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How the CDC Lied to Keep Children in Plastic Boxes

Nothing illustrates the mad hysteria of pandemic theater like the bizarre “safety” measures employed by school officials. From the onset, over-zealous teachers unions and health & safety mavens have led a maximum pressure campaign which has all but destroyed any chance of children getting an adequate education experience in 2020 and 2021. As if forcing children to stay at home on Zoom wasn’t bad enough, government ‘public health’ officials and school administrators have systematically abused children by forcing them to wear masks all day in school, or worse: forcing children into isolation either due to a fraudulent PCR test result, or from another child who tested PCR positive in their cohort, or because their teacher tested positive – even though the children are statistically at roughly zero risk of even getting a cough due to COVID-19. Some teachers unions are even lobbying to have children vaccinated with the unlicensed experimental jab in order for schools to be “safe for return” this fall.

But in terms of peak lunacy, nothing can match the policy of constructing plastic boxes to supposedly protect children from the virus in classrooms. In fact, there was never any actual ‘science’ to back-up this fanciful policy. While school administrators deferred to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for supposed guidance, now it’s revealed that the CDC were just making it up as they went along.

Like so many other unfounded claims and pseudo science quackery surrounding the pandemic – like social distancing and masks “in order to maintain low spread,” this ‘sneeze shield’ charade was just another elaborate farce. No science ever existed which supported caging children all day in these plastic bubbles. It was also a massive money-spinner – exploding into a multi-billion dollar school PPE industry overnight – based on a lie. 

Despite any actual evidence that the plastic shields reduce the transmission of COVID, officials still recommended masks and plastic boxes anyway, in their obsession to separate and socially distance children.

Not surprisingly, the CDC also relied on spurious anecdotal evidence and widespread rumors to support its recommendation for mandatory masks – even though their own data showed 85% of supposed confirmed COVID-19 “cases” reported they either “often” or “always” wore a mask anyway. 

Dr Mercola reports…

Mid-March 2021, the CDC released new guidelines, which reduced the social distance in schools to 3 feet and removed the recommendations for barriers between school desks. Greta Massetti leads the CDC’s community interventions task force and said about the plastic shields, “We don’t have a lot of evidence of their effectiveness” in preventing transmission.

The new recommendations triggered a variety of responses in teachers and parents, some of whom are not comfortable sending their children to school where they may be allowed within 3 feet of another child or teacher.

The fiction surrounding all the alleged ‘mitigation’ and ‘safety’ measures touted by school officials – is largely built on top of the myth of asymptomatic spreaders. Despite the fact that all of the highly cited, major peer-reviewed science demonstrates that asymptomatic spreading of the virus does not exist – public health officials are still using this myth as the primary basis for all of their policies – from social distancing, to masks, plexiglass bubbles, lockdowns, travel restrictions, and even vaccinations. However, the peer-reviewed scientific literature is clear: large-scale studies have been conducted, including at the supposed epicenter of the pandemic in Wuhan, China – which show no evidence of any asymptomatic spreading of the ‘novel’ coronavirus. See the results published herehere, and here.

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