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UKC News: NATO’s Gender-bending Postmodern Summit, Vaccine Deception

This week saw the back-to-back G7 and NATO summits, as the usual gaggle of unpopular western leaders tries to flex their political and social justice muscles, claiming they were ‘sending a strong message to Putin,’ but the entire affair turned out to be a rather underwhelming and desperate PR exercise. In Kiev, Zelensky’s days are numbered as his political opponents begin plotting for his ouster. How long can the ‘Slava Ukraini!’ shtick last? Meanwhile, as western governments continue to push the myth of a global outbreak of monkeypox, people are now raising questions about the validity of other official pandemic claims, like polio and smallpox. Where does it end? All this and more. 

Co-host Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with the end of week news round-up. Watch: 

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Also, watch all news programs later at their archive here.


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