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Medical Journals, Hospitals Caught Covering Up Key Data on Vaccine Injuries

The facts are now undeniable: according to data found on various governments’ own VAERS systems – reports of deaths and serious injuries occurring after receiving the experimental COVID-19 vaccination continue to increase. The number are significant.

Despite this obvious and growing problem, the true numbers are being intentionally obfuscated due to political and corporate pressures, leading to an unspoken institutional policy to ‘support the vaccine effort’ – which means there is under-reporting of adverse reactions and deaths on a massive scale, and which is being purposely ignored by the mainstream media.

Brasscheck TV says…

They lied about the transmission rate – massively.

They lied about the fatality rate – massively.

They lied about who was at risk – massively.

They lied about the effectiveness of masks – massively.

Now the lies they’re telling about their “final solution” are getting bigger and bolder.

In the following clip from the Darkhorse podcast, Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying reveal how an important peer-reviewed academic paper co-authored by Dr Peter McCullough on vaccine injuries – was pulled by the medical journal without reason. Clearly, this was a cover-up, very likely ordered by higher powers in government and the powerful  pharmaceutical lobby. Watch: 

This level of systemic corruption extends to doctors and healthcare providers – all of who have been caught deliberately NOT reporting significant numbers of adverse reactions and deaths.

NOTE: Be sure to visit the various VAERS-type reporting systems in your own country. Here is one such system (and the data is shocking):

Brasscheck TV: We recommend this grassroots group based in Minnesota both for the excellent information they share and as a model for local organizing: Masks Off Minnesota.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue