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Czech Republic Giving Away, Burning Its Remaining AstraZeneca Vaccines

The Czech Republic’s vaccine roll-out has hit a wall. 

It appears that state agencies are experiencing an increasingly low demand for jabs being recommended to over 60 year-olds due to multiple reports concerning possible side effects from the vaccine.

In September, only 36 new applicants came for AstraZeneca.

Irozhlas reports how the government is now dumping hundreds of thousands of doses overseas in Asia (translated):

In recent weeks, the Czechia has directly donated over 200,000 doses of AstraZeneca to Asia, hundreds of thousands more vaccines have been released by the state to other countries since the summer, and these orders will not even reach the Czech Republic.

Those jabs which they can’t give away are heading for the incinerator:

Burned: 20,650. So far, this is the September account of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccines …. the state must dispose of vaccines en masse. It is said that they cannot donate anymore. Tens of thousands more doses expire in October. The state is likely to burn more doses.

At the turn of October and November, the incinerators will have their work cut out for them. Another 55,000 batches, which are in stock with distribution company Avenier and which are distributed in warehouses and pharmacies, will go.

Problems with the vaccine agenda in eastern Europe is a source of concern for Brussels as it hopes to implement its digital segregation system commonly referred to as Vaccine Passports but codified in EU policy as a more harmless sounding “Digital ID Wallet.”

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