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Denmark to Lift Restriction and Return to ‘Pre-Covid’ Normality

IMAGE: Copenhagen nightlife is rebounding as country begins to awake to reality that there is no threat of a ‘pandemic’ in Denmark.

As countries like the UK continue to ramp-up the pandemic hysteria, other European countries are gradually phasing out increasingly problematic lockdown measures, Covid passports and other redundant rules enacted in haste in 2020. 

Of all the countries in Europe, the residents of Denmark have mounted one of the largest and most vocal street oppositions to their government’s authoritarian lockdown and controversial Vaccine Passport requirements. Judging by this latest news, it appears that the public push-back against its government’s regressive and anti-democratic policies has had a substantial impact already.

At present, only nightclubs remain as the last venues governed by excess totalitarian measures, with masks and other requirements said to be dropped by August at the latest, as Denmark attempts to transition away from a mainly fear-based social and governance framework, and back towards pre-pandemic normality.

The FT reports…

Denmark will reopen almost completely on Friday and will phase out use of its domestic coronavirus passport and even face masks over the summer as it aims to be one of the first European countries to return fully to normal from the Covid-19 pandemic. Denmark’s political parties agreed on Tuesday that public-sector workplaces, universities, sports and music clubs, zoos, theme parks and saunas would open up again from Friday. Only nightclubs will remain closed, according to one opposition leader.

Countries across the EU have been gradually lifting coronavirus restrictions this week in the hope that accelerating vaccination programmes will allow a speedier return to normal life — although epidemiologists have warned that the shift may be coming too soon and progress could reverse. Health minister Magnus Heunicke said Denmark was “in a very favourable place” in the pandemic despite a small rise in recent Covid-19 cases, and that its mass testing capabilities and the possibility of local lockdowns enabled it to push ahead with more reopening.

The Scandinavian country’s coronavirus passport, which has been crucial in the early stages of the reopening, will be phased out from June for everything apart from foreign travel, with visitors to libraries and sports clubs from Friday not needing to show the document.

Face masks will be gone by August at the latest, according to the cross-party agreement, with a full plan to be unveiled next month…

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