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Mixed Bag Midterms: Democrats Take House by Slim Margin, Republicans Increase Lead in Senate, 2020 Beckons

Undoubtedly, 2018 saw one of the most hotly contested Midterm contests in living memory. As the final returns trickled in this morning, it seems that ‘check and balances’ have returned to Washington, sort of.

The results are now in. As many pollsters had predicted, the Democratic Party succeeded in flipping the House, regaining control after eight years on the outer rim. In the upper chamber, the Republicans were able to expand their Senate majority lead. What will it mean going forward?

After sifting through the remains of this heated Midterm battle, here are the key domestic takeaways points thus far…

♦ Democratic win in the House dealt a major blow to President Trump’s legislative agenda going forward, although their majority is very thin with less than 30 seat advantage – meaning they will still struggle to pass measures on even a basic majority. In a nutshell: expect lots of gridlock.

♦ The Republican result in the Senate means that Trump will have a clearer path to confirming any political and Cabinet appointees, as well as any Supreme Court Justices, should any more vacant seats become available during the remainder of the current term.

For months the Democrats were hyping a “blue tsunami” which was downgraded to a ripple, largely in thanks to Trump himself. Nearly all of the seats for which president Trump stumped for on his nationwide whistle-stop tour went red, while nearly GOP runners who opposed Trump ended up losing their bids – indicating an marked increase in the Trump factor. This is result will be duly noted looking forward into 2020 GOP races. This also bodes well for Trump erecting a full GOP tent in his reelection bid.

The Democrats lost in their marquee Senate effort, a race which attracted more national attention than any other race, between GOP incumbent Ted Cruz and his bilingual skateboarding challenger, Beto O’Rourke. Cruz’s narrow victory did little to abate the shock realization that Texas, a perennial lock for Republicans, is how split evenly right down the middle.

Also, the ‘curse of Kavanaugh’ appeared to be in play as Missouri’s Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill lost to Republican Josh Hawley in that key race. Last month, McCaskill had voted against the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

If legacy figure Nancy Pelosi is elected as Democrat Speaker of the House, then expect Democrats to push for impeachment preceding against President Trump. Whether that effort will prevail or not depends on how many Rhino Republicans they can recruit into the anti-Trump ranks. It remains to be seen how the Rhino factor will look in a year’s time, but expect newly elected Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) to assume the deep state role played by John McCain in leading the ‘Never Trump’ vanguard as well as pushing for continuous weapons and war around the globe.

One thing is certain: if gaff-prone Pelosi reigns again, it will provide the GOP with endless soundbites from which to lambast Democrats in their 2020 election adverts.

Get ready for a tumultuous two years in US domestic politics.

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