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Mass Formation: How The Left Got Duped On COVID

As the old adage goes, ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions.’ This profound warning has never been so apt as in the analysis of today’s political Left and the threat posed to civilization by a cult-like propensity for excessive virtue signalling. 

Kim Goldberg writes for Substack

In my previous essay (Covid-19 and the Green Void), I examined the dogmatic fervor of the Left endorsing draconian and discriminatory vaccine mandates and health passes. A missing piece of my analysis was how the Left became so singularly duped into forming the vanguard of this new authoritarianism. What mechanism could explain this non sequitur?

Out of all possible political demographics, the Left (including Greens) would seem the least likely to embrace mandatory segregation, coerced medical procedures, government surveillance, and the censoring of scientists. The Left would seem the least likely to give pharmaceutical corporations a free pass on multi-billion-dollar investigational injections that are suspected in 9,476 deaths to date in the United States alone, according to the VAERS database for reporting vaccine adverse events. An additional 11,045 recipients of Covid vaccines are now permanently disabled, with a vaccine link suspected. In total, there have now been more than 700,000 reports of adverse events in the US filed with VAERS in which someone suspects a link to a Covid vaccine. For comparison, the swine flu vaccine of 1976 was pulled from the market after just 10 weeks in which 25 deaths and 500 cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome were noted, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

One would expect the Left to lead the charge in a consumer protection crusade against a new and still experimental pharmaceutical product with a higher than expected body count. Instead, the Left is leading the charge against those who decline to consume.

Pseudo-collectivist Messaging

So what happened? How did the Left get subverted into being the first-string enforcers for Big Pharma and dystopian government? One reason appears to be  deliberate targeting of the Left with pseudo-collectivist messaging designed to resonate with Left sensibilities.

My own clarity on this point was handed to me by fellow author W. Aaron Vandiver, a Colorado attorney and wildlife conservationist. Aaron left this insightful comment on my previous essay:

“The government/Big Pharma public messaging about the virus seems to almost have been designed to appeal to the left-wing sense of empathy that green groups and other activists specialize in. ‘My mask protects you, your mask protects me. My shot protects you, your shot protects me.’ This collectivist approach has been alluring to the left, as it appears on the surface to offer a chance to undermine the excessive individualism and greed they have always railed against. Unfortunately they have failed to realize that this pseudo-empathetic approach actually empowers the greedy and exploitative systems they are supposed to be against, and grants the ‘evil greedy corporations’ previously unfathomable authority over everyday life.”

To whatever extent there were major players on national and global stages who, from the outset, wanted to steer Covid response in a “vaccine only” direction up to and including mandates, passports and permanent digital ID cards, then clearly the first task is to disarm the Left so it can’t perform its traditional social function of resisting such illiberal developments. Skewing the messaging to not merely disarm the Left but to actually bring the Left on board as an ardent proselyte in a Stockholm syndrome manner is nothing short of brilliant.

Had the message been: “Get vaccinated so you have a better chance of surviving Covid,” that self-serving proposition would not have prevented the Left from looking critically at these investigational injections, or the lack of public data on them, or the futility of a vaccine-only approach with a non-sterilizing vaccine and a zoonotic virus, or the devastating public health impact of lockdowns, or the Orwellian significance of a checkpoint society and potential social credit system.

By strategically framing the campaign in pseudo-empathetic, pseudo-collectivist language (“we’re all in this together”), a very different reality emerges. One in which the Left goes from public watchdog to mindless robo-army in service to pharmaceutical corporations. Corporations that won’t release their data for 75 years.

It’s also worth noting the pre-existing Green/Left dogma prioritizing “kindness” above all else. This dogma essentially weaponizes kindness and then launches it at anyone or anything that might confound the simplicity of group-think with complexity…

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