just sitting up looking fine and healthy after fixing up the amputee actor’s prosthetics, is now on his back being evaluated by two people. Notice the rips in his jeans have no sign of blood or injury on the skin. The woman with red hair however is in the exact same pose as a minute ago. Meanwhile the double amputee actor is completely ignored by everyone when he is clearly in the most dire need of attention. There is a small amount of fake blood around him where the african lady shielding him used to be, she has dissappeared. What happened to her? Compare this photo with the first in my post.


The african woman who was sitting up, shielding the hooded man and amputee actor’s prosthetic rigging, giving hand signals, looking left and right, having no visible blood or injuries, is now covered in blood and strapped into a spine board stretcher.

In a real medical scenario the amuptee would receive immediate treatment or die from bleed out. The fact this actor woman is removed from the scene via stretcher while the double amputee is left on the ground is ludacris. He would be dead from blood lose before they could even begin spinal assessment procedures involved in moving a patient to a stretched. Not to mention his blood lose would be over five liters, enough to cover the entire scene around these people in a thick puddle.


From firsthand experience with trauma in the field of EMS work, this is not real. These are actors. This is all staged.

I know that many just want to believe. But I can’t help but think. So much doesn’t add up.

So, are you just a Believer or Do You Think? (Thanks, Digger)

KPatrickRyan shared an updated picture of the Bauman guy in the hospital (visited by Bradley Cooper). Compare him to the wheelchair man (Vogt???) and tell me who’s who.




UPDATED: 4/21/13

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  • Unbelievabel.

  • And utterly disgusting.

  • Fantastic keep up the good work. just look there is no blood on the floor under the wheelchair, and I am no expert but the structure is not right on the leg’s

    • Kay

      You people are idiots. Tsnaerav was arrested behind the house of a member of Priory of Sion John Paul Pirolli-Thomas Aaron Clark was a member of his group and is the nephew of Tim Strong who served on the Alec Station Unit board with Scheuer finding Bin Laden..no way a CIA related family would bomb their own backyard like that. They also run Oath Keepers as they are CIA mobsters. The mob may be bad ass but they would not blow up their own town.

  • websuspect

    In my article at http://websuspect.blog.com i mention that principle donna from Sandy Hook was at the Marathon and i include a map that shows her and the marathons proximity to the events. It would be the differencs of The editer and i from the 21st century wire driving in a bilderberg protest and some NRO insider Mark Dice flying cross country to an event. SOmething to think about.

  • I did read a similar article that was written by a doc this morning and was available at http://www.fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/are-you-just-a-believer-or-do-you-think/41807 however when I came home in the afternoon the page was not available anymore (wtf?!) I hope it was not taken down, however my point is that they may not have used Vogt for all for this ”show” but it is more than likely a fake anyway. I wish more people would try and do a little bit of a research before they believe the mainstream media.

  • max

    it will be good to be able to zoom on the picture to have a better look

    • The pic was on Dateline in full HD. It is phonier than a 3 dollar bill. Hollywood-style make-up job. Smudges under his eyes, and fake blood on his face. But there is no shortage of IDIOTS out there. They are called VOTERS.

  • Daniel Saavedra

    Ok, respectfully i disagree with you, ill like some of what you are smoking to think this is staged, and that the pictures you show are proof of this.

    • Dink you fluoride and go back to sleep. What drug do you smoke to make you fabricate lies. I’ve never heard of this drug.

  • Jillnts

    The young man in the wheel chair in the last photo is named Nick Vogt. He stepped
    on an IED and lost both legs. He received 500 units of blood, more than any other
    casualty survivor in U.S. history.
    Much happiness and good wishes to Nick

  • websuspect

    http://websuspect.blog.com had a similar article including a video which was shared to 21st century wire also includes a video with aberrations showing photoshoped gliblets!

  • cleb

    This is totally disrespectful to all the victims. Now to answer a few of your questions:

    -Why was there so much quality footage?
    Well, it could be because it was a freaking Marathon. People tend to film that stuff, you know.

    – Why are so many EMT’s, and police wearing sunglasses, on such an overcast Boston Marathon day?
    Well, again. Marathon. Have you been to one? That place’s full of EMTs just in case some of the runners collapse.

    – Why does the blood on the pavement look like bright red paint, and not like real blood?
    Looks pretty much like blood to me. Also, if you thought about this for more than a second you’d realise that anyone with the capacity to stage this would probably also have the capacity to use real (animal) blood.

    • nickatnoon

      cleb is an obvious beLIEver, not a thinker, or a traitorous shill.

      • cleb

        I like how you challenged all of my arguments. Oh wait, you didn’t. You just posted some stock response that you use to ridicule anyone who doesn’t believe what you believe. Please go ahead and call me a sheep, because clearly I’m the one incapable of individual thought.

        • Clearly you are a POS, and I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire…Jewboy!

      • moresnare1970

        Yes, it’s pretty obvious that ‘cleb’ is a plant. I think he/she is probably being paid to say some of that ignorant b.s. I mean, can a person really be that stupid, and blindly believe what our corrupt government and our corrupt main stream media tells them? Oh, wait, what was I thinking? This is America where 95% of the population has a relaxed brain and can’t seem to critically think for themselves…

        • cleb

          Yup, got me there. I’m being paid to argue with people on the internet. We figured out that this is a beter use of money than to buy some more realistic looking blood for our multi-million dollar staged photos.

          • OverIt

            They use both these strategies cleb mentions, and then more….

        • anh ha

          game iwin “WHY WOULD THEY LIE?” btw reeks of BLIND BELIEF IN OFFICIALS, which borders on blind religious belief.

    • Nothing to see here. No independent investigation needed. We’ll just let agents of foreign power (Israel) do the investigation and thinking for us. Now, move along.

      • cleb

        Nothing to see here, no independent investigation needed. Let’s just blindly believe what this one guy posted on his blog. That makes us so much smarter than people who believe what they read in other media.

    • These are cliches to try and stop people from questioning officials and official stories, I’ve seen them since 911, there’s a formula to them:

      The guy above me: “YOU’RE DISRESPECTING THE VICTIMS” (or victims’ families, so don’t question anything).

      “WHY WOULD THEY LIE?” -> this is a big one, when you present valid questions, “WHY WOULD THEY LIE?” Ummm….power & money, for starters? Those are two good reasons, among MANY.

      The fact that this bozo above got in first with a time-tested cliche: “YOU’RE DISRESPECTING THE VICTIMS”, makes me think he’s a shill. He could just be a genuine idiot, though.

      “WHY WOULD THEY LIE?” btw reeks of BLIND BELIEF IN OFFICIALS, which borders on blind religious belief.

      • cleb

        You’re right, the argument “WHY WOULD THEY LIE?” is ridiculous. That’s why I didn’t use it, which you would have figured out if you read my post before replying.

        The part about disrespecting the victims is purely emotinal and not worthy of discussion – it is my opinion of the blog author’s morals, not of the article itself.

        A disrespectful article can still be true. This one, however, presents no valid points . That’s what makes it stupid.

        • AKHENATEN01

          Point out the fallacies, if you can…point by point, please. Also, can you show that the investigation was not turned over to Israeli Mo SS ad, IDF, or Shin Bet agents?

          • cleb

            I don’t really have the time to go through the fallacies point by point. I pointed out 3 of them above in my first comment.

            The biggest fallacy I see in this entire “conspiracy” is:

            If they were to stage something this massive, do you really think that they would not have researched what bomb victims look like? Do you think that they would invest all the time and money into the setup, actors, covering it all up etc, but they would not do the research to make it look realistic?

          • AKHENATEN01

            Short answer to your question: You are either a paid or volunteer Israeli disinformation agent (hasbara), or a real deal Israeli alphabet soup agency operator…see ya around.

          • cleb

            And here we go again with the same “Argument” I’ve already seen here 10 times. He does not believe our theory, therefore he must be a federal agent.

            You call yourself thinkers for not believeing the official version, but at the same time you automatically reject and mock anyone who does not believe your exact version.

            Theories are meant to be questioned, reviewed, discussed. When someone challenges a theory with arguments, proponents of that theory will present counterarguments. They will try to convince you that the theory is right or do some research and modify their theory accordingly if some of the arguments pointed out flaws in their theory.

            Religion is different. When someone questions someone’s religious belief, he’s called a heathen, told that he’s speaking satan’s words and then – depending on how radical the religious fanatic is – killed for speaking heresy.

            Not one of you has tried to present a single counterargument to any of my arguments. I have, however, already been called a traitorous shill, POS, paid or volunteer Israeli disinformation agent, dog shit and other names. I even recieved what could be interpretted as a death threat (gotta love the Internet tough guys).

            What does that tell you about your little group of “Thinkers”?

          • AKHENATEN01

            STRAW MAN (“Theories are meant to be questioned…Religion is different…”), AD HOMINEM (“You call yourself thinkers for not believeing the official version…What does that tell you about your little group of “Thinkers”?”), and AD POPULUM (“…do you really think that they would… Do you think that they would invest…”)…I offered you NO version of my own; I asked you to reveal the fallacies of the argument on offer, “point by point”, and you replied with “I don’t really have the time to go through the fallacies point by point. “; Yet, you’ve managed time enough to compose in, total, 300 words of drivel across 2 “non-replies”, was I not to notice? However, given your “non replies” I can believe that you have been threatened, and that you are not smart enough to be on any governments’ payroll, at least not in some alphabet soup agency type role…then again…Long story short: either you are one of the truly stupid with a pinch of knowledge (generally the most insufferable type of person), or you are engaged in a deliberate effort to obfuscate truth; either way, you’ve proven yourself a waste of time.

            p.s. Notice, one hundred and ninety-eight words of substance…

          • cleb

            Please educate yourself about what STRAW MAN, AD HOMINEM and AD POPULUM mean. You are embarassing yourself.

