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This Year, Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel Will Exclude the Unvaccinated

Holocaust Memorial Carmiel, Israel (Image Credit: Niki Imber via Wikicommons)

By Janet Phelan

The air-raid sirens begin to wail and for two minutes, Israel stands still. It is Holocaust Remembrance Day and the sirens, signaling two minutes of silence in remembrance of the devastation that led to the creation of Israel, have been the traditional launchpad for the Remembrance since 1959, when the Knesset passed the law anchoring this Remembrance day to the 27th of Nisan.

This Remembrance Day, however, is going to be different than the others. This Remembrance Day, which is scheduled for April 7, will observe Covid protocols which effectively exclude the unvaccinated.

The “Green Pass” protocols for the day are discussed here: What is Israel’s green pass system and how does it work?

A number of people are quite uncomfortable with the apparent creation of a two-tier society, the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Vera Sharav, a Holocaust survivor who heads up the health freedom group, Alliance for Human Research Protection, states these concerns in a letter sent to the Jerusalem Post, as yet unpublished by the JP.

Sharav’s letter responds to a published article by Alan Dershowitz, in which he comments on what he believes to be an inappropriate comparison of the practice of separating the vaccinated and the unvaccinated with the separation of Jews and other so called “undesirables” in Nazi occupied Germany and Eastern Europe.

After mentioning several instances in which comparison was made with vaccine passports and the infamous “yellow star” in Nazi occupied territories, Dershowitz declares:

“These ignorant and bigoted comparisons are not-so-subtle forms of Holocaust-denial: They imply that the Holocaust was nothing worse than allowing vaccinated people to have a certificate, or even denying unvaccinated people the right to infect others. Compelling Jews to wear the yellow star was designed to identify them for transport to death camps where they, their children and parents were forced into gas chambers and murdered. A vaccine certificate is a symbol of life not death.”

Sharav disagrees. She writes:

“As someone who was compelled to wear a Star of David at age 3, whose family was maligned as a spreaders of infectious disease, who were deported to a distant concentration camp to starve, my perspective is not that of a bigoted, ignorant Holocaust denier.

I have absorbed the searing lessons of history. I am particularly sensitive to public health encroachments that threaten to overturn our individual rights and freedom!

The imposition of government-decreed digital vaccination passports are an ominous, giant slide backward. They are eerily reminiscent of the initial public health decrees that eliminated civil and human rights of Jews. These decrees ultimately inexorably led to the Final Solution. At that time the pivotal technology for identifying, rounding up, segregating into ghettoes, deporting, imprisoning and exterminating the Jews of Europe was IBM computer punch-cards.

Today, IBM and other tech companies are providing far more sophisticated, digital technology to identify and segregate the vaccinated from the unvaccinated; thereby establishing a two class society, One privileged, the other discriminated against.



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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue