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Rand Paul’s Covid-19 Stimulus Relief Package in Senate Floor Speech

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., took to the Senate floor on Monday to deliver a historic speech, slamming his Republican colleagues for selling-out to the cult of the Magic Money Tree, and that they were no better than “Democratic socialists” for wanting to spend the next generation’s wealth. Senators were preparing to vote for a $900 billion Coronavirus Relief package bill.

Some aid is apparently ear-marked for SME’s and hard-hit hospitality businesses, but it’s unlikely this money will only go to a fraction of those who need it.

Paul took Washington lawmakers to task over their currency-killing fantasy economics, and warning of the monetary fallout from this unprecedented debt-financed spending spree.

“To so-called conservatives who are quick to identify the socialism of Democrats: If you vote for this spending monstrosity, you are no better,” said Paul.

After the House passed the COVID relief package, lawmakers also tacked on a $1.4 trillion ‘catchall’ spending bill prior under the cover of the Christmas holiday. According to the Senate Historical Office, this latest bill has broken the record for the thickest, most extensive bill ever. The previous record for the was the 2,847-page tax reform bill of 1986 — only half the size of Monday’s monster bill.

Paul points out the elephant in the room: “It isn’t the pandemic that’s killing the economy, it’s the government’s over-zealous response that is killing the economy.”

He added that, “The more money we give to the states, thee more they keep us in lockdowns,” and asked why states cannot just open up their economies and schools rather than bankrupting state and federal governments. The package is meant to send a $600 direct stimulus cheque to most Americans, but some of the biggest free money prizes went to billions in subsidies for corporations high-end museums, concert halls and various programs and aid destined for foreign countries.

“If free money was the answer… if money really did grow on trees, why not give more free money?” said the Senator, adding that, “Why not give it out all the time? Why stop at $600 a person? Why not $1,000? Why not $2,000? Maybe these new Free-Money Republicans should join the Everybody-Gets-A-Guaranteed-Income Caucus? Why not $20,000 a year for everybody, why not $30,000? If we can print out money with impunity, why not do it?”

In a surprise move on Tuesday evening, President Trump announced he would be rejecting Congress’s bloated Relief Package, sending it back for amendments and changes, and removing all the foreign aid and federal pork spending projecting stuffed into the bill by lobbyists and special interests. Watch:

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