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‘A Hill I’ll Die On’ – US Police Officer Suspended for COVID Video Defending First Amendment

Last week, one brave US police officer from Seattle, Greg Anderson, took to social media to speak out against what he felt were  unconstitutional measures and policies being deployed by the State against the people during ‘Lockdown.’ The video went viral. After political pressure was placed on the city’s police department by the governor of Washington state, he was then threatened with termination unless he removed the video from the internet. Here’s what happened next:

“I’ve received tons of questions regarding my termination from the Port of Seattle Police. So I figured I should explain. I have been placed on administrative leave (still being paid) pending investigation. I was told by both the agency and my union that this will result in termination due to it being an insubordination charge for refusing to take down the video. I’m not sure what the timeline looks like. I walk un-intimidated into the fray. Thank you for all the support.”

Police officer Greg Anderson from Seattle explains what happened after his first YouTube video. Watch:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue