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Giuliani Presents Evidence of the Bidens’ Bribery and Corruption in Ukraine

Following the US Senate’s acquittal of impeachment charges against President Trump, the path is now open to explore very real underlying corruption between the Obama administration and Ukraine – a scandal which reaches all the way to the office of United States Vice President.

According to White House attorney Rudy Giuliani, “Biden should’ve been prosecuted already for bribery.”

This week, Giuliani unveiled damning evidence on national television demonstrating how large sums of illicit money changed hands, and often to the benefit of the Biden family.

The sheer scale of corruption revealed suggests that maybe the Democratic Party mounted their Presidential impeachment proceedings partly to deflect investigators and the press away from the Bidens

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Here Rudy Giuliani joins Sunday Morning Futures to discuss the Bidens’ corrupt activities in Ukraine. Watch:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue