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Where Have Dr Sam’s COVID Videos Gone?

Where have Dr Sam’s videos gone?

Recently, YouTube began removing older videos and issuing strikes against the well-established and popular account of New Zealand’s Dr Sam Bailey. The reason given is a familiar one: “medical misinformation.”

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In order to save her channel from deletion by YouTube’s increasingly aggressive censorship department, Dr Sam has taken the shrewd step of preemptively removing any videos talking about COVID-19.

Despite the waning pandemic and high vaccine rates in western nations, YouTube is still continuing to expand its increasingly arbitrary speech guidelines in order to wipe out more and more content, and also to deplatform any content creators who are asking serious questions or providing a point of view which differs from the official ‘consensus’ on COVID-19, testing regimes, and corporate pharmaceutical products. The company claims to be using the rolling ‘public health’ policy decrees from the WHO, CDC and NIH as their standard for what is allowable speech on its platform.

In their mission to sanitize any alleged heterodox opinions and analysis from their video sharing site, YouTube and its parent company Google are driving away scores of honest and talented content creators to other video platforms – all in order to enforce a political line, not a scientific or medical one. In doing so, they are denying the public of potential life-saving information, but more importantly they are denying the public the ability to have informed consent on such an important issue like which pharmaceutical products you should take, or not.

Dr Sam explains the problematic situation. Watch: 

Check out Dr Sam’s website: https://drsambailey.com
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