Dubinsky’s apprehension took place on November 13th, after authorities from Ukraine’s state security agency the SBU, along with the State Bureau of Investigation, informed Dubinsky that a criminal case had been initiated against him for the high crime of state treason. He was then ordered to be detained for 60 days.

Prosecutors have alleged that Dubinsky, along with his colleague – another parliamentarian, Andriy Derkach, and former prosecutor Kostiantyn Kulyk, were part of a secret Russian GRU plot said to have been “carrying out subversive informational activities in favor of the Russian Federation,” and are suspected of “spreading misinformation” about Ukraine’s political leadership.

In addition to serving in the Ukrainian parliament since 2019, Dubinsky has also gain notoriety as a journalist and media entrepreneur.

Not coincidentally, Oleksandr Dubinsky, along with former Ukrainian government officials Andriy Derkach, Konstantin Kulyk, Oleksandr Onyshchenko, Andriy Telizhenko, were all placed on a US sanctions list, mainly for their role in publicly exposing evidence of widespread corruption by US government officials in Ukraine – most notably the illicit activity of the current US President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

Back in 2019, Dubinsky had also assisted President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, during the Ukrainian leg of his investigation into Biden corruption in Ukraine. It is believed that Dubinsky could be among the key witnesses who could called upon if the US Congress proceeds forward with their investigation in the overseas activities of Biden family, and subsequent impeachment hearings for the 46th President of the United States.

Both Derkach and Dubinsky brought ground-breaking evidence to light at their press conference in 2019 where, along with the Bidens, showed evidence implicating former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, as well as US behind-the-scenes micro-managing of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) and its role in falsely framing former Trump campaign manager and political consultant, Paul Manafort – a questionable scandal which ultimately led to Manafort being forced out of the 2016 campaign.

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In statement issued on Dubinsky’s Telegram channel, his lawyers said, “It is obvious that someone is directly interested in the physical elimination of Dubinsky while held in Kiev’s pre-trial detention center.”

His lawyers have petitioned Prosecutor General Andrey Kostin, along with numerous other law enforcement officials pleading for an urgent transfer to a special the SBU holding center in order to ensure his personal safety and protect his life.

In a statement entitled, The ‘democracy’ we deserve,” his legal team expressed their outrage, and called out Dmytro Lubinets, the Verkhovna Rada’s Commissioner for Human Rights, who was silent over the weekend and has yet to take any action over the incident.

The aloof reactions were mirrored by Kostin, the Prosecutor General, with his deputy apparently hanging up the phone after hearing the words, “Good afternoon, I am Dubinsky’s lawyer.”

After sustained pressure from his legal team, and the intervention of another People’s Deputy, the head of the pre-trial detention center finally ordered the transfer of Dubinsky to secure solitary confinement unit with video surveillance.

His lawyers have since alleged a systematic cover-up of the incident at the highest levels of government:

The statement on security measures (this is the Law of Ukraine, which directly speaks of the criminal liability of all pre-trial detention center employees and investigators in the event that something happens to a participant in a criminal proceeding from the moment such an application is submitted) was not considered by DBR investigator Raldugin.

Today the police are releasing news that there is no confirmation of the beatings. A forensic medical examination (examination) was NOT carried out on Dubinsky, since Dubinsky was not allowed to be taken out of the pre-trial detention center.

If in Ukraine under dictatorship they do not find confirmation of the torture of a people’s deputy in a pre-trial detention center, they will not find it in Ukraine.

We didn’t think that we would find ourselves in such a dense post-Stalin soviet so quickly.

His legal team went on to issue a further statement explaining the legal ramification of what happened, and also provided documentation of the incident, as well as demanding a full explanation from government authorities as to why the incident is now being actively covered-up.

We publish the full text of Alexander Dubinsky’s explanations, which he provided to police officers and explain why the police and the administration of the pre-trial detention center are trying to hide the crime against a people’s deputy within the walls of the pre-trial detention center

Let us remind you that Alexander Dubinsky is under strict supervision and is considered a “supervised” prisoner. Under the strict supervision of operational workers and the administration of the pre-trial detention center.

We would like to emphasize that these explanations indicate that People’s Deputy Dubinsky on the evening of November 30, 2023 was suddenly transferred to a cell with other prisoners, where he was beaten for the first time.

In his explanation, Dubinsky writes that he was kept in this cell until 11 am on a chair, after beatings. The next night, the beatings of the People’s Deputy continued, but in another cell.

Dubinsky also cites the text that was read to him as an explanation of the reason why he was beaten: “You are ‘blowing’ too much, you know who locked you here, and you know where it’s coming from.”

The administration of the pre-trial detention center is diverting attention from its actions of deliberately transferring a people’s deputy to be beaten in the pre-trial detention center to other cells and is trying in every possible way to present everything as if there were no beatings.

The police, in turn, without the existence of criminal proceedings, quickly report the absence of the fact of beating and indicate that the issue of registering criminal proceedings under Article 125 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (intentional minor bodily injury) is being resolved. The lawyers never received documents containing a doctor’s report from the police.




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