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Witnesses: Ukraine Forces Preventing Civilians Leaving Mariupol Through Humanitarian Corridors

There is no shortage of propaganda and fake news coming out of the conflict in Ukraine – specifically used by the government-media complex in order to advance a general political narrative or response policy. 

Independent journalist Graham Phillips is on the ground in Belarus and Ukraine and is exposing false reports by western state-run and mainstream corporate media – who have been falsely claiming that Russia is attacking civilians and preventing them from exiting cities like Mariupol, Ukraine. The opposite seems to be true: it is Russian military who are facilitating humanitarian corridors, and according to actual eye-witness testimonies on the ground – it is the Ukrainian Forces and Far-Right Nazi Azov Battalion soldiers who are preventing the civilians from escaping the city battle zones and are instead using the people as human shields, embedding Ukrainian military positions inside of residential areas, and even commandeering residents’ homes in order to try and draw Russian fire. Watch: 

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue
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