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#ElectionEdge 5: ‘Why Trump is Defying the Pollsters’, guest Robert Barnes

#ElectionEdge 5: With just three days to go, America is gearing up for the ultimate grudge match – even before the election has taken place, Democrats and the MSM are already signalling their plans to contest election results in key battleground states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina and others.

Host Patrick Henningsen also talks with US election specialist and political gambler Robert Barnes, about the chronic unreliability of mainstream polls, and also what a Democrat-led lawfare coup attempt might look like post November 3rd, with plans already in place to potentially drag out election results well into December. We also look at the ‘Salsa bounce’ in new latino voters for the GOP, and we’ll compare the contrast the optics between the Biden campaign (‘Pandemic Joe’) and President Trump’s flamboyant re-election campaign. All this and more. Watch:

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