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UKC News: More Gene Jabs on the Way + White House Fake News Goes Into Overdrive Over ISIS and Ukraine

Big Pharma have announced a new gene-jab which seems to have magically passed the drug regulator’s “rigorous safety” procedures. Have they really? Recently, the Biden administration has been busy deploying fresh fake news as its ‘strategic advantage’ over Russia. Official claims made by the White House over an alleged assassination of an “ISIS leader,” as well as claims made about a “Russian false flag” event planned by Ukraine – have both been challenged by members of the mainstream press. In Canada, the truckers continue to field attacks by the media and Big Tech, as their ‘Freedom Convoy’ movement goes global. Also, guess what Bill Gates is still pushing… geoengineering. All this and more. 

Co-hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with the end of week news round-up. Watch: 

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