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Bombshell: Trump Declassifies All FBI Documents in Russia Probe

According to Washington correspondent John Solomon, last night the White House confirmed the declassification of the FBI’s entire Russia Probe cache of files and documents. The documents will be released over the coming days, and will contain a number of revelations of the FBI’s shambolic investigation and the full scope of the Obama administration and Democratic Party official Russiagate hoax.

Revelations found in remaining FBI documents are said to reveal how the Hillary Clinton camp initially invented the ‘Russian collusion’ hoax to deflect from her own crippling scandals.

It is said that the documents will reveal how one of Nancy Pelosi’s star witnesses in last year’s failed impeachment show trial, British ‘academic,’ Fiona Hill, was the operative who introduced ‘primary sub source’ Igor Danchenko to Christopher Steele to provide fictional accounts which appeared in Steele dodgy dossier.

Just the News reports…

A bombshell revelation in the remaining FBI documents on Russia collusion shows that the entire narrative was created and leaked to the news media to neutralize Hillary Clinton’s concern that her email scandal hadn’t gone away.

Listen to John Solomon give a run-down on this latest bombshell here:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue