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Court Rebuffs Gretchen Whitmer’s Plan to Keep State on Lockdown Until After Election

It’s now becoming clear that one of the deciding swing issues of the 2020 Presidential Election is going to be COVID Lockdowns. Incredibly, Democrats are now openly attempting to convert Americans’ pain and suffering into votes on Nov 3rd.

This week a Michigan Supreme Court ruled in favor of the people by effectively rebuking efforts by the state’s Democrat Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, to impose a new state-wide lockdown supposedly to stop coronavirus.

Earlier this month, the court struck down Whitmer’s initial decree to extend her COVID lockdown into the spring of 2021, but Governor’s office was still determined to keep the state under lockdown and appealed for a stay of the court’s decision.

It appears that a desperate Whitmer had hoped to delay the Court’s ruling going into effect for a further 21 days – until after the General Election on November 3rd, but the Court saw through this maneuver and proceeded to reject Whitmer’s attempted delay on Monday.

This latest legal drama confirms what many had already suspected – that some Democratic politicians are attempting to keep their states under lockdown until after the election, in effect, increasing the amount of economic and social pain and suffering – arguably a dangerous strategy designed to blame President Trump for the damage caused by the very policies championed by Democrats since the beginning of the pandemic.

It is now obvious from the Governor’s own statements what her true intentions were – using the brute force of her office to sideline a Court ruling with authoritarian executive power.

PJ Media reports:

In a statement after the ruling on October 2, Whitmer claimed, “It is important to note that this ruling does not take effect for at least 21 days, and until then, my emergency declaration and orders retain the force of law.” She called the ruling “deeply disappointing.” The governor’s attorneys later asked for 28 days to give the administration time to negotiate with lawmakers and put new restrictions in place.

Yet on Monday, the court ruled that the 21-day rule does not apply in this case because the ruling came in response to questions from a federal judge who sought clarity on the legality of the governor’s actions, Crain’s Detroit Business reported. Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack wrote, “I do not believe the court has the authority to grant the remedy the governor requests. … Our court rules do not provide a way for any party to the lawsuit in the (federal) district court to challenge our answer in this court.”

After the Oct. 2 ruling, Whitmer’s health department director has imposed a new mask mandate and restrictions for public-facing businesses and gatherings under the public health code, which remained outside the scope of the legal challenge.

The Oct. 2 ruling condemned the excessive sweep of Whitmer’s lockdown, noting that a wide variety of businesses had to close as a result of her orders, including “restaurants, food courts, cafes, coffeehouses, bars, taverns, brew pubs, breweries, microbreweries, distilleries, wineries, tasting rooms, clubs, hookah bars, cigar bars, vaping lounges, barbershops, hair salons, nail salons, tanning salons, tattoo parlors, schools, churches, theaters, cinemas, libraries, museums, gymnasiums, fitness centers, public swimming pools, recreation centers, indoor sports facilities, indoor exercise facilities, exercise studios, spas, casinos, and racetracks.”

“These policies exhibit a sweeping scope, both with regard to the subjects covered and the power exercised over those subjects. Indeed, they rest on an assertion of power to reorder social life and to limit, if not altogether displace, the livelihoods of residents across the state and throughout wide-ranging industries,” the ruling added.

This latest drama comes just weeks before the big election as Michigan, a key battleground state in the upcoming Presidential race, prepares for Nov 3rd.

It seems that the Democratic Party strategy of ‘maximum pressure’ on the American people is also being conducted at a national level as well, as evidenced this week after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi  (D-CA) led calls to stop the President’s $1.8 Trillion Corona virus Relief Bill.

The partisan move seemed so obvious that even pro-Democrat network CNN pushed back against Pelosi during her segment with Wolf Blitzer yesterday. The CNN anchor’s questions were met with a stinging response by Pelosi who was clearly upset at being asked to justify her party’s controversial decision to hold up economic relief ahead of the election. Watch:

Strategy Backfiring

It is unconscionable that politicians would be using the current COVID crisis by reimposing restrictions on citizens in order to blame the crisis on their opponents and thus leverage votes in the upcoming general election. But this appears to be exactly what is happening.

However, if this tactic backfires on the Democrats, it could end up providing a much-needed bounce to the incumbent President Trump in the close battleground states.


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