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John Kerry and the Great Climate Racket

There is no better racket than the climate change game. Currently, the rotating seat for heading Washington’s green mafia is occupied by former Secretary of State, John Kerry. His job is to crow about saving the planet while racking-up as many air miles as possible while setting up his own private political and business empire. Kerry has also got his own climate propaganda organization called, World War Zero, where he and others spread the idea that all of humanity’s problems – from mass global migration, to famine, to war – are all caused by climate change. It’s all about portraying a crisis of catastrophic proportions, and demanding an ‘urgent global response.’ Problem, reaction, solution.

‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ host questions John Kerry’s business dealings, and asks why taxpayers must foot the bill for the Biden climate tzar’s jet-set business empire-building escapades. Watch: 

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