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Trump-Putin Fallout: US Bipartisan Hysteria Against Peace

As expected, the US mainstream and Guardian oriented UK liberal media have descended into a spiral of hysteria and righteous indignation following Monday’s Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki, Finland.  In Washington, Trump has received criticism from both sides of the aisle, Democrats and Neocons alike, because he didn’t condemn Moscow for alleged “meddling” which the mainstream media and Democratic Party machine insisted happened during the 2016 election.

“Following yesterday’s Trump-Putin summit and press conference, the mainstream media and most politicians have come completely unhinged. Some openly call for a coup against Trump. Most endlessly repeat the absurd claim that it is “treasonous” to meet with a foreign leader they don’t like. How far will the hysteria go?”

Liberty Report co-hosts Dr. Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams break down yesterday’s mainstream hysterical reaction to Trump and Putin’s historic meeting. Watch:

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