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New Zealand Man Gets 10 Vaccines for COVID-19

Authorities are now probing a man who was allegedly paid to impersonate other people, visiting numerous vaccinations centres before receiving at least 10 jabs in one day. 

AUCKLAND – An enterprising New Zealand man is said to have received at least ten COVID-19 vaccines in a single day.

The unnamed man has been strangely labeled as “unbelievably selfish” by the country’s public health officials.

According to the government-funded news website Stuff, the man was reportedly paid to take the vaccines on behalf of other people – pretending to be the individuals who had hired him to receive the experimental gene therapy injection.

It is unknown the total amount of money he received for taking the jabs.

Currently, New Zealanders are required to show their vaccine passport in order to enter many businesses and venues in the country.

The UK’s Daily Mail framed it as a nefarious ‘anti-vaxxer’ plot, giving ‘undeserved freedoms’ to the proverbial unwashed:

“Authorities believe anti-vaxxers paid the man so they could enjoy the same freedoms as the vaccinated without having to get the jab.”

The country’s Ministry of Health was asked for comment on the matter, with COVID-19 vaccine and immunization program manager Astrid Koornneef saying, “To assume another person’s identity and receive a medical treatment is dangerous.”

Koornneef told the New Zealand Herald, “This puts at risk the person who receives a vaccination under an assumed identity and the person whose health record will show they have been vaccinated when they have not.”

University of Auckland vaccinologist Helen Petousis-Harris says that existing studies do not cover such excessive doses, so it may be difficult to determine the potential side-effects which the man may suffer from by being mass-injected in such a short space of time.

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