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US ‘Applauds’ Malta for Refusing Russian Planes in Airspace to Supply ‘Brutal Regime’ in Venezuela

This week, the Maltese government issued a new policy refusing to allow Russian aircraft to use its airspace to send supplies to the Venezuela.

The Russian government has recently delivered hundreds of tons of aid to Venezuela at the request of the Maduro administration, and in full compliance with World Health Organization’s (WHO) regulations. However, these legal humanitarian deliveries are being cast by Washington as somehow wrong and in support of the ‘evil regime’ in Caracas.

US officials were celebrating Malta’s move this week, claiming a victory against ‘the Maduro regime’  thevUS seeks to depose.

Russian authorities took the rebuff in stride though, stating that they will simply fly around the Mediterranean island nation instead, viewing the diplomatic maneuver as another vestigial ‘victory’ by Washington in its relentless war on Venezuelan democracy.

South Front reports…

On April 19, US State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus came with a statement supporting the decision of the government of Malta that had refused “to allow Russian planes to use its airspace to supply the brutal former regime in Venezuela.”

On April 18, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that Malta refused a Russian request to use its airspace to fly military aircraft from Syria to Venezuela on April 4. The diplomat said that Malta did not provide a reason for their decision.


Also interesting to note is the type of rhetoric used by the US to describe governments that it does not like. Washington has blamed and shamed “bloody regimes” and “tyrants” in Venezuela, Libya, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Iraq and multiple other states.

However, so far, all “successes of democracy” has led to further deaths and destruction, like in Libya and Iraq. So, if there is some “bloody regime” in the modern world, the US regime should be first to be described this way.

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