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The Measles Myth: Reviewing the Evidence

GRAPH: The Measles Myth: one popular talking point is that the Measles vaccine has more or less eliminated Measles globally. However, real data shows that incidences began plummeting long before there was any mass-vaccination program for measles. 

According to leading public health bodies like the World Health Organisation, the Measles virus is an ongoing deadly epidemic which kills more than 140 000 people globally per year, mostly among children under the age of five. It is also claimed that Measles was eliminated from the United States in 2000, but continue to be ‘reintroduced’ by international travelers into the country. In 2019 there were claimed to be a minuscule 1,241 cases spread across the United States.

Yet, despite all of these official claims, there seems to be very little scientific evidence that clearly shows Measles being an infectious agent in a host. Rather, it is just widely assumed to be the case.

Here’s what modern virology and public health mavens cannot seem to answer: what causes Measles?

We are told that it is a virus, but is there any evidence for this?

In this video, Dr Sam Bailey examines the evidence presented by Measles experts and the media, as well as the court case where Dr. Stefan Lanka offered €100k euros for proof of a Measles virus. Watch: 

Check out Sam’s website: https://drsambailey.com
Virus Mania Paperback:
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