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#ElectionEdge 4: SCOTUS Late Ballot Lawfare, guest George Szamuely

#ElectionEdge 4: We’re now heading into the weekend and the mainstream polls continue to diverge with reality on the ground – outlandish numbers are being reported for Biden, but his double digit lead in MSM isn’t reflected in the data. Meanwhile, a number of states are waging court challenges to change election rules to allow late ballots – Democrat activists want to extend voting deadlines because of fear of Coronavirus. Is this just a Democrat ploy to instigate lawfare and post-election chaos? We’ll look at the court cases in battleground states Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin and South Carolina.

In this episode host Patrick Henningsen also talks with special guest George Szamuely from the Global Policy Institute about what which way events are likely to head on November 3rd and beyond. All this and more. Watch:

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