            The closest to AD HOMINEM we’ve had here is, quite ironically, your own statement : “You are either a paid or volunteer Israeli disinformation agent (hasbara), or a real deal Israeli alphabet soup agency operator”. I originally intended to call you out on it, but then I (unlike you) went to check what what I’m about to post means and I refrained from posting it (it would be AD HOMINEM if I were, in fact, an agent – which I’m not. So your statement was not ad hominem, it was just plain old name-calling – the holy grail of all arguments)

          • AKHENATEN01

            Typical arrogant Khazar, still no point by point refutation of argument on offer…shove it loser.

          • cleb

            Why would I waste time refuting the entire article for you when you haven’t addressed any of the 3 points that I made yet?

            Besides, mocking your incompetence at discussion has since become way more fun than trying to refute the article – it is hilarious that you accuse me of using AD hominem, and shortly after that you reply to my post calling me a khazar (whatever that is). Please go on. It is very entertaining for me.

          • AKHENATEN01

            Your “3 points” point to nothing but what YOUR your mind registers i.e. no deductive, inductive, or indirect paths of REASON toward DISPROVING the opening argument. You got bupkis biotch! As far as your “Please go on…” remark is concerned, you can go to The Jewish Autonomous Oblast, Birobidzhan, Russia (established in 1934) https://maps.google.com/maps?q=autonomous+jewish+oblast&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x5ef0d7caa7925693:0x1045834396f9900,Jewish+Autonomous+Oblast,+Russia&gl=us&ei=HdV6UejFNYfd2AWW4YC4Ag&ved=0CI8BELYD, or you can go straight to Hell; and, by all means, do pass Palestine!

          • cleb

            What my mind registers? Are you saying that it is somehow my opinion that marathons are well documented and full of EMTs? That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact. You can prove it directly by getting your ass outside and going to a marathon to take a look yourself.

            As for the blood, here, have a picture from a slaughterhouse:

            Apparently someone also staged this slaughterhouse photo using paint as fake blood. And all other slaughterhouse photos as well. I blame PETA.

            It is obvious that the author of the article did absolutely zero research about this. If you are willing to believe a theory based on 3 false assumptions then I don’t think I can help you.

          • AKHENATEN01

            “…then I don’t think I can help you.”…hahaha, ain’t that something? Listen Pal, this exchange did not begin with my seeking your or anybody else’s help, and it certainly will not end that way either; perhaps it is you, and your ilk, that should seek help…seek help for a means to curb your, obviously inbred, snide and arrogant posture. I specifically asked you to present a reasoned argument to counter the primary argument on offer, and you have returned nothing but a stream arrogance laced logical fallacies (too numerous to cite), all the while waving them high and snidely proclaiming them “reasoned argument”

            To begin and END with, the first of your “3 points”:

            “-Why was there so much quality footage?

            Well, it could be because it was a freaking Marathon.
            People tend to film that stuff, you know.”

            President Kennedy’s motorcade through Dealey Plaza in Dallas TX
            on 11/22/1963 was a “freaking” big deal too, also with many people “filming stuff” in attendance at the “finish line”; yet, there seems to be a dearth of photographic evidence of the “main event” of that day available. Likewise, on 09/11 many more than the crowd at the “freaking Marathon” in attendance, but only a handful of photos of the “actual planes” that struck the twin towers of what used to be the WTC…only a handful of very poor quality photos at that. And let’s not forget the plane that struck the Pentagon on 09/11, the most highly guarded and surveillance covered/wired government/military site on the planet…not only have we no photos of a plane “crashing” INTO it, but we’ve no plane nor dead passengers either; but, “It is obvious that ” a plane crashed into the Pentagon on that day, right? Hahaha! Remember, these were all SUDDEN and UNEXPECTED events; ergo, this first point of yours amounts to zero, in fact, less than zero .

            I can do the very same with the remaining 2 of your “3 points”,
            but I’ll not bother because (1) you are, for whatever reason, deeply invested in the lies thus far presented and peddled, and (2) you’re not worth convincing anything…I’m done with you.

          • cleb

            I really don’t know how the JFK assassination is relevant to the amount of photographers at a marathon.
            Out of the thousands of runners, EACH of them gets several (around ten) high quality photos of themselves running (with as little crowd around them as possible). That implies that the photographers must be taking pictures all the time. Or shoot video and cut frames from it.
            And the finish line is the main point of interest. People are shooting videos there because they want a video of someone they know crossing the finish line.

          • You are aware that a plane didn’t hit the pentagon right? right?!? Because it’s on record that the plane never reached the pentagon. That’s the one the passengers brought down long before it got to the pentagon.

            Are you also aware that planes fly very fast and the chance of people having footage of the plane is going to be incredibly rare being that no one was staring at the sky waiting for a plane to crash into a building?

            Are you also aware that video cameras in 1963 were pretty expensive and most average citizens didn’t own one? They could cost upwards of $1000 for quality ones and around $400 for bigger, lower quality ones? Not everyone in 1963 had a cellphone with 8MP video camera so yes, Obviously today there is going to be a lot more photographic evidence.

            You chose to argue just ONE of cleb’s points and managed accomplish nothing because every counterpoint you made was lacking entirely in the logic department

          • Well said. I fall between the two camps. I’m open to either idea, especially when not in full receipt of the facts, but one thing I know for sure is that I wouldn’t presume to know either way, not when there is some real chance genuine victims (if there are any) might read my OPINION (because that is all it would be). Assuming everything that happens in America is a conspiracy theory is just as sheepish as always believing the occasional b/s the dominant classes DO inevitably at times will sell us. To be reflexive you first have to be open, and with that in mind your argument ceases to satisfy. Equally, some of these responses posted to ‘Cleb’ show how blinkered conspiracy theorists can be, it’s like the blind leading the immutably blind. You guys have just persuaded that if there’s one thing crazier than believing the Marathon Bombing was genuine, that one thing would be believing your pitch instead.

          • ChristopherMarlowe

            Your “arguments” are so trite and fallacious that they are hardly worth the effort. But:

            1. You ignored the “sunglasses” point above. The question wasn’t why there were EMTs and police officers. It was “why are they wearing sunglasses on an overcast day when they are dealing with an emergency”? You only PRETENDED to answer that.

            2. You began with the point that this was “totally disrespectful to all of the victims”, and then when it was pointed out that this is a typical SHILL comment, you say that it is not worthy of discussion? And then you pretend to be objective: “Theories are meant to be questioned, reviewed, discussed…” That is what the author is doing: She is discussing the stupid official theory that is so full of holes. YOU responded with this is “totally disrespectful…” You played that emotional card first.

            3. It “looks pretty much like blood to [you]”, is not an argument. That is testimony, but you are not an eyewitness, nor are you an expert witness. So that’s pretty worthless.

            4. Anybody with the capacity to stage this could have used real blood. True. But you are using a fallacy here. That same argument could be used anytime someone is caught doing something; i.e. If he really wanted to get away with it, he wouldn’t have gotten caught. Your argument might be applied to movies as well: If people wanted to make the most realistic movies, why wouldn’t they use real blood also? The answer is that fake blood photographs better, lasts longer, cleans up easier, etc…. But they don’t need real blood if they control the crime scene. And if most of the US is a bunch of retards who believe everything in the media (ahem) then they could use ketchup as far as that matters. No one will question even the most obvious lies. And for those who are awake and read the alternative media, the (israeli) government dispatches relentless shills to jack up the discussions. (cough)

            5. Your last argument is similar to #4: “If they were to stage something this massive, do you really think that
            they would not have researched what bomb victims look like?” It is a fallacy that if someone had all those resources and planning, then they would have never gotten caught. That same argument can always be pulled out whenever israel or the FBI or the CIA get caught. Also, they did make it look real. It does fool a lot of people. Most retards are eating this stuff up. The really big retards even believe the lies in the Jewish media that the people in Gaza were celebrating this “attack”. No proof of that, but if a person is thoroughly retarded by the JMSM, then they don’t need proof. They just need something that closely resembles proof. I can fool an infant into thinking that my head disappeared by covering my face up with a blanket. It’s not very sophisticated, but it gets the job done. Most people don’t seem to have enough intellectual curiosity to look up “Strategic Operations” in San Diego, which supplies amputees for military training exercises. Most people don’t even realize that an amendment to the last NDAA repealed the Smith-Mundt Act, so that it is now entirely legal for the federal government to use propaganda like this to terrify its own citizens.

          • cleb

            Ok, then why are they wearing sunglasses on an overcast day when they are PRETENDING TO DEAL with an emergency? See, vague speculations like this can go both ways.

          • ChristopherMarlowe

            Why would someone want to cover up a large portion of their face when
            they are perpetrating a psy-op in front of a camera? Why do armed
            robbers wear masks over their faces? That is not a vague speculation.
            That is exactly the type of behavior that we would expect in this
            situation. Another type of expected behavior would be to have disinfo
            agents prowling the social media raising specious arguments…

          • OverIt

            You tried to silence this discussion by pulling the ‘disrespect to victims’ card, but it is disrespectful to victims if we do not seek the Truth instead of following the official line fed to us by vested interests that control the media.

          • OverIt

            They thought they were dealing with sheeple but it turns out we are people, with a brain to enquire, investigate and analyse. Well done People.

          • Ashley Diane Henry

            I believe they tried their best to make it look realistic, but in real time, I think it made them nervous (you can see this at the 2nd fake bomb site), resulting in their getting sloppy.

        • Dog shit like cleb will rot in hell! I would LOVE to put him there PERSONALLY!

        • OverIt

          Seeking the Truth is not disrespect. It is just….seeking the truth.

    • Dorothee

      How often have you seen people who had their shoes (sports shoes!) “blown off” their feet with no injuries whatsoever? How can it happen, that an explosion tears your clothes to shreds right on your thighs and all you come up with later is dirty skin??? To me, that doesn’t really make sense at all!

      • cleb

        Finally someone who can think individually and present a point. Thank you.

