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Science Moment: ‘Anti-Lockdowners in a Nutshell’

After 18 months comparing the economic and health results from different countries in Asia, Europe and North America, it’s now clear that extreme Covid mitigation policies like lockdowns, masks and vaccine mandates – have done little or nothing in terms of changing the course of a viral epidemic. In many ways, such reactionary and experimental policies have made health and economic outcomes much worse than if no major government interventions were done at all.

Tragically, the data and results all indicate that lockdowns did not work, much to the dismay of those in government, mainstream media, and the bevy of appointed public health officials who all proclaim that all of these reactionary policies somehow staved off a ‘global genocide.’ But one only has to look at a country like Sweden who refused to jump on the pandemic hysteria bandwagon in order to see what would’ve happened if our governments had done relatively little, and simply implemented some basic common sense measures.

Instead, with the stroke of a pen, overzealous governments sent many millions on to the unemployment lines, and proceeded to crush hundreds of thousands of businesses, and consign potentially millions of lives to the growing tally of lockdown deaths . And the damage continues to this day.

Still, despite any actual evidence to support their lofty claims, true believers still insist that lockdowns ‘saved lives.’ 

In his latest Science Moment segment, Dr Mark Changizi explains how governments and pro-lockdown advocates got it all wrong from the very beginning of the crisis, and how we might avoid repeating this debacle in the future. Watch: 

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