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Hollywood’s Midterm Fail: Democrat Celebrity Endorsements Losing Their Effect

21WIRE | It would appear that the power of celebrity is becoming a non-factor on the Democratic side of the ticket.

Mixed Bag Midterms: Democrats Take House by Slim Margin, Republicans Increase Lead in Senate, 2020 Beckons

21WIRE | Get ready for a tumultuous two years in US domestic politics.

Midterm Paradox: ‘Economic Trump vs. Twitter Trump’

21WIRE + The Hill | Essentially, it’s a tale of two Trumps, but how will this translate into votes at the polls?

LOGICAL RANT: ‘What Russian Interference?’

Patrick Henningsen | Looking back: how did Hillary Clinton lose when she had everyone on her side? Did the Russians really do that?

(VIDEO) How to Spot Russian Interference in US Midterm Elections

#ICYMI | Remember: if you see something, say something…

Could Prevalence of Border Tunnels Undermine Construction of US-MX Border Wall?

Mark Anderson | Building the border wall may have merits for its proponents, but here’s a new snag no one is talking about.

Clinton’s Turn? Luongo: ‘Containment Around Hillary’s Crimes Has Been Breached’

Tom Luongo | All that’s left now is for the people close to her to start turning on each other. The mid-terms are their last, best hope for any stay of execution.

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