        I think that the man in the first picture with shredded clothes and just dirty skin underneath could just have been thrown away by the explosion, causing him to grind against the pavement. I believe that the result of that would look pretty much like this.

      • Look at that POS actor in the wheelchair with the so obvious make-up on. Smudged under his eyes, etc. I saw it on my 61″ HD TV much more clearly on Dateline. cleb is a SHILL, and probably a JEW. Only JEWS can lie so profusely with zero conscience. It is FIRST nature with them.

        • AKHENATEN01

          Nick, Judaism is a religion, unfortunately the one religion a bunch of thieves (European Khazars) have chosen (since the 7th century AD) to abuse and hide behind…chosen because it just so happens to confer a “chosen” status upon them as “Jews”…or so they like to think. To label all “Jews” as rotten eggs because of the corrupt nature of its majority adherents, is akin to labeling all Catholics pedophiles for the transgressions and crimes of some of the Catholic clergy…doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, does it? Judaism is the ancient and venerable African religion which gave rise to both Christianity and Islam (Abrahamic religions/faiths); what’s rotten here is not the religion, but the Khazar people, for hijacking it, abusing it and hiding behind it, all at the same time.

    • Right.

    • It does not look like blood Cleb. It”s red and liquid, but it’s not blood. Ask any emergency worker and if they are honest and not trying to hide their doubts from themselves they’ll tell you that stuff looks NOTHING like real blood. That is just a simple physical fact.

      • cleb

        I was doubtful of this so I looked up some photos from slaughterhouses. It appears that in some of them, the blood looks exactly like this:


        I am not sure why (I have no education in biology afterall).
        Maybe it is because the blood is really fresh? Or that it was spilled in huge amounts? I do not know the reason, but it appears that blood does look like that sometimes in photographs.

    • So, It looks like real blood to you and that is supposed to satisfy? Just what expertise do you have to be the lone arbiter of what is real blood simply by viewing it?

      I spent more than twenty years as a special effects contractor to film, television and theme attractions, so I have seen plenty of fake blood and not only is that blood fake, it is the worst blood surrogate I have ever seen – looks more like red paint from Lowes. I guess they were being real cheap, because any second rate FX designer can make more realistic blood than that.

      Aside from my career, I am also an intestinal transplant survivor. I lost my intestines in a medical accident and spent more than 14 months in hospitals with multiple surgeries, so I have seen plenty of real blood, which become darker the longer it is exposed to oxygen. The iron in the blood begins to oxidize when exposed to air and basically rusts – which is why dried blood is very dark reddish-brown. Real blood is somewhat translucent, whereas that red junk is very opaque – like paint.

      You see blood, because you WANT to see blood and need to believe the narrative. I don’t know why this was faked and really don’t care to guess why or who, but as a veteran of the entertainment industry, who has done thousands of prosthetics, using silicone, foam latex and blood pumps, etc., this is definitely a theatrical production – and not a very good one at that. Good enough for a drill, but not nearly realistic enough for film.

      I believe that the people behind this really don’t care about quality, because they know that most people would believe and defend the media’s narrative even if the blood were green. I’m sure the media will have a hundred less believable, unscientific, ad hoc explanations for why the blood looks like paint and most people will buy it, because it helps them move on and put this behind them.

    • skeptical

      not really use real blood for fake event it congeels to fast jes sayin

    • Kenny Aldrich

      the blood is phoney it shows red on the bottom of black shoe soles..blood NEVER does that ever. so..you’re wrong

    • Ashley Diane Henry

      You didn’t explain why the EMTS were wearing sunglasses, only that they were there. And the footage was NOT quality, after-all, it wasn’t able to show us anything substantial, except for what THEY wanted us to see – everything else was deleted by the FBI..


  • If Buehlah Man’s Revolt’s analysis were accurate, about people dying within 2 minutes of losing their legs, there would be no veterans who lost their legs. If they had them amputated, it’s normally because of an injury that cut off blood supply but that generally means the same amount of blood is lost as if the legs were blown off.

    Shrapnel is not normally a blunt force either, the blast is a blunt force that tears limbs off, rips clothing and flesh (and they do tend to be vertical tears for some reason.) etc. Shrapnel is often razor sharp and causes maximum damage because of that. ie. in Northern ireland, the IRA used scafolding poles cut doen and threaded so te would fragment in to thin razor sharp arcs of metal. Thirty pieces like that travelling at high speed will virtually dismember a person much the same as a shot gun or other device.

    Also blood does look like this in large amounts when it oxygenates. It’s dark when deoxygenated and red when it hits the air. if you really want to compare you can look for the countless grotesque beheading videos like the Los Zetas ones. They’re very very graphic though. But blood does tend to look even redder on film than in real life especially when spread around.

    I don’t think it’s staged at all. If it was false flag, spooks wouldn’t fake it, they would set up a real terror attack or allow one to take place with prior knowledge. There are always fanatics who will do this kind of thing.

    I agree with what cleb said: This is totally disrespectful to the victims and represents the inability to deal with the fact that these things will happen because America is committing atrocities abroad.

    A big problem is that people are now justifiably so distrusting of the US government and CIA that it’s easy to think that the US’s only real enemies are them. Well they make enemies for the US and those enemies are growing in number and aggressiveness with every drone strike. But when terrorists retaliate, they nearly always attack the common people.

    • > I don’t think it’s staged at all. If it was false flag, spooks wouldn’t fake it, they would set up a real terror attack or allow one to take place with prior knowledge.

      A false flag for propaganda purposes would require a guaranteed minimum level of gore theater for public consumption. So among the genuine havoc there will be set pieces to ensure that, no matter what chance throws up, the public is fed the with the desired reason-numbing gore theater.

    • nickatnoon

      Vlad, you don’t actually beLIEve your own gibberish do you? The jUSA Govt. is the biggest enemy of it’s own citizens and always has been. I have researched MK Ultra for near 20 years, and know victims personally. What the government/CIA/Mossad do to millions of children is unspeakable. Anyone who supports, and protects this EVIL will rot in hell!

    • Gary Gibson

      Terrorists NEVER retaliate against “the common people” because there is a kinship there. GOVERNMENTS and covert agencies retaliate against common people.

    • Right. So far the conspiracy theorists have implicated everyone from the White House right down to local police and EMTs. You would have to include all the victims, their families and workplaces, and local hospitals as well into this vast conspiracy. Anyone who believes you can have a few thousand people involved in a conspiracy without word of it leaking needs to get back on their meds.

      Beyond that, looking at photos and calling it “fake blood” or seeing a woman in shock and offering the opinion that she looks “calm” or wondering why people wear sunglasses on a partly cloudy day (happens all the time) is hardly “evidence” of everything; it’s slanted speculation by people who’ve drunk the conspiracy Kool-Aid who have already decided it’s a conspiracy from the start.

      On the other hand, you could visit Beth Israel or one of the other Boston area hospitals yourself and find actual victims being treated. Oh, but wait, checking actual facts on the ground is what the hated MSM does, let’s just believe people who never move their ass out from behind their computer and speculate endlessly on photographs instead.

  • JaWamDam

    A large explosion? All the windows are OK. And the dust? There is nothing that gave so much dust. The whole scene looks like a separate area, with no access to “outsiders”. Another Hoax? Seems that the “terrorists” can terrorize without real victims. The real victims will be in Arab countries.

  • moerstaal

    Google ‘blood street pavement’ and you see dark red blood, almost dark purple… The bright red blood are staged stock photo’s …….

  • Bloodbath

    If you believe this, you are a mongoloid. Plain and simple.

  • Daniela

    I live in Brazil. And in our local newspaper, the amputee guy being rescued on the wheelchair had BOTH os his LEGS with him! Explain that.

    • There was another guy in a wheelchair that has both legs that oddly looks very similar to missing limbs man. I’ll see if I can find it.

    • Thinker

      Please post the pictures you saw. We can’t get to them here in the U.S.

    • Dorothee

      I’d just LOVE to see that picture!

    • angel

      One thing I don’t understand.Why can people believe that people died without seeing any bodies? They need to investigate those family and am sure if they look at they said they were buried ,they won’t find any body there.If so have to do dna for the public to confirm.Need to be a lab different labs .They were all in this for a beter life called MONEY.
      We all need to do some investigation on our own.The people involved in this should be in jail 4ever.They helped killed one of the brothers and put a innocent kid in a hospital bed for real and jail.Shame on the this people that believe in all this and those that are in it.
      I don’t know about you ,but I didi not see any news from any channel or country covering the event,only their own camera people and photographers.Very convenient right?
      I saw a pic in the medical tent with a guy holding a sign saying this is the MORGE and also a big barrel behind with RED PAINT.
      Also a saw right on the corner of one of the video the guy with ripped black pants ,coming out of the broken window for his running scene.And latter hi was back in the scene by the first bomb were he is seeing running.Off course the FBI was asking the public for his pic and if anyone knew him right? Really people? Wake up when still time.
      Not including a guy holding a smoke gun for the smoke scene and the same was by the area where they were hiding everything.

    • skeptical

      do you mean blown off with him or legs intact? please clarify thanx

  • disqus_boHJjoLmJR

    I have a question. How do you account for the dead victims? I see victim Krystal Campbell in the photos above in Frames 9, 11, & 14. She is wearing a blue shirt and is on the right hand side, screaming. On another site, her body is half blown off and she looks like she is already dead while her pulse is being checked http://234.sk/boston (in photo on 5th row down). My question is honest based on the different photographic footage which seem to tell varying stories …. Actors? and Victims? Just actors … Just real victims. What do you think?

    • what would you do if you were setting up a piece of gore theater designed to kill reason, whip up righteousness revenge lust and create desire for increased security power for the loving, protective state?

      The obvious thing to do is create genuine havoc of the desired kind. But you don’t want to leave the important stuff to chance. You really want to guarantee the desired gore theater actually comes to light the way you want it. Among the genuine havoc will be set pieces rehearsed for public consumption – so you have set the minimum level of gore impact for the public.

