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By Patrick Henningsen Confused? Unless you have seen and understood the gravity of the recent Climategate revelations, casual observers of the protests in Copenhagen yesterday will have missed the irony of these demonstrations we have become used to. James Dean references aside, in best describing so called activists and various ‘climate action’ groups on the rampage this week in Copenhagen, rock legend Tom Petty’s famous song definitely comes to mind here, “… A Rebel Without a Clue”. Infowars writer, Kurt Nimmo spells it out as accurately as anyone can, in this brilliant article with video from the UN Summit this weekend:

Hundreds Demanding Globalist Agenda Arrested at Copenhagen

Kurt Nimmo Infowars December 12, 2009 Duped by the junk science of the climate change scam, thousands of people rallied in Copenhagen to demand immediate implementation of the globalist agenda to deliver “rich nations” into a New Dark Age. Bamboozled protesters called for an end to “capitalism,” “tough measures on climate change,” and “action instead of words.” See the full article here