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Mannequin Challenge 2.0: Why are Israeli Forces Using Dummies at Lebanese Border?

Images have surfaced recently which show the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) using crash-test dummy mannequins as props near the Lebanese-Israeli border.

Ali Shoeib, a Lebanese reporter for Al-Manar outlet, posted two photos taken at the Lebanese-Israeli border which depict dummies used as props to make their IDF vehicles appear manned.

Shoeib tweeted, “Stop the jokes,” stressing that the use of dummies by Israeli forces exposes their “‘stupidity and foolishness,” and adding that, “because you have not learned that you are facing men that have the intelligence, professionalism, courage, and faith to defeat.”

Beirut-based media outlet Al Masdar News noted that this comes at a time of extremely high tensions between the two neighbors:

“The placement of the dummies along the Lebanese-Israeli border comes at a time when both sides are on high alert over a potential conflict. Last Saturday, the Israeli military attacked a Hezbollah compound in the Aqraba area of Damascus; this resulted in the death of five Hezbollah military personnel. Israel would later deploy two unmanned aircraft to the southern suburbs of Beirut, with one of them being a suicide drone that later caused significant damage to Hezbollah’s media center. The Israeli forces would not stop there, they also targeted a base belonging to the Syrian-backed Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) in the Beqa’a Governorate of eastern Lebanon.”

The notable escalation in tensions coincides with Israel’s upcoming election run-off, where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fights for his political survival.

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