      • This is classic problem, reaction, SOLUTION that David Icke talked about 20 years ago.The EL-ite need to manufacture enemies for us so we can go along with an even larger POLICE STATE. So we can ALLOW more rights taken away. It is a HUGE mind f**k for those without the ability to see through it. WAKE UP SLEEPLE SHEEPLE!

    • Gary Gibson

      Look at Frame 20. Where did she go? Has she been replaced?

  • Tarquin

    There are some people who will never believe in anything other than what they’re told by officialdom. To believe anything else would mean that their belief system is misshapen and wrong. You could have photos of buildings collapsing at free fall speed, with no apparent damage. Crash sites with no seats, luggage, engines, wings and of course people. You will never change these people’s minds. so don’t worry when they attack you. They’re only scared of the truth.

    • nickatnoon

      @Tarquin, you are so right! The Fluoridated “alleged’ Brains are so fat, and dumbed down there seems to be ZERO critical thinking. It’s called Cognitive Dissonance. The truth plays havoc with their beLIEf Systems. These nitwits are still hanging on tight to “America”, Apple Pie, and Baseball, when actually Amerika is the land of the FEE, and the home of the SLAVE. The Govt. knows how well they have mind-f**ked the American pubics. To pull off 911 and still be in office, instead of hung by the lamp-posts is eviDENSE enough!

      • Birdunit

        That is not cognitive dissonance. lol Cognitive dissonance is when you have two conflicting beliefs which in turn causes dissonance, in this case you are saying Americans only have one belief.

      • AKHENATEN01

        And if American people are not ripe for cognitive dissonance, en masse, then pigs do indeed fly; the reason we are so ripe for such is our seemingly “death grip” embrace of racism and white supremacy ideologies as THE natural order of human affairs…only the sick, twisted, and insane can believe in such a world. Hence, our ripeness for any and all delusions/hallucinations foisted upon us, en masse. There is but one cure for this sickness, which grips the American body politic, it is simple, obtainable, and CORRECT…the cure is sincere and everlasting rejection of racist/white supremacy ideologies; and, it is.the ONLY cure! From that one cure alone, all that is rotten in us shall be excised, and we may actually become the people we claim to be…

    • i agree i wonder how those actors can live with themselves knowing they pulled a very bad joke on america, and if they didnt know you think they would talk

      • AKHENATEN01

        The majority of U.S.Govt. employees (especially military and law enforcement), when asked or ordered to perform, no matter the deed, believe they are serving and saving their country…then there is always the threat of punishment, for failure to obey.

        • vikingfuneral1

          Like the Department of the Interior? The Forest Service? The Department of Rangeland Management? You’re an idiot.

          • AKHENATEN01

            Yes, them and even the others that you’ve never heard of…you may consider yourself or someone close to you an exception, and I say, unequivocally, that you or they are not; You, in particular, are a jackalope, hahaha! BTW, did you not notice my use of the word “majority”, as opposed to “all”; silly me; jackalopes can’t read, now can they? Hahaha!

      • skeptical

        I see what ur saying but several young men are dead without a trial I think ppl dont talk because they are scared and when they do talk they end up dead

    • vikingfuneral1

      Or maybe they’ve seen exactly what you’ve seen, and didn’t come to the same conclusion. I’ve been following this case very closely, and I haven’t seen a single thing to make me suspicious. And every argument or example brought forth by the conspiracy crowd falls apart very quickly when exposed to basic logic. It has nothing to do with me being “afraid of the truth” or “mislead by the media” – I can just as easily go read The Blaze or Alex Jones or dig even deeper into that side of the equation as you can.

    • Paul Barbara

      Absolutely! And regarding your ‘crash sites’, look at the difference between Shanksville and the Pentagon, and MH 17 and Lockerbie (PA 103).
      First two, no seats, bodies, luggage or substantial wreckage (though there was wreckage of a drone to the left of alleged impact; see ‘Behind the Smoke Curtain: the 9/11 Pentagon Attack’); second two, lots of wreckage and many bodies (God rest their souls).

  • someone21

    Yes stupid sheeple..it’all staged…wake up and smell the coffee you idiotic tv watchers…guess what..9-11 was also a false flag… and there is no santa… retarded americans

    • lol .. excellent imitation of a bruised-faith rant.

      But seriously. Why are people so keen to fall for the wacky conspiracy theories that the FBI throw up.

  • Ale

    Cleb Lord, because he fell Building 7 world trade center?

    because … to see you got that answer?

    Of course not, if you’re just a pagan or a cynical FOOL AND LIAR who repeats everything the media wants to repeat.

  • Ale

    Thank you for your excellent work in south america we know that everything that comes from the media united states is a tran LIE.

  • Stepford Punx

    Thank you for uploading this information. I was watching the West Texas Fertilizer footage and saw people looking over their shoulders once they knew that the camera’s were rolling. It made then move faster and those blue gloves were worn by practically everyone. One woman had a bandage dangling from her neck and when the camera was on her she refused help from the permanently stationary ambulance. Thank you for exposing this disgusting government farce.

  • This is fucking ridiculous. All that “fake blood” is the 6 lbs of blood that escaped his legs you fucking ignorant pricks, that’s why it’s absent in the photo. Find something better to do with your lives than think everything is a conspiracy before you lose your mind. You’re pretty much saying every single person apart of the Boston marathon that day was apart of this nonexistent cgi stage act. Piss off, all of you.

    • failbotmedia

      This comment should be comment of the year.
      The scientific and thought provoking processes in formulating this piece of art astounds me, and it is truly a reflection of your unsurpassed intellect.

    • Mark Page

      The point of this article is that no ones legs were blown off. After seeing the photo of Vogt, it seems clear to me that this is the same man as the wheelchair guy in Boston. Can’t you see that? Have you seen the pictures which show empty plastic bottles that clearly contained fake blood?

    • So, why are you here? What led you to this site? Or are you one of these paid megaphones that come to sites like this to try to discredit the theories?

    • oldranger68

      If that much blood had actually “escaped his legs” you fucking ignorant bimbo, he would be fucking unconcious, or more likely, dead.

    • Gary Gibson

      You can’t possibly be as ignorant of how governments and covert agencies work as you sound, can you?


  • Ezra Pound

    All if this “they were actors” garbage is government counter-intelligence to discredit alternative accounts of the bombing.

    • failbotmedia

      some of them were actors.

    • OK thanx JEWBOY!

  • Like I’ve been saying: if these people in these so-called “terror attacks”, ARE participating in a staged attack…a Sandy Hook, a Boston Marathon bombing; if they are ACTORS in a staged terrorist attack: ACTING the part of bomb victims, grieving
    parents, military contractors, local police, etc…then they would have inside knowledge about the false flag, could be easily identified, detained and questioned, and prosecuted under RICO.

    All we need is a DA, any DA, from any county, in any state to move forward with an
    investigation. Any Attorney General from any state in the union who hasn’t drunk the Kool-aid.

    A new Jim Garrison, a new independent Oklahoma City bombing investigation. Someone to start an investigation, find out who these people are, haul them in front of grand jury, ask them who planned these staged attacks, who paid them, and uncover the whole rancid under-belly of the so-called war on terror that has enslaved and impoverished America.

    • Guest

      Perhaps these “actors” were told they were hired as part of the “bombing drill” scheduled for this day.

  • oldranger68

    I was a combat medic in Viet Nam. This scenario presented is not possible. Even Arterial blood, which is oxygenated, doesn’t remain red like that, nor is it that shade of red, when exposed to the air. The double amputee shown here would be in such a state of shock that he would most certainly not be applying palm pressure to his leg while riding in a wheel chair, which is ludicrous in its own right. He should be unconcious at the very least. I spent four tours of duty in VN. I was wounded in the ’68 Tet offensive. I have seen more trauma than most people could imagine in an entire lifetime and this is not right. Even my nightmares are more accurate than this.

    • i agree what i dont know is where ther any people hurt, and if all were actors you think they would tell someone so all of america arenot freaked out

      • Sarah

        If this is a false flag terror attack, I wonder to what lengths the people who benefit from this would go to in order to make sure those involved don’t speak out. And the best way to hide a lie is to incorporate a little truth.

        • If this comes at a false flag then what does this say about Sandy Hook Elementary? Does this really put the nail in the coffin on that being a setup and hoax as well then? Makes me wonder.

          • AKHENATEN01

            One does not need “this” to understand the lie of Sandy Hook…simple logic and common sense, on air reactions of “grieving” Sandy Hook parents for starters, and how about that wonderful performance by the local Medical Examiner? Sandy Hook should and does stand on its own as “false flag comedy hour”, or “what not to do, if you want to be believed”…

      • they weren’t acting. the deaths & injuries are real.

        • Yes Mike… there were two bombs and the authorites have said there were 3 deaths and 260 injured. One of the bombs was a setup and the ‘actors’ above played their parts perfectly. Most people that deny these truths question… “Why would they set this up?” The answer is quite simple… to get us used to it. You desensitize a population through repetition… 9/11, Columbine, Waco, Oklahoma City, Aurora, Sandy Hook, and the list goes on and on. After each ‘event’ there is a new law (or laws) that is (are) designed to take away more civil liberties? “Why?”, you say? Because the United States government is under the control of the United Nations, and a socialist concept called Agenda 21. Research it and you will understand their motives and why we need to be prepared to fight… the worst is yet to come.

          • OverIt

            Our Australian government and alternate political party too are under the control of the United Nations, and the the eco/fascist-communist concept called UN Agenda 21. Our individual rights and private property rights are being dessimated.

          • anh ha
          • Again, the multiracial Zionist NWO cabal made up of bankers and military and neocons, are not communistic. They make money.

          • Paul Barbara

            It’s not that the US is under the control of the UN, it’s both the UN and US are under the control of a vile, War Criminal ‘Bankster Elite’, who thrive on wars and destitution, on murder and mayhem. Lucifer’s Finest! (And they will get that ‘Depart from me, ye cursed..’ ringing through their lugholes for eternity, for a reminder of their evil deeds in this life. Big mistake, Banksters).

          • This is correct and well said, Paul.

          • javier

            this is on point you deserve a medal but this is way deeper than anyone thinks i think the plans for the supposed new world order the global banksters have been planning and conducting is a plan that was set many many years ago we as the people need to decide stand up or bend the knee and accept these tyrants as our leaders and be enslaved even further it started with these false flags we see it every day something on the news it becomes big suddently we see more and more people pushing for gun control laws we cant let this happen

          • No, the US is under control of the Zionist globalist cabal. It is a multiracial cabal. This cabal would like to fully control the UN, but it does not have complete control over the UN. And it isn’t communistic. Profits are privatized and losses socialized. Roubini had that right.

          • Mike Panagakos

            Truths? maybe if you’re on LSD or something. I happen to know several of the victims, & if any of you folks would actually like to come to Boston, I’ll arrange for you to meet them & you can verify their injuries. Did you know the convicted bomber wrote out a confession before he was apprehended. Or do you all doubt everything you hear? btw his defense team didn’t even contest the charges. they admitted he was guilty. do you all think they were in on a hoax too?

        • Ashley Diane Henry

          Can you prove it? You reference a photo you claim to have posted but also claim that it was removed – care to send it to my email?

      • OverIt

        I’m confused regards one question – was this picture of the amputee the one taken when he first lost his legs, or when he again ‘lost his legs’??

      • skeptical

        most false flags some ppl do die and some get hurt but the bottom line is that it the ppl accused are not working alone or not the ones who did it. It is usually done by governments with underlying agendas.

        • Paul Barbara

          Some people DID die, two hapless, innocent Chechens, and another was severely injured.

      • exactly

  • Rojo Rivers

    I worked in Television production in Hollywood for 12 Years, even running some of the largest studios. That is a production set, I think everybody came out of Le Craft (lens crafters) after the “bomb” while all the smoke was pouring (obscuring). Anybody who thinks this was really an attack needs to pull it out. They announced a live bomb drill in the 600 block of boyton. The Boston Globe tweeted “in one minute their will be a controlled explosion” one minute later, boom! Those were controlled explosions, also known as fireworks, you set them off right next to people. The older brother could not have been carrying a pressure cooker in his backpack and the little brothers was light colored. Try to read the lens crafters sign on the boston globe footage, it’s been altered, you an read everything else, just not the lenscrafters sign. It says Le Craft. Don’t hate, investigate, with open eyes. No nails or bbs (bearings)! The news lies and is in no way obligated to tell you people the truth. I hope that clears all this mess up. All stories filtered through the news are lies. They are “stories” the have “spin” they tell you that it’s “just unbelievable”, “hard to believe”, “what a ride”, etc.. THEY TELL YOU ALL THE TIME! They are running over his entrails with the wheelchair! That’s the dead Chinese student pushing him. Wake up!

    • let me know if you or anyone else wants to visit my nephew and his friends in the hospital to see if their injuries are real.

      • Who are you nephew and his friends exactly? Not doubting you just trying to get the facts clear.

    • Dianne Foster

      Hallelujah! There really is a Zorro!

      OMG – the Craft joke too. And that little piece of paper in the foreground – Firehouse Subs etc. Like a signature. Like the close-up of the French policeman throwing out the bottle of Vichy water at the end of Casablanca, where the camera focuses on the label.

      Of course in The Man Who Would be King, ‘craft’ has another meaning, but I won’t go there here. I don’t care about ancient conspiracies only the here and now.

  • Tom

    This is too big too be a mix between reality and acting. There is so many actors, that if it is acting, someone is going to spill the beans at some point, if it was set-up and a hoax. So, either this is all genuine, or it is a new unprecedented, never to be repeated PR stunt for an upcoming movie. Think about how it all started. Total control, announcements that it is a drill, that there will be an explosion. Area cordoned off (see how fence were pulled down afterwards). I believe the explosions was set off at a moment when there were no non-staff around. Actors made sure all bystanders were moved out of the area and the moment was picked when no public in danger zone. The authorities was known in the exercise and genuine government experts was on the scene to ensure safety to the public.

    However, the hoax can not be kept alive forever. So either expect an announcement shortly that this was ‘the making of xyz ‘, or start believing all this is true.

    • Tom

      I am further of the opinion that all the so-called ‘bombers’ , ‘suspect one’, suspect two’ etc. is going to be the stars in the movie, so be prepared to see their faces on posters a lot. (They do look like poster boys!) The point of the movie is probably to discredit and make a mockery of conspiracy theorists like ourselves and Infowars, particularly Alex Jones. But then again, maybe it is all an attempt to ban the sale of gun powder? Time will tell.

      • Dianne Foster

        The point of the movie, along with the terror train plot by Iranians in Canada, is to use their shadowy puppetmaster Misha, to connect them to Iran. You wait for it. It’s coming. “Iran attacked us with WMD on April 15.” “That’s an act of war!!!!”

    • Dianne Foster

      If you spill the beans in Vilnius or Helsinki, who is going to be able to read what you say or even believe you. Not a problem.

  • givafokker

    And the dead people? Whisked away by a UFO, perhaps?

    • Tom

      What happens to dead actors? Whisked away by a UFO, perhaps?

      • Dianne Foster

        Off with the international runners on planes to some Scandinavian or Baltic country. They never spoke. It was a ballet.

  • Pasparal da Beira do Canal

    If the federal government was effectively proven to be behind the attacks of Oklahoma and 9/11, wouldn’t that influence our perception of the current events? It’s what differentiates blood from red paint.

    • Govts. have been doing false flags for centuries to keep the cattle CONtrolled.

  • bostonblah

    we have israel and jews at the center of these things all the time, dancing israelis,truck bombs on GW brigde,mural bomb explosin on king st urban moving systems mossad front, mossad truck bombs of 911,now israeli police were already on their way to boston, and “helped aid the investigation”we have the only victim to loose both legs ,and be photographed ,a jew, israel trained medical people , victims and suspects taken to beth israel ,both suspects worked on by same jewish doctor at beth israel that was at the marathon ,biggest victim of Sh was noah pozner ,a jew, biggest heros of SH was gene rosen, a jew,both bombing happend in front of ISRAELI business or in front of businesses nextdoor to israeli businesses, look up max brenner picket by BDS,2nd bombing happened next to MAX BRENNER ,1st bomb was next to sugar heaven ,david SAPERS and ETHEL SELTZER

    • Dianne Foster

      Baloney. We have criminals at the center of it, not people of some ethnicity and religion you despise. I would say the same thing to anyone attacking Moslems.

      • bostonblah

        its not balonga, i dont say all jews are involved ,but the people who are directing thing from the top are jews, look the neocon , they are like 80 90 % jews ,israeli mossad were caught on 911 with truck bombs in manhattan trying to blow up the GW bridge, filming the WTC before the 1st plane and celebrating after ,they went on israeli tv and admitted they were sent to document the event ,they were caught blowing up a truck bomb on king st with a mural of planed diving into the WTC and exploding, read mersheimer and walt book “the lobby” israel controls the US government and jews run the media, it is not even debatable ,all this terror is perpetrated by jews and israel to get the US to go after their enemies in the mid est do they can create greater israel , their religion say their moshicac(messiah) will come back and rule the world from jerusalem 3rd temple

      • bostonblah

        all these attacks demonize muslims and only bennefit jews, jewish bankers and the state fo israel primarily, yeah there are other involved but at the top it is a a jewish zionist agenda ,look at 911 ,larry “we made the descision to pull, and then we atched the building come down” silverstein ,all the jewish neocons pearle feit wolfowitz, and their PNAC planned 911 and the wars that followed it, if all those people had been italians you would eb screaming la cosa nostra ,peope said the italina mafia didnt exist for decades , you are naive to think that there are not ethnic mafias, it just so happens that the jewish mafia is in control of the US govt and most western governments,


      The only thing wrong with your otherwise splendid observations is that the the actors involved are not simply “Jews”, they are, in truth, European southern Russian Khazars, who have been abusing and hiding behind their ADOPTED faith, since the 7th century AD http://www.khazaria.com/ For accuracy sake, please refer to these jackalopes by their true name in future comments…

      • bostonblah

        yes i am aware of the khazar theory too i have listened to benjamin freidmans speech at the willard hotel, i know all about it thanks

        • AKHENATEN01

          No theory…truth.

  • Tanya Stone

    Has anyone seen a picture of the three dead people lying on the ground prior to being taken away? The 8-year old boy, the Chinese graduate student, and one other? I’ve looked at the sets of casualty pictures, and I don’t see the dead. Anyone?

    • Gary Gibson

      I’ve looked too and I can’t find ANY pic with ANY of those 3 in it.

      • Dianne Foster

        Too graphic, doncha know.Especially since Forum had an intact mailbox and intact chairs at the site where there were 13-15 amputations and two of the three deaths. The gutter should have run with blood. Like the freeway accidents where the firetrucks come in and wash it down. Fuggedaboutit.

        I am the daughter of a cattle rancher and I lived around animals from an early age. Humans are animals. Humans make blood like cattle do. It is a lot when they have their limbs blown off. You can smell it when an animal dies in its blood and you hang it up to drain. I know the sense impressions.
        But the American public is too disconnected from the land to insist on verisimilitude. On the other hand, maybe that’s a good thing.

      • skeptical

        there are pics near where jahar had stood of crystal but she is not dead she is very much alive sitting there by her friend in black no injuries showing from waist up they appear to be yelling I dont think there are any pics of the dead victims I agree its strange

    • The only picture I have found, was the corpe of the youngest suspect’s brother.

    • There’s a photo of Krystal. She looks unharmed apart from leg injuries so I’m not sure how she is supposed to have died. j

    • Kay

      You are trying to say the entire world, runners, and entire city and suburb towns conspired to fabricate the bombings by acting it out and with Chechen muzzledumbs to boot? Oh an I own the video proof from youtube these boys and their friends were threatening people and performing terrorists attacks back in May 2011 right after Bin Laden was announced killed. I guess all my online contacts that reported these channels also conspired to “fabricate” this evidence in your deluded mind. I even hold all the e-mails proving they were notified to watch these channels…it was intel error pure and simple and the fact Thomas Aaron Clark (nephew to Tim Strong has gone bad). The reason for the error is Jay Fallon, Thomas Aaron Clark, Tim Strong Robert Nilram (See Second Mile Charity) were to busy trafficking children aka my daughter Aradia.

  • Undecider

    This always proves there’s a fool born every minute in America. There’s nothing we won’t fall for. Be prepared for more TSA groping.


      Welcome to what black America has always known and suffered…The irony here is in the fact that this comes to the rest of you, via the first (officially) black American President; if it weren’t so damned serious and painful, I’d laugh out loud.

  • Re. 1st photo on this page: that man is not acting. he’s my nephew. he just had a 2nd surgery for 3rd degree burns on his arm & leg. he also has puncture wounds from nails in the bomb which you can see sticking out near his navel as well as other injuries. several of the group of friends he was with have catastrophic injuries – including amputations, burns & other serious injuries. that’s not to mention the 3 people who were killed from the explosion. do you think their deaths were faked? maybe you should come to Boston & talk to their families & view some of the injuries in person. there may be questions about the activities of the suspects, others possibly involved… but to suggest the injuries & deaths were faked is absurd.

    • Tom

      So Mike, why do you not show a pic of him in hospital with todays news paper and his wounds? But then again, if Hollywood want to keep this as a teaser for as long as possible, I suppose that will be a small thing to do. If you are talking the truth, I apologize. But somehow I think you will be the one who apologize eventually.

      • cleb

        Yeah Mike. Just go to the hospital and be all like: Hey, can I take some photos of you on the hospital bed? I need them to prove that you exist to some crazy people on the Internet.

        • Jinx_L0L

          First and foremost, why are you on this site anyways? If you believe it wasn’t fake, then why troll on a “conspiracy site”? something to cover up?

          • cleb

            Someone linked it on facebook. And because, unlike any of you, I really am a free thinker, I didn’t mind reading an article that presented a diffeent opinion. That, based on all the reactions I got here, must be unimaginable to you.

          • Dianne Foster

            Hey, it’s a living. Let the guy work.

    • bostonblah

      well im in boston, mayb i will, i catn say for sure if it was fake, but either way, faked or real, the jews are behind it,just like they were behind 911, dancing israelis, mossad truck bombs of 911, ,another jew false flag to get america to go fight the jews enemies for their pilfered pile of shit they call a country and to expand it into eretz yisrael)greater israel)

    • bostonblah

      the government and the media are totally infested with jews , they are owned and run by jews, there are more jews on CNN than in the fucking carnegie deli, ,same for the state department, cant trust anything they say ,all they want are more jew wars for israel and to set upa police state here andmlock down the goyim , the jews have got to go

    • Hi Mike, were you also a HOLLOWHOAX survivor???? L0L There are many of them around too with BULLSHIT dripping from their lips! Never give a sucker an even break.

      • Dianne Foster

        You’re sailing right into the guns of a pirate ship. Stop now. It wasn’t “the Jews” and the Holocaust really happened. Hollowhoax is as much a stupid slogan as Boston Strong. Desist from this trollish diversion.

  • NJT

    I noticed that the legs-blown-off-guy’s shin bone is about 1.5 times as long as it should be, judging by that picture of him riding in the wheelchair. His shin would reach from his waist to the top of his head – is it just the perspective because the shin is closer than the rest of him?

  • That picture at the hospital look aged…it could be the same person but the wheelchair is now and the hospital pic is 2011….

    • Dianne Foster

      I wondered about the color tone, but maybe it was the hospital lights. It does seem off color wise.

  • AuntieX

    I’ve been trying to reconcile the differences between Jeff Bauman and Nick Vogt. They DO look different. But, there is ONE thing I have noticed. Nick Vogt is missing his left pinky finger. In ALL of the photos that I’ve seen of Jeff Bauman soon after the bombing, we NEVER see Jeff’s left pinky finger. Interesting.

    • cleb

      I also like to showcase my pinky finger in every photo.

    • Dianne Foster

      Maybe there is something hiding in plain sight. Don’t know for sure. Actors tend to have buddies from earlier work together. When this guy (we don’t really know who he is) is in his hospital bed, he has two A-list actor visitors at once. Usually actors tend to like to hog the scene for themselves, but two at once? Could this imply former ties on other sets? Could it imply old relationships which for some reason are not admitted? Why not admit it? If true, this would seem to indicate the amputations were already in place and that they happened due to military service or even to an accident (stunt man? set accident?) or diabetes. Or is this guy a relative of one of them? The whole picture of who is not clear, even though there seem to be locals who claim the guy and who swear he never had a prosthetic before this. How credible are the locals? Getting even more out there: remember Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump? They used a blue screen and edited out his intact legs. As a viewer, I found it totally believable. Who is to say this wasn’t movie magic and not an amputation at all? The place best controlled (especially after the second explosion, which effectively blocked the scene) was the Finish Line.

      If someone wasn’t actually there when the films show he was, or wasn’t there with such injuries (which could be put in later) who is to know at the time? I tend to see that as the least probable situation, however, since the amputee theme is a key part of the movie.

      By the way, none of the people with these amputations has facial injuries or eye injuries. It was carefully explained on the first day as from backpacks being placed on the ground. You know, like IED’s, Claymore, booby-traps, Bouncing Bets which never hurt anyone above the waist (yeah, right). Why though? Because when you interview someone with a wrapped stump in a hospital bed (something easy to fake with a false limb – I’m sure it is done in movies all the time, you just need a bed with a hole) you cannot so easily fake a stitched up face and the eye patch gets in the way of audience contact. The first person to wonder about the lack of swelling and stitches would ask too many questions. So the detail about the face was written into it: No facial cuts or stitches or patches of skull showing. Only legs.

  • AnonPost

    More evidence that suggests the Boston Marathon was staged:

  • oldranger68

    It needs to be understood that in a false flag, the perpetrators are more than willing to insure that some real casualties are mixed in. I have no doubt that three people died. 3000 died in 911 yet anyone with a brain could see, instantly, that those were totally controlled implosions. So for those of you discounting us as crazies, look back on history and then consider whether this, or any government, would take innocent lives. They have no conscience. I believe those two kids who have become the patsies for Boston are innocent. So was Lee Harvey Oswald and etc. Like it or not, this is the century of the New World and millions more are going to die before it’s done.

    • Dianne Foster

      While I have to agree with the proposition that the government takes lives and goes on as though it is not a crime (they define the crimes), I recall Richard Nixon got into some trouble by misunderstanding his role. He said “When the President does it, it’s legal.” Perhaps the cynical view is that he got caught, that’s all. But yes, Shock and Awe was murder, the drone killings are too. But when you do it at home (Richard Nixon I’m talking to you!) then it is Crossing the Rubicon, it is special kind of treason to your own people (“He killed his own people, Saddam killed his own people!” Shock and Awe-meister GW Bush). If someone puts a bomb in Times Square and it is the government trying to get New Yorkers to go to war with Iran, then the race is on to prove they did it, so they cannot stampede us into war. Unfortunately, our countrymen are all too ready to hate Iranians and all too slow to blame their “betters” (not an expression they openly use). That’s why these ghosts of old conspiracies linger on – are they true? are they illusions? Here’s the problem: Crime is defined by the government. Crime is investigated by the government. The government can do with the evidence what it will. If the government did the crime, unless they are very unlucky (like Mr. Nixon) they can cover it up. So people just beat against their cages like moths in a bottle drawn to the distant light of freedom.

  • What about the 3 dead? how do they stage that?

  • notakhan

    Just a heads up….Just saw this post at DailyBail:

    INTENSE: New Video Shows Boston Suspects Explode Bombs, Battle Police

    Am was AMAZED how much lies people tell and stories they can make up. The post has two MOST RIDICULOUS msnbc videos that have an “actor” eyewitness and DOES NOT SHOW ANY EXPLODING BOMBS, NOR THEM BATTLING POLICE!!!

    Do check it out for a laugh….

    Here is the comment I left there and doubt it will get posted:

    I didn’t see anything in this coverage….no “exploding bombs”, nothing….Just total B.S. and reenactments and stories that DO sound like from the movies!!!

    Oh, and by the way AP is now reporting:
    Now officials claim Boston bombing suspect was NOT armed in boat showdown – despite police account of firefight and him ‘shooting himself’

    That kind of proves you wasted your time watching that infrared helicopter video 500 times…

    What the hell are you smoking??????


    I feel neither shocked nor “rubbed the wrong way”, just a wee bit surprised at the speed of your discovery, of what appears to be a blatant hoodwinking operation (Psyop) en masse; the only question now is “will they get away with it?” and my best guess is ,YES they will; Americans of every stripe love fairy tales, the more fantastic, the better; and, this is because we are a people, like no other, willing and eager to engage in “the willing suspension of disbelief” at the drop of a bagel…all for our seemingly insatiable appetite for all things “Holly-Khazarwood” fantastic…

    • Dianne Foster

      I think it is critical not to ascribe this to “the Jews” because for one thing, it plays to the unfortunate assumption that everyone else is a dope with a low IQ who could not pull off even such an incompetent deception. Once you start in on innocent people you are doomed, and even if there are Jews in Boston, they do not rule over everyone else in this crooked Mafia-plagued place with a number of ethnic actors long associated with major corruption. You might as well blame the Pope. It’s basically a pirate ship with a motley crew. To think otherwise is to fall into the trap-door set for you on the stage. The devil never wins. Don’t be the devil.

      • AKHENATEN01

        It is critical not to ascribe this to “the Jews”, and “don’t be the devil”? You, in your reply to my comment, have managed to accomplish both! Frankly, I do not believe in devils and gods, but I understand that the devil is supposed to accomplish most of his dirty work via lies, and your accusation of my “ascribing this to “Jews”” is itself a lie; I wrote, “…at the drop of a bagel…all for our seemingly insatiable appetite for all things “Holly-Khazarwood” fantastic…” if you can find the word “Jew” or “Jews” in my comment, I’ll gladly send you $10 (keeping it real)…what you have just done is to play an old and ugly Khazar trick, i.e. to hide Khazar filth behind the ancient and venerable African religion called Judaism; a religion, BTW, open to all and not offered solely through the womb of some Khazar woman. Are you quite sure that you are not the “Devil” herself?

  • Stella

    I think some posters are being a little unfair toward Cleb here. We are all heading down the same very dangerous road as those we are so scornful of (the sleeping) if we demonise anyone and everyone who holds a differing opinion without using critical analysis and logic. We are then no different from the sheep we are trying to wake; no actually we are far worse because we should know better.

    Posters are making a huge assumption in accusing him/her of being a plant, or a shill, just because he/she does not neccessarily agree with the majority posting.

    What does that say about agenda of a different type; but oh so similar.?

    Yes, taking these individual picture frames into account; the situation does look as though it may have been staged; but the important aspect many seem to be incapable of addressing is why exactly?

    Why would those responsible for a potential false flag event go to all the bother of setting such a stage, using fireworks instead of real bombs; actors instead of real victims, fake blood instead of real blood?

    If the same people here accept that the US Government and/or others were responsible for 9/11; then surely it is accepted that these people hold absolutely no respect for human life, that they are capable of the most heinious crimes against humanity. Men, women, children, it matters not to them.

    A little more thought is needed here I think; because at this point in time it does not really make a lot of sense to carry out a false, false flag.

    If anyone can come up with a logical reason why these people would prefer to stage fake death and injury; photos of which the public will, in these days, analyse with a fine toothcomb; rather than use real bombs, with real victims, real injuries and real death I would be very pleased to hear it.

    Until then I am firmly on the fence on this one.

    • Yes, and that picket is ‘firmly’ lodged up your azz so far it is affecting your alleged brain. Do the world a favor and just STFU, and leave the thinking to those with brains that actually work.

      • Stella

        Well Nick. That’s exactly what
        they tell us all to do…shut up ..nothing to be discussed, or to see
        here ..and ironically you are behaving just like them.

        A number of pertinant questions have been asked by a few posters;
        regarding aspects that do actually matter. It does matter why those
        individuals within our own Governments etc. would choose to fabricate
        such an event rather than actually carry it out for real.. given that a
        false, falseflag would be so out of character; knowing the nature of the

        Also, most of us have no idea whatsoever exactly what such a scene
        should or would look like; we have no idea whether injured people could
        carry out actions which seem odd to the us, based on sheer adrenaline,
        or how shock affects people in peculiar ways. Most of us just don’t
        know now do we?

        The next time you feel like being obnoxious to people who ask genuine
        questions when specific events don’t quite add up for them; and who
        merely throw them into the pot to be chewed over; perhaps you should
        actually consider the questions being asked; perhaps even actually
        answer, them like a civilised human being.

        If you can’t, perhaps you should be following your own directive and STFU yourself…

    • Stella

      Well Nick. That’s exactly what they tell us all to do…shut up ..nothing to be discussed, or to see here ..and ironically you are behaving just like them.

      A number of pertinant questions have been asked by a few posters; regarding aspects that do actually matter. It does matter why those individuals within our own Governments etc. would choose to fabricate such an event rather than actually carry it out for real.. given that a false, falseflag would be so out of character; knowing the nature of the beast.

      Also, most of us have no idea whatsoever exactly what such a scene should or would look like; we have no idea whether injured people could carry out actions which seem odd to the us, based on sheer adrenaline, or how shock affects people in peculiar ways. Most of us just don’t know now do we?

      The next time you feel like being obnoxious to people who ask genuine questions when specific events don’t quite add up for them; and who merely throw them into the pot to be chewed over; perhaps you should actually consider the questions being asked; perhaps even actually answer, them like a civilised human being.

      If you can’t, perhaps you should be following your own directive and STFU yourself…

  • michaelt1962@comcast.net

    it would seem to me that if all these people lost limbs there would be a hand or foot hanging around. Where did his legs go?

  • The guy in fatigues does not look like the guy at the Boston bombings.


    have you thought about the idea that the boston bombing can be real?

    why do folks jump to the conspiracy card when events like these happen?
    never understood it.

    maybe the conspiracists have the same problem. refusing to understand real/surreal events.

    • There is probably LOTS U don’t understand……IDIOT! BTW, who are you standing ‘under’?

      • DON’TbBLIND

        Uber fag

  • Now why would you remove my post verifying the injuries of one victim (1st photo ) ?

  • Fake injuries & deaths ? Get a clue. I’ll be happy to show you some of the victims & their “fake” injuries in the hospital.

    • Dianne Foster

      I wish your family well in a getting a cut of the Boston #1 fund to defray any expenses associated with the accident. The figure is $24 million and climbing as we dig into our frayed pockets to contribute. Divided by how many people? You work it out. But just remember: there is no honor among thieves.

  • disqus_CccPpjct5r

    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cosmichorizonsradio/2013/04/18/royal-raymond-rife-did-he-have-the-cure-for-cancer A 30-minute blog talk radio show that offers insight into the why…. Love and trust you all, dive inward;)

  • Civilian

    So there were no bombs? No real blood? No injuries? No deaths? The entire thing is fake?
    I don’t believe what the goverment or MSM has to say most times, but you ‘truthers’ posting such claims without any real proof are only destroying the good work done after 9/11 and others false flag attacks.
    The same thing happened with Sandyhook, no deaths, no school, no shootings, ect,ect.
    You have no real evidence, only opinions and scenarios.
    Please, continue on asking questions and looking for answers, but do so without coming across like complete nutjobs.
    It’s hard enough convervting the masses as it is, having them come across sights like this in search for truths, will only turn them away and right back into La La Land.
    Let’s focus on real evidence and why or who benefits from such attacks.

  • So you seem to think that hundreds of Actors, hundreds of people colluding, hundreds of people who could potentially blow the whistle? Get real people. People were tearing their clothes to make Tourniquets for the injured so thats why many appear with torn clothes. To fake this with so many “Actors” would require balls of absolute steel on the part of the government, and would mean hundreds of people having to go missing to ensure they never tell their stories.
    No conspiracy, just people jumping on a bandwagon.

  • Petrus Romanus

    The color of the blood being bright red is accurate for arterial bleeding, which is what you would have from traumatic bilateral amputation. However, what you need to take a look at is the amount of blood on the ground. The male human body only contains approximately 5 liters of blood. Given such a catastrophic injury I would have to think that the majority of the blood seen on the ground would have to be from him. This being the case I believe that he would either be dead, unconscious, or in a coma. Just my two cents.

    • The color of the blood is right from any bleeding, arterial or venous, as it oxygenates when it hits the air.


    2nd major photo of this article, double amputee being wheeled away, shows no flowing blood nor even one drop of fallen blood…not what you’d expect from wounds requiring at least two tourniquets, no matter how tightly applied…even if blood flow had been arrested, gravity would have still acted upon the remaining blood at the site of the wound, yet there is no evidence of blood along this individual’s path…was he moved at light speed, and slowed down just long enough for a photo op? BTW, he does appear to have an abnormally long thigh, relative to the rest of him.

  • adm454

    I saw Krystal screaming in a couple of pictures, She was off to the right. In two other pictures, not on this site, it looked like her left leg was blown off, and was twisted under her body. She was on her back, eyes and mouth open. She looked dead.

  • MelNelson

    You “Thinkers” are all fucked. Not even going to acknowledge your “Arguments”. I will say that those pictures of Bauman and the military guy look nothing alike, at all. Idiots.

  • let me know if you or anyone else wants to visit some of the victims in Boston to see if their injuries are real.

    • Talk to Martin Richard’s parents and see if he really died, and if his sister lost a leg.

  • RT

    At another site where I am a paid subscriber, I’ve been under rapid fire/attack questioning the authenticity of the Bauman amputee by one single man. Who? An alleged high ranking military person…. attacking me, accusing me of spreading disinfo & being a paid agent? Gads, if only! Meanwhile, just as here and around the globe, many folks are questioning it. And they should. It is our DUTY to question.

    In another post there is an interesting faux paux with regards to a huge John Hancock monitor of the race. They pay big bucks for their product placement. It appears in some photos and not in others near the “explosion” site. Why? I’m beginning to wonder if some of this was shot at two different times – even on diff days. This is posted at http://cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=1602&sid=28a6b39186cdce698cd90d6bd84849ea&start=570

    Another damning piece of video is on youtube under author’s name “sbdreamin” – she’s got video of the amputee being rolled out and his prosthetic leg falling off. The man in the Yellow/orange vest stops, picks it up and shoves it back in. I kid you not. There’s another video of same amputee – I guess a retake. Another vid shows a man with two white “things” smacking them together above the heads of some “injured” folks on the ground – dust/sooty looking stuff comes out of them. This is straight out of the studios, folks.

  • Conspiracies of more than one never can be kept secret. If your theory is true, then there are at least 20-30 actors and assistants not counting the possible hundreds of others who would participate in an operation you are describing. I think the possibilites of a homegrown terrorist seems more plausible then a false flag operation. If the govt played a role in this, it was from a TV monitor like Benghazi.

    • There were 250,000 people involved in the Manhatten project yet it was kept quiet.

      • That was a matter of national security.

        • And keeping quiet that your government is killing it’s own citizens isn’t?

  • Jack

    The FBI’s own admition shows the Joker (white hat) is carrying a white back pack.
    Both bombs were housed in black back packs.(evidence supplied by FBI)
    Joker is innocent.
    Case dismissed.

  • The deaths & injuries are real folks. the 1st pic is my nephew. so why do my posts keep disappearing here? maybe some folks here don’t like spreading the truth?

  • Dana Shetterly

    Explain this one.

  • What brilliant journalism! Well done!

  • Did you notice the sign lying on the ground that says “Fire House Subs… WEELL DONE ! ” with an exclamation point? That is not a food add

  • Lindsey Breegan

    For Further analysis, visit http://www.makahamommy.blogspot.com

  • skeptical

    I am a retired nurse, it simply insults ones intelligence to see a person lose both legs and be alive for that long, he would have been unconscious at the very least and I don’t think it is normal to have that many wheel chairs just sitting around waiting at the marathon. what about ppl who showed up in different places doing different things which outed conflicting stories. A person is only gonna see what they want to. Some ppl just cant handle the truth even when its staring them in the face so they live in denial. I think that is their survival mode. I have been asking myself even if this is false flag or whatever what can we do about it if anything?

    • If you are, as you say, a retired nurse, I’m glad you never took care of me. Your post is total idiocy. The reason there were so many wheelchairs there is because the bombing took place very near a medical aid station. The reason so many survived having limbs blown off is that there were many quick-witted people who used belts, shirts, and anything they could find as tourniquets. The ER personnel at the receiving hospitals (and there are 6 — SIX — Level 1 trauma centers within blocks) said that several were within minutes of death when they arrived at the hospitals, and would have died except for the tourniquets.

      • skeptical

        I definitely am a retired nurse lady and your idiotic shilling comment doesnt change the facts staring you in your smartass ignorant face! I’m glad I never had to take care of your sorry behind, you are one of those pain in the butt ppl who is never wrong and your shit dont stink ! take your low life low paid shills and thrills nickel a hateful comment mindset and shove em where the sun dont shine the facts remain this crap doesnt add up the fact that you’re too stupid to see it doesnt change anything!!

        • Boy, you really DO sound like a nurse. So polite and compassionate! Ask Martin Richard’s parents if he’s still dead, and if his sister really lost her leg.

          • skeptical

            I never said noone died or noone got hurt dont use your political cheap shots to put words in my mouth. You dont know wth you are talking about tourniquets couldnt totally stop that kind of blood loss I have seen it flow out of the backs of ambulances with lessor injuries than this its stupid to believe everything you are told without question bet you probably still think bi partisanship is legit and presidents get elected bahh baah baah IF you read down a few posts you would have seen my comment on that but again narrow mindedness trumps logic

          • If you are a nurse, I am the Queen of Sheba. You have blown your “cover” with your mindless and obscene rants.

          • skeptical

            hello queenie what about your KILLING rant that was posted you are a joke people like sheeple wake up and smell the bacon the time of innocence you grew up in is GONE!! cops used to help old ladies like you,cross streets now they shoot now ask questions later.because there is no order anymore our country once belonged to the ppl now it belongs to a tyrant and his cohorts who laffed in the faces of the GOP during elections.maybe ur cover is blown or you simply dont know what you stand for, lost in a sea of political rhetoric deception and lies. lip service is cheap if you care as you say then use your so called political rants to make a difference in our country instead of hating and attacking anyone who is diffrerent from you!! Im sick of your nonsense so talk to my hand you choose to be blind good you will get what you deserve from ppl who dont deserve your trust im done with your senile oldtimers BS

          • Unfortunately, you come across not as a nurse, but as a troll posting from his mommy’s basement. Actually, you have given yourself away. You are “retired,” you say. That implies that you are old, so what’s with “im done with your senile oldtimers BS”?

          • skeptical

            so first im not a nurse now Im a retired one like I said ur brain is fried none of your business how I come across lady, so who cares what you say it has nothing to do with the issue on this post I believe you started it by being insulting me for no reason so who is the troll?? ur proably some spy bot thats why u cant think for yourself obviously. Go back to your FB political bullcrap forums and argue with them where you belong btw buy a girdle that doesnt make you hateful and ignorant

          • skeptical

            this is over

          • skeptical

            talk to my hand cruella deville dont have time for your incessant BS and bigotry or go renew ur kkk card

          • skeptical

            Sally Burke commented on a link.
            April 16
            We’re going to find out WHY they did it? Who gives a damn about why they did it. Hunt the bastards down and kill them. sally burke do you call this compassionate?

          • No, I call it sensible. These people are trying to kill as many of us as they can. If you want to extend the hand of friendship to these depraved individuals, go ahead — but don’t be surprised when it’s chopped off.

      • skeptical

        I am a retired nurse and saved many lives as you speak of, I am not denying anyone got hurt I said noone could survive this double amputation without being unconscious or at the very least screaming in pain. The idiocy is yours lady, if you know about tourniquets then you SHOULD also know what I said is true. I have worked aide stations many times a FEW wheel chairs is normal procedure. I am glad I didnt take care of you too Im sure that you would have been as rude and obstinate as you have been here!

  • websuspect

    These looks like the same story from Websuspect dot blog dot com titled something to the effect of hollywood style horror effects a few days earlier. except you changed the headline and one or 2 elements without sourcing it. Im sure they told you in college this is not acceptable. Yet you run around chasing people like Adam Kokesh who are known provocateurs and liars like their your friends when they consistently lie like he did when he said he was in virginia and he was in barcelona spain which he is not entitled to SSDI becuase he is out of the country and said he couldnt skype than skyped alex with the story that he is in virginia so it would not be known he is out of the country and not elligable for government freebies. I wish people in my generation would figure out who their friends are and quit hanging out with provocateurs and known lairs. And than pissing on my leg and telling me its raining. BUt I guess You know who your friends are. And I get friends piss on my legs a few times and I know who my friends are. Im not like Mark DIce and Alex JOnes and Adam Kokesh and pretend people are my friends when they are pissing on my leg.

  • skeptical

    this is boghus discussion all the replies I wrote were removed im not sure what the purpose of this is it looks like a game someone is playing too bad ppl would actually do that the person that replied to me was insulting and rude but their comment was left. This is a serious situation ppl are being misled to the moderator please remove all my comments this is a joke when you pick and choose posts to suit ur sick purposes

  • Guest

    manipu;aed discussion

  • skeptical

    there are pics of crystal in several frames above sitting on the right with brown hair and teal blue blouse next to the fence. By her friend in black . Google images shows them in those clothes before the bombs. I have not found any pics of martin or his sister or the Chinese student after the bomb. I have however seen a very gruesome pic of tamerlan and jahar after they were caught. jes sayin makes you wonder

  • Merita Logan

    i do not believe this at all!

  • melvin lafleur

    i’ll have to open the doors and windows for a month to get rid of the smell of this horseshit. i dare any of you degenerate losers with too much time on your hands to confront someone who was badly injured during the event. i hope that person socks you good in the jaw for your disrespect.

  • lilbear68

    the problem is that the sheeple believe what they are told to believe and the lame stream media and presstitute corps now shapes our reality

  • TH3 M0L3

    Not sure if anyone noticed, but the jeans of the hooded man With the sunglasses are intact and clean in the shot of him laying on his side propped by his elbow. The next shot they are bloodied and ripped…..

    Also there seems to be a stray trainer close to the amputee in a few of the shots. Everyone seems to have both shoes on, apart from the blonde woman, but her other one is dark. If this is the trainer from the the amputee then why is it not covered in blood or have a foot and part of leg in it.

  • gomurr

    When I came across this clip I was actually looking for a video of a witness to the bombing I had seen while ago who was being interviewed. Interestingly enough, she is also interviewed at Sandy Hook as a witness, and amazingly (!) also at the Aurora Co shooting. She did in fact “witness” four such “terrorist attacks” but until I find the video, I can’t remember if it was the Oklahoma bombing or something else. If anyone seriously believes one woman witnessed four different “terrorist attacks” coincidentally, they may as well resign themselves to living the rest of their life in a vegetative state.

  • scout

    Excellent photo montage. And the actor in the wheel chair, look where his ‘knee’ is located. About one foot too far out. Also fake blood was paint or some other mistake. Further, look at the facial expressions of everyone. They’re all waiting for this to get over and collect a fat paycheck!

  • scout

    And there are some very intelligent posters here!!!!!

  • Matt Sowersbry

    Yeah, it seemed dodgy at the time. Something didn’t add up, still doesn’t.
    But you know, sometimes when I think about all these secret operations that our governments and other affiliated organizations are subjecting us ‘common people’ to I just think – ‘Well, I’m going to DIE at the end of the day, no matter what- be it by the hand of man or by old age, nature or decay.

    I don’t care about this pathetic subterfuge. What would I be fighting for, to fight against this? For ‘The Future of Man?’ HA! What do I care: I’ll be dead. Non-existent. Bet you can’t even imagine that – that’s how trapped we are in ‘life’. So I don’t care – all of this deception and manipulation is stupid because at the end of the day because I, you get nothing really anyway, right – win or lose?

    Unless we could live forever. But we can’t.

    So take the stupid Earth I say – fucking illusion – making us care and suffer so much JUST TO INEVITABLY DIE – and all our made-up religious stories made to make it seem like its possible that this might all not be meaningless.
    The deepest lie is that we think we as individuals ‘possess’ anything of value that makes it worth it for them to take.

  • jeff tubbs

    i hope you all realize that in the video stills that the pospter
    provided, frame by frame…. if the author was correct, everything he
    said would have happened in less than a single second. Video on TV is
    recorded and played at 30 frames per second. Last time I checked, I
    don’t think a normal human can move that fast.

    Maybe if the government got The Flash to help, it would make sense

  • I get pleasure from, result in I found just what I used to be taking a look for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  • dcccb

    Wow. You are all some scary conspiracy-theory-believing nutbags. You’re no different than than the people in the Middle East who believe the U.S. carried out the 9/11 attacks on itself and that all Jews were told to stay home that day. Oh wait…do you believe that insane crap, too?