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SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘Donbass’ (2016)

Our weekly documentary film curated by the editorial team at 21WIRE.

Anne-Laure Bonnel was a young director and mother of a French family, who decides to accompany Alexander, a father of Ukrainian family, to the Russian-speaking Donbass region of eastern Ukraine – under a brutal military attack from its own government in Kiev. In fact, it is these very atrocities from Ukraine’s eight year-long civil war which is one of the primary reasons given by Russia for its military intervention in 2022. What Bonnel discovers should have shocked the world, but instead it has been systematically ignored by western media and politicians – because this side of the conflict does not serve the popular NATO narrative. At the heart of the war, she captures the eye-witness accounts on the ground, as well as many disturbing images of a deadly conflict and an unprecedented humanitarian disaster. Watch: 

Run time: 53 min
Directed and filmed by Anne-Laure Bonnel
Production: Les Films de Sacha (2016)


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