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‘Macron Regime’ Resorts to Gestapo Tactics to Head-off Students Protests

Earlier this week, 21WIRE reported on how the government of Emmanuel Macron had lost control of state storm trooper police who have been allowed to run wild by hunting down and beating Yellow Vest reformist protesters in the streets, and with no apparent accountability. This, after Macron had publicly derided protesters which was clearly taken as a green light to unleash state thuggery on French citizens exercising their freedom of assembly and protest. As a result, France’s brutal police state was on display for the world to see.

Rather than reign in state shock troops, the ‘Macron Regime,’ as it’s now being called by some pundits (a a counter-meme to France and the West’s habitual labeling of their foreign targets nations like Syria as ‘regimes’), has escalated authoritarian state measures by rounding up students en mass and treating any young males who they have profiled as a ‘potential threat’ to join the Yellow Vest movement – as criminals.

Macron’s new draconian policing policies have disturbed even members of his own cabinet, including French education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer who admitted that the images of a schoolyard full of students on their knees sent out a very negative message, stating:

“The image is shocking, there have been shocking images because we are in a climate of exceptional violence.”

As students assumed the criminal position, French riot policy could be seen pacing back and forth with their batons in Gestapo-like fashion in what appears to be an attempt to intimidate French youth into some new ad hoc behavioural code of compliance. Police have been desperate to reassert state authority and control over a national crisis which has been spiraled out of control over the last three weeks.

A video was released to French media from the town of Mantes-la-Jolie which shows rows of reformist protesters being humiliated by French police, forced to kneel with their hands behind their heads, as state shock troops look on.

Fortunately, clashes in Mantes-la-Jolie did not result in any serious casualties.

Meanwhile, nationwide protests saw some 153 arrests, across some 700 high schools, with 400 schools closed due to security concerns.

French authorities are bracing themselves for more unrest this weekend in major cities across the country.


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