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Space Helmet Muzzle Launched Just-in-Time for ‘New Normal’ Travel

If the constant onslaught of calls for more PPE weren’t enough, there’s now a burgeoning industry of ‘pandemic’ gear hitting the market with a mission to make all the ‘New Normals’ feel safer while traveling.

Microclimate Covid Space Helmet
The “AIR” is a space helmet looking muzzle meant for savvy ‘New Normal’ travelers. (Image via Microclimate)

The new line of ‘Microclimate’ muzzles are being pushed out by Hall Labs, a Utah-based firm. They are retailing online for pre-order at $199 and will begin shipping in just a few weeks time.

Keep your AIR space helmet on all the way to your travel destination.
Keep your AIR space helmet on all the way to your final destination. (Image via Microclimate)

Hall Labs markets the Covid-inspired helmet as a mask alternative for “safer and more comfortable travel,” equipped with an internal ventilation system so you will not leave to chance the possibility of directly breathing in any of the fresh air around you.

There is one major design flaw the company is still working out – the ventilation system’s fans muffle your hearing while you’re muzzled.

According to an article in Fast Company, other future plans for the product include “adding a straw port so you can drink from your personal bubble.”

Yes, these are troubling times indeed.

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