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Revealed: How Twitter Functioned as Arm of the FBI and Intelligence Services

The public have been understandably shocked by recent revelations from Elon Musk’s release of the Twitter Files, exposing how the firm engaged in wide-spread systematic partisan censorship and deplatforming. But this is only the tip of a much darker iceberg. The files also showed how Twitter operatives were able to regularly read the private direct messages (DMs) of its users. 

In the video segment below, Fox News host Tucker Carlson questions why there were so many former intelligence officials working as top executives and department heads at Twitter.

With so many ‘ex-government’ and former intelligence agents working for the firm, it begs the question: under corrupt corporate regime of former CEO Jack Dorsey (pictured above), was Twitter functioning as an extension of the FBI and Five Eyes intelligence confab? It seems so. More details should be forthcoming.

So the question now is: will there be any accountability for the numerous crimes and constitutional violations which have been committed by Twitter executives and employees? Watch: 

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