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Sanctions Blowback: Who Will Be Hurt More, Russia or the West?

As punishment for its military intervention in Ukraine, the Western nations, led by the US, UK and EU, have unleashed a full-blown economic war against Russia, led by an unprecedented barrage of global sanctions designed to cut off Moscow from the global economy – and with the expressed intent of destroying Russia’s domestic economy. But are these bold western policies really having the desired effect? Will they end up hurting the economies in western countries more? 

Renegade Inc. looks at the critical issue of sanctions blowback…

“Whatever the outcome in Ukraine, one thing is for sure the economic reverberations will be felt by everyone for years to come as the world divides between the West and a rapidly reshaping Eurasia. Host, Ross Ashcroft met up with Economist, Michael Hudson to discuss the tectonic shifts and fractures in the world and how sanctions against Russia are likely to reshape a set of new global geopolitical realities.” Watch: 

More on this topic at Renegade Inc.

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