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London Mayor Plans to Issue Daily Fines for ‘Older Cars’

In order to help hit arbitrary climate change targets, London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to issue new daily fines of £2 for anyone deemed to be driving ‘undesirable’ cars in the city. 

In his new ‘green’ plan, Khan says that “all but the cleanest vehicles” will be allowed on the road without owners being punished by the government.

This latest green driving tax regime also aims to punish all drivers with a new London-wide pay-per-mile driving tax in capital.

The so-called “road pricing” proposal is part of Khan’s Davos-inspired plan to force residents to either buy new and more expensive electric vehicles, or own nothing and instead opt for public transport, walking, or cycling.

“This new report must act as a stark wake-up call for the Government on the need to provide much greater support to reduce carbon emissions in London – it’s clear the scale of the challenge means we can’t do everything alone,” said Mayor Khan.

“But I’m not willing to stand by and wait when there’s more we can do in London that could make a big difference. We simply don’t have time to waste.”

The new scheme would net the city millions per week. However, critics are accusing the city of using the specter of a ‘climate crisis’ to gouge citizens and businesses to fill up government coffers with another steady stream of cash.

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