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Who is Susan Rice?

The past week, the media and political punitry machine in Washington have elevated a new front-runner for Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential pick. If this is indeed a top pick, what image will the partisan media paint about this person? Will it be a truthful depiction? 

It looks like former national security advisor for the Obama administration, Susan Rice, is being shortlisted as a top pick for Biden’s running mate. Why is his choice of VP candidate so crucial? Taking into consideration Biden’s own questionable mental state, then it’s possible he may not complete his first term in office. That means whichever female (Biden promised to select a woman) he chooses as his running mate – could end up assuming the office of President within the first year. A quick look at Rice’s own grayzone political career reveals the following exploits:

  • Member of globalist CFR and Chatham House foreign policy cartel
  • Advocates US military aggression under the guise of ‘humanitarian interventions’
  • Key architect of illegal bombing of Libya, turning it into a failed state and terrorist haven
  • Lied about initial Libyan ‘uprising’ claiming it was caused by a YouTube video
  • Spread the lie that Gaddafi was “issuing Viagra to troops to commit mass rape
  • Supported the violent assassination of leader Gaddafi
  • Along with Hillary Clinton, helped wage Obama’s disastrous proxy war against Syria
  • Lied about President Trump being a ‘Russian agent taking orders from Putin’
  • Lied about her direct role in illegally ‘unmasking’ Trump campaign persons to spy on them

Note that even if Rice is not selected by Biden, she will almost certainly be included in his cabinet, likely as his Secretary of State, or as National Security Advisor. This would almost certainly mean a return to the Clinton-Obama foreign policy track.

US host Tucker Carlson recently delivered a highly critical report on Susan Rice. Watch